I long to rest, but I do not know how...
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Sorcerous Arms
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Guardian
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Personal Style


Ebony Filigree Helmet
Gold Filigree Banner
Segmented Frostslick Helmet
Weathered Scale Gorget
Furious Banner
Iron Shield
Weathered Scale Wingplates
Sapphire Feathered Wings
Sapphire Tail Feathers
Winter Wind
Navy Aviator Scarf
Corsair's Seaspray Overcoat
Ebony Filigree Gauntlets
Furious Leather Arm Guards
Azurite Leg Enhancement (Front)
Ebony Filigree Boots
Weathered Scale Cuirass
Icicle Chains
Chillspike Collar
Chillspike Crown



Scene: Remembrance


14.92 m
19.58 m
6976.73 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Sep 30, 2017
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Guardian
Max Level



The Shield
Shining Gladiator's Helmet
Battered Shields

Prime served as Star's second in command, and commander of the Frostguard's standing army (The Warfront) before the civil war and the consequent restructuring of the Frostlands' command system. Now, he sits on the Faeaafe (the ruling council) as head of her own noble House of Guards.

As commander of the House of Guards, Prime is tasked with defending the Froslands from external threats on the battlefield. However, while in times of peace he does not hesitate to put his forces to use in helping with internal affairs, such as combating the recent seasonal flooding introduced by the Bounty of the Elements, or building new homes for refugees fleeing Luminax's rampage across Sornieth's mainland.

He/Her - Biromantic - Ancient

Personality and Relationships:

A patient and dedicated dragon, Prime is greatly respected by her troops. However, he has begun to grow weary of his post, and finds herself dreaming of her retirement. He claims that he has not stepped down yet as he does not wish to abandon his troops while the Froslands still face continuing conflict, but in truth she fears that she no longer knows how to live a civillian life.

Prime can at times be emotionally careless due to her years in active comabt; though he makes an effort not to be cold, he is generally stoic and sometimes dismissive of other dragons' emotional needs, particularly when stressed. However, she will eventually recognise when she has been unkind and will actively seek out to put things right once the situation allows it.

As a commander, Prime's troops consider him fair but brutal when necessary. He will listen to his soldiers and take their needs and opinions into account, but she will not hesitate if she needs to make a difficult decision in battle. If the troops demand a rest, he will grant it... And readily cut it short if it means meeting the enemy on a more favourable front. He demands the best of his troops, but they happily give it thanks to the trust she has built with them over her years fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with them on the front lines.

In the lull since the Breach in the Fortress of Ends was closed, Prime has also been able to take more time to consider themselves as a dragon - something they never dared to do before, and that they gladly used their ongoing struggles to distract themselves from. This has allowed her to come to better terms with himmself and who they really are, though it is still early days.


Scree, as Prime's Charge, is among the most important figures in the Guardian's life. His care for her, however, extends far beyond the simple instinct to protect. Though the two aren't particularly public with their affections, their relationship is deeply loving and they share a mutual respect powerful enough that Prime is able to allow Scree to face danger without her when she wishes, despite his powerful 'duty' to his Charge. At home, Prime loves to shower Scree with sweet gestures and gifts - something she loves, even though she denies her true nature as a hopeless romantic.


Eldest Daughter

Prime is exceedingly close to his daughter. Their relationship is closer than between Opheria and her mother, as Prime has greater practice in stepping back to allow her loved ones to thrive in spite of any risks involved. As such, their relationship lacks the negative tensions that Scree's overprotective tendencies generated. Prime prides himself on being a gentle and patient father, though due to her experience leading an army she tends to be rather strict.

After the civil war, Prime and Opheria became distant for a period of time partly due to Prime's hurt at Opheria siding against her mother, and thus him, and partly due to Scree's reluctance to make ammends once his own anger had faded. When the two finally did come back into contact it felt as if very little had changed, and now both make an extra effort to visit frequently so that they don't risk drifting again.

Second Daughter

Prime is not as close with Acieri as he is Opheria and perhaps shows some favouritism towards the older daughter, but this does not mean she loves Acieri any less. She has tried to fight against the rivalry that has formed between his daughters, but Acieri has always thought he was softer towards Opheria when dealing with their squabbles. Though this has not broken the bond between them, it has harmed Acieri's trust in him, and she is much more likely to seek out her mother's help than hers. Busy with work, Prime had not noticed that Acieri had stopped confiding in her almost entirely until it was too late.

Third-Born Son

Prime had hoped that Isolde would want to join him in the House of Guards when he grew old enough since both his sisters had chosen to work under their mother. Retrospectively, he realises that her efforts to encourage her son only pushed him away, though he can't find it in himself to regret it. Though Scree is highly overprotective of their son, Prime can see the powerful dragon he has become and it makes him beyond proud to see his son flourish within the House of Truth.

