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The bizarre, derelict town of Corrosionius sits near Seedscar, basking in the bloody glow of a dusty red sky. The houses are built from the rusting carcasses of defunct trains and automobiles. It is surrounded by a vast desert of oxidized bones decaying cobwebs. The buildings are rubble-strewn and scattered in an unpredictable pattern. The sun only penetrates the dust-filled skies during brief and mysterious moments. But this is not a place of death and doom, this is a place of growth and redemption. New life and new beginnings. Life can grow even in the darkest paces, and strength can come from even the greatest weakness. Many here have had terrible pasts, filled with anger and gloom, but they found there place, amongst the burning stars.

Main District

The main district of Corrosionius is a bustling colorful place, filled with the sounds of many different dragons going about their lives. The smell of food and cooking flesh permeates the air. When the founders discovered this place, it was a dirty wreck of a long forgotten kingdom, but through the determination that run through Plague dragons, they were able to transform it into a haven for all dragons.
Shadow District
The shadow district is the reconstructed remains of the Shadow clan known as Theodoris that used to exist near where Corrosionius does now, but it was destroyed by the forces of Light. Almost everyone died in the attack, the luminous did not even spare the children. But when Gangrena came across its sorrowful state, she took the remains and sewed it into the multicultural town that we see today.

Obmorozheniye Labs

Paragons of science, creators of machines that change lives for the better, Obmorozheniye Labs are the greatest scientific company in the whole of the Scarred Wasteland. Their name is known far and wide, feared and revered across the lands. Obmorozheniye and H.O.B.B.I.T-press, the founders, keep a watchful eye on the plagued progress.

Outside where most people pend their whole lives, a swamp of gasoline, liquor, pus, rotting meat and filth sits as it always has, a constant source of sustenance for flies and mosquitoes, a breeding ground for leeches and a home for snakes, turtles and innumerable other forms of rot and maggots. Flames and embers shoot up from time to time, but the swamp itself is never burned completely. Its waters are a strange pinkish bile-brown, its surface opaque and impenetrable, like a glassy and ancient jade.
Deeper inwards, a forest of congealed fat, water-soaked wood and black mud grows, its gnarled and root-bound trees heavy with rot. Swollen and blackening waterways snake like arteries, metal pipes and discarded equipment litter the area, gasoline and oil still pooling.

Note to devs: I play on my phone and computer, don't ban me please. my roommate who lives with me also has a flight rising account

I'm Strange and welcome to my lair! I'm just an goofball who likes writing silly stories and collecting pixel dragons. That is all. I love making friends and lore connections so my inbox is always open! I have an awful memory so if I don't respond on something, just give me a poke!

Exalting lair, if you don't want me exalting a dreg, just tell me, and I'll sell them to ya!

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March 25, 2023 08:25:39
AsbestosLicker is hilarious.
March 24, 2023 14:48:57
Thank you so much! <3
March 22, 2023 19:39:13
Just toured your lair! I approve of the disgusting medical terms for dragon names. Osteomyelitis is my favorite. Super rad!
March 22, 2023 09:56:13
One of them! Got a really lovely Spruce/Peach/Blush Fire Goat that looks AMAZING with Cinder and Blaze. Saving the other for my April 2nd hatch!
March 22, 2023 09:44:56
Space is the worst thing I’ve seen. I love it.
March 19, 2023 15:08:24
hehe i love your username too. why is the flesh strange
March 19, 2023 12:11:37
Thank you, my ever-favorite Strangely of the Flesh! Dido is very fun and tragic, since neither Aeneas nor Dido want this tragedy to happen (with the gods forcing Aeneas to leave by blackmailing him with his son), and Dido (sadly understandably) never forgives him, even in death. And- even in the myths where she does not meet Aeneas- she still dies tragically and dooms her city.
She's one of my favorites, since the Brick reminds me of fire, so I'm glad you like her :}
March 16, 2023 21:31:16
I am Boo Boo the Fool. That's what I get for not watching OG Star Trek
March 15, 2023 20:57:58
thanks again ^^!
March 15, 2023 20:36:38
YOOOOOO im honored that you wrote lore for one of my dragons, especially my boi raw ;C; <3 legit sobbing at how good it is, ive always struggled with writing real horror bc i am coward™ and ngl your lair and lore has always been an inspiration for me 🙈 may i add it to his bio w credit :D?? nw if not!! thanks again, i really appreciate your work! ^^
March 09, 2023 20:03:29
I like her! I’m glad we got something a bit more unique than the more represented Beastclan. Also love how her hair changes with the seasons
March 06, 2023 15:40:00
Your dragons are all so cool!!
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