Lisil (#15124709)
She/her | Matriarch
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Frigid Gem Guardian
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Energy: 47/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Female Skydancer
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5.22 m
6.54 m
378.15 kg


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Jul 20, 2015
(7 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 10 Skydancer
EXP: 156 / 27676



Founder of Greenport


Lady of the Council of Six
Wing-right.png x


Two dragons sit on the edge of a cliff, watching the sun set over the ocean.

Far, far behind them, hidden between the bamboo and brush, lays a small shrine dedicated to the Windsinger. It's difficult to find, but easy to get to if you know the way. Right now, there's a bundle of balloons and airships parked nearby as a nomadic Wind clan stops to rest for the night and honor the deity that allows them to travel. The two mates have stepped away from the rest of their clan for a moment of peace between them.

"I had no idea the Sea of a Thousand Currents was so close," says the skydancer.

"It's quite a sight," says the wildclaw. "I didn't realize that it was so... big. I'm tempted to fly across."

The skydancer chuckles. "Good luck with that, Dell! There's a reason dragons sail across it." She points at a ship off near the horizon, barely illuminated against the darkening sea. "It's far too large to fly over."

"I'm sure I could, with the blessing of that shrinekeeper," says Dellinger.

The skydancer laughs and looks back out at the ship. "I understand the urge, though. We've only kept our travels to the plateau. Who knows what's out there?"

Dellinger sits beside his mate. "Would you want to see?"

She shakes her head. "Not really, no. I'm just wondering out loud. I can't help be curious."

The two take in the scenery for a moment, watching the sunset and the sea.

"I think I'd miss the plateau," says Dellinger.

"Especially the shrines," adds the skydancer. "And the rivers, and all the nooks and crannies you can hide in around the ascent.." she trails off. "I wonder... do you think there's any wind dragons on that ship that are missing home?"

Dellinger chuckles. "You're working yourself up, Lisil. You care so much about everyone, even hypothetical dragons!"

"Come on, Dell!" squawks Lisil, making Dellinger laugh more.

"Alright, alright. It's hard to know, though," Dell continues. "I wouldn't worry about that ship specifically. They're close enough that any dragon could just fly over here for a quick visit!"

"Are you sure? It's getting late. They might not be able to see their way over here - or back, for that matter."

"If only there were a lighthouse! That would make their flight much easier."

The two fall into silence again. The sun continues to set, and Lisil thinks.

"A lighthouse wouldn't be a bad idea, actually." she mutters.


"Think about it!" she continues. "If there were a dock - down there-" she points to the bottom of the cliff- "and a way to get up here, there'd be another stop for sailors, and a place for wind dragons to visit home! Plus, there's a shrine nearby." She gestures behind them, towards the hills hiding the shrine. "It would be the perfect stop!"

"Huh." Dellinger leans back in contemplation. "That... doesn't sound like a bad idea, actually. It could work, if you could find someone to build a lighthouse."

Lisil breaks eye contact with Dellinger, looking down sheepishly.

"...Oh, you actually wanted to?"

"Well, I know it's not-"

"It's a great idea!" Dellinger interrupts enthusiastically. "I just didn't realize you were being serious."

"Oh," Lisil replies sheepishly. "I do want it to happen, but I don't actually know if I'd want to leave our clan like that."

"You're always doing this, though. You always think about how to help others and how to make sure people aren't missing out. And this is such a great way of doing that!"

"It's a little unconventional... And there's a cliff!"

"We can figure it out." Dellinger turns towards Lisil. "If you're really unsure, then we won't, but you seemed really excited about it. I just want to make you happy."

Lisil blushes. "Alright then. I do want to build a lighthouse here."

"Then let's do it!" shouts Dellinger. "Let's build a lighthouse."

Neither of them knew it, but at this moment, Greenport was created, long before the first stone of the lighthouse was laid.

Lisil is an old dragon, and very well-learned. She founded Greenport with hopes of helping other Wind dragons, and she's risen to every challenge that the every-growing city has thrown at her. She's a shrewd dragon, and she's grown with every step and mistake she's made.

Every member of the Council of Six was hand-picked by Lisil and her mate, Dellinger, and she values their judgement and friendship. Whenever someone approaches the Council with a problem, she takes time to hear out every side of the issue and every council member's opinion before making her decision. Once she's sure of her decision, she's hard to sway. She strongly believes in justice, so every decision she makes is for the good of Greenport and its citizens. She's a kind dragon, but not a lenient one. What she decides will happen will happen, one way or another.

When Lisil needs a break from politics, she likes to go to the shrine outside of Greenport. The donations she's made are a significant reason the shrine has grown to the size it is now. She especially likes to have tea with Kokoa, who's been a close friend since well before the lighthouse was built. Deep down, she misses the simple, nomadic life she had before Greenport, so she maintains this one connection to it carefully.




best dressed x2
Ok, I absolutely love Lisil's outfit. I tried to go past the first page, but this girl deserves some love for your outfit choices! The blues and purples of the apparel go so well with her coloring! It's an awesome design, and her familiar matches her so well!
I love her! Her outfit is so elegant and beautiful :3
She looks absolutely stunning! Her apparel choices are immaculate; the blue tones work beautifully together and imply an air of wisdom in her personality; the halo and the jewelry show off her power and importance. I especially love the effect of the Sky Crystal paired with the Moonbeam Aqueduct scene; it paints a very tranquil setting.
All my favorite dragons either have some shade of blue or purple in them and this girl is a blurple dream so, really, there was no way I was going to be able to pass her up.
For a second, I thought her wings were Cerulean until I took a closer look, only to discover it was her skincent! That subtle nuance was really nice to see. The apparel blends so seamlessly, both with her skin and her natural color scheme. She really keeps the eye traveling and that is what sets a nice dragon apart from a great dragon. Also, I could not have picked a better scene for her.
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