Vespana (#29233037)
Level 1 Imperial
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Female Imperial
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21.72 m
23.78 m
8286.85 kg


Primary Gene
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Dec 14, 2016
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Imperial
EXP: 0 / 245


"Hey Ma! Look what I can do!"

Vespana was born into a clan with a strict hierarchy. Each dragon had a place and knew exactly how to act and behave for their rank. For a young hatchling this was quite an intimidating system to learn and follow. Naturally, being a hatchling meant she did have some leeway in mistakes but the older she got the less she was allowed to get away with. The young imperial grew to hate this rigid structure but was still too young to do anything but obey silently.
Once she was old enough to enter a proper rank of the clan her father pushed her to become a warrior like him. Vespana tried to follow down the path of a powerful fighter in order to please him but quickly felt the close combat it require to be a struggle to deal with and more often than not ended up battered and bruised by the time training was done with… Her disappointed father soon gave up trying to mold her into his prodigy. Then it was her mother’s turn- she was the clan’s beautiful stylist. Vespana’s scales weren’t as icy and regal as her mother’s but they were astoundingly beautiful nonetheless. She soon grew tired of that too and with the clan growing impatient decided to try her hand at something she’d enjoyed hearing about as a hatchling: magic.
She was great at it. While shaky at first as any dragon new to a skill; Vespana quickly grew in her abilities to control her magic. However, much to her confusion this talent she possessed only made her parents more furious at her. On one wing her father was huffing over her skills at magic rather than strength like a ‘real imperial’ while on the other wing her mother scoffed and called her a Shadow dragon for her tricks. By that time however Vespana could very well defend herself and, while her clan overall was saddened by her choice, decided to leave for a new place to live. After all, she was a skillful young dragon who didn’t need her birth clan to shelter and confine her with their rules.
At first it was odd not being in Ice. Everywhere was hot and colorful compared to the frozen, bleak white world she’d grown up in. Vespana got lost- not that she really had a destination- several times before finally making it to Earthshaker’s rocky territory. She wandered for a time, feeling much more a home after she’d had time adjusting to temperatures outside Ice and being surrounded by dulled colors, before finding a new clan to join. They openly welcomed her magic and offered her a place as their mage if battle ever came to the clan. Vespana took it graciously and settled into the small clan. In time she even became mates with Tropi, who was another imperial that lived in the clan. The two are often together basking on the rocks or sleeping in the shade around the clan until they’re needed. For such an uncertain start to her life, Vespana wouldn’t change any of it; this clan was perfect.


"Hey look Ma, I made it"
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