Fourth-Born Son

At first, Prime was not particularly close to Hker thanks to her focus on raising Isolde to be a warrior. Ironically, this lack of attention only made Hker crave to be close with his father, and he trained diligently to enter into the House of Guards. Regretfully it was only once Hker passed his entrance exam and stood before Prime in his entry ceremony that Prime realised that he had neglected to nurture her son's ambition, and she could only thank the Eleven that Hker had been strong enough to not need his support. Since, Prime has paid greater attention to Hker and makes great efforts to let his son know how proud she is, but Hker has found that after all these years of chasing his father's attention, to have it now feels almost hollow. Worse, Prime's attention has fostered jealousy in Hker's comrades, and he has more than once been forced to turn down an opportunity that Prime has sent his way before he has truly earned it.

Fifth-Born Son

Though Njevyre struggles with his health, Prime tries to support him no matter his ambition to compensate for Scree's over-protectiveness. This is often a point of contention between him and his mate, who struggles to see her children hurt, but Prime believes it is more harmful to never let his children try. Sometimes this can go too far, and Prime can push Njevyre a little too hard, and Scree has to step in to vouch for their son as he is often scared to dissapoint his father by admitting he simply can't do something.

Youngest Son

Rhoche is Prime's youngest son, and the baby of the family. Due to their past difficulties with their children, both parents are prone to spoiling little Rhoche to within an inch of his tolerance. Scree in particular is very overprotective of him, while Prime is more eager to see him out and exploring the world. No matter what though, Prime is and always will be incredibly proud of his little 'firecracker,' even if the nickname came from the incident that destroyed their kitchen.

Second in Command

Within the ranks of the Warfront, Crypt serves as Prime's second in command. Prime would also describe Crypt as her best friend, brother in arms, and the first dragon he would ask for advice in the rare instance his mate wasn't available. The two have fought side-by-side since the Frostguard was still barely more than a gathering of scrappy outcasts.

Third in Command

Despite his youth, Prime has great respect for Cinis. The young coatl earned his position as TIC fairly, though Prime remains wary of his residual naivety. Regardless, he finds it refreshing to spend time with the peppy officer, whose outlook remains hopeful and bright despite the great conflicts he has served in. Perhaps, even, Prime aspires to regain the lost part of himself that Cinis reminds her of.


Though he never intended to be a soldier, Prime fell into the role after many years of struggling to find her place in Sornieth. Cast out of her clan as Chargeless, Prime resorted to mercenary work in the hopes that it would lead him to his charge. Her plan proved successful when, whilst guarding his new clan's base, he found Scree badly wounded after she had narrowly escaped her cousin's attempt to assasinate her. As professed by most Guardians, Prime instantly knew that she was her Charge and took her back to the clan to be healed. During Scree's slow recovery, the two's relationship quickly grew romantic. However, her difficult personality saw her rejected by the clan. Unwilling to abandon his Charge, Prime followed Scree in exile back to his homeland, where they discovered Star and Orion clinging to life in a cave. With nowhere else left to turn, they agreed to join Star in her efforts to contain the Breach, and became founding members of the Frostguard.

q3eegbE.png Hobbies and Interests:

In his free time, Prime loves nothing more than to curl up at home with his mate and bask in the warmth of a fire. When he can't do that, she can usually be found in her office, overworking herself, or at Powell's inn if his officers can drag him away from his work.

Prime also uses her aged magic to aid his troops. As his seeping element causes his body to overgrow with hardened permafrost, she will painstakingly spend hours chipping chunks off to make heat-resistant ice packs to treat burns and bruises. If there is little demand for her ice Prime will give the pieces to Auron, her son-in-law, to carve into sculptures that he likes to display in his office.

7XMjzHa.pngStats and SkillsNioDk6b.png









Due to a lifetime spent in battle, Prime is a skilled and confident warrior; coupled with his size and the powerful magic earned by her age, he is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Prime prefers to fight tooth-and-claw rather than with weaponry, though she is able to take up a sword with decent skill if needed, and utilises a simple shield to defend against the rare attacks that her ice-bound hide cannot withstand.

As an ice dragon, Prime has an innate mastery of the element. His preference is to use it defensively, creating jutting bulwarks to shelter her troops and hamper his enemies' advance, setting black ice traps that trip up all but the most sure-footed foes, or unleashing blasts of unrelenting cold that slow her opponents to a crawl (if they don't sucumb to frostbite). It is only natural that when his element began to Seep in his Ancient years, it would crust her thick scales as a fresh, regenerating layer of armour. Though it may look fragile, this elemental ice can withstand surprising force before it shatters, sparing her scales the first blows of battle. However, it is slow to reform, and thin in places where it is frequently worn down.

Elemental Affinity

The dragons of Sornieth do not age as any other creature. Instead of growing weaker, the pool of elemental energy that makes up their life force only becomes stronger until it seeps into their physical form, marking them as Ancients. For an ice dragon such as Prime, this leaves his scales coated in a steely permafrost that creeps from beneath. Scree will often joke that she chose to augment herself with ice magic (an ability unique to powerful Plague dragons) simply so that she can hug her mate without freezing.

This elemental affinity - a true assimilation of magic unique to Ancients - grants Prime near immunity from the cold, but it also lessens her tolerance to heat. Though not as severe as an ice-bound construct, Prime must still ward himself if she wishes to visit hot regions such as the Ashfall Waste, where the heat can weaken his magic.


His Fam... His name is rather... Saucerous, don't you think?

Old Outfit:
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