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My previous profile has been moved to Coy's Bio, because a lot of it is outdated, long, and disorganized. I’m starting from scratch. And although it’ll be a very similar format, and will likely grow to be just as outdated, long, and disorganized as the old one did, it’ll likely be readable for at least a little while.

Note that I’m not likely to see mentions on forum posts, if you have something important that I’ve yet to respond to please pm me or comment on my profile.

- About me
- Important dragons
- About the clan



Shark - Any pronouns - minor - on FR time

Extroverted, multi-Neurodivergent, and Canadian. I overuse emoticons. I love nesting dragons and i’m practically in every which corner on this site. Non-exalt, but i occasionally sell dragons on Earth’s AH.

Fifth Harmony, Wings of Fire, Warrior Cats, The Big Bang Theory, Political Geography, Vexillology, and Linguistics enthusiast.

I’m a language nerd, i can speak mainly English and French, and am learning Polish, German, Toki Pona, and ASL, among other languages. Being so engaged in the Fifth Harmony fandom, i’ve picked up on some Spanish as well. Talk to me in any of these :D


Dragons that have important jobs, other than their more lore-based occupations. Some of them are used for storing random information and unfinished projects, like sorted colour rarities of all my dragons, and wishlists.

Heatwave - Current avatar dragon
Jungalo - Wishlist
Ember - Blank bio storage
Alexandrite - Random shtuff
Coy - Mostly random stuff and hopefully a to-do list



Bridgeside Village, formally known as the Village to the Side of the Bridge, is a small village off to the side of a pathway in the Parched Canyonwalks. It is a refuge for travellers, providing them a place to sleep and food to eat before they continue on their journeys. Some find comfort in the welcoming town, and chose to reside there permanently. The dragons who reside there are often restless and don’t stay in the town for much longer than a little while, and a lot of them are traders or travellers. Residences are differing, and walkways within the clan are unorganized, as they branched off from the area of the Greeter’s Hut in an unplanned manner. Bridgeside is largely self-sustaining, and residents rely mainly on trade rather than currency. Dragons who live there for a while learn what the village's founder learned from trial and error, how to find food in the barren expanse of Dragonhome.

Demonym: Bridgesiders

1. As you first enter the village from the north, the greeter's hut is the location you see first. It is old and clearly a different style from the rest of the clan as they slowly modernized and adapted to Dragonhome's conditions; despite how its build was more suitable for the Ashfall Waste, it is well-maintained, and can/has been able to fit two fully-grown imperials in it. Though it works largely as an information centre for newcomers, with Blaze managing incoming dragons and welcoming them into Bridgeside, it also works as one for Bridgesiders as a whole, and a place where records are stored. Mudfeet has an incredible knowledge for the clan’s history, and he can answer almost any question about it. Sparky can handle a quill the most skillfully of the three, so he handles incoming records and pamphlets about the clan and Dragonhome as a whole.

2. The training grounds is a little further away from the rest of the village, mostly so the practicing dragons don't poke someone's eye out. It has various training dummies scattered around, Baalm's latest kills in a pile next to a tree, and a bunch of intimidating-looking dragons. Though training is one of the main purposes of the area, the clan's hunters bring their kills there, and shop owners get most of their meat ingredients from there. Wasch, Burgonia, Clownfish, Twilight, Aipaloovik, Athena, and Baalm mainly stay there.

3. The sanctuary is a bustling emporium for wildlife in the desolate rocky expanse of the rest of Dragonhome, just slightly off to the side of the training grounds. Fertile soil brought from the Viridian Labyrinth covers the ground of the little area, allowing for plants and some animals to prosper. Some dragons use it for gardening in their own little sections, sometimes as to give themselves a little taste of home away from home. Terra, her daughter Gaia and granddaughter Evergreen head the upkeep of the sanctuary.




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January 26, 2023 05:17:14
No worries! Im happy you like what I wrote!
January 14, 2023 19:46:17
Thank you so much for your kind words about Contralto! :'']c
December 29, 2022 13:32:13
i love your username!
September 27, 2022 19:50:28
@ your broadcast message, ok but only if u have one too bc it is deserved (also your dragons are coo l) -dip
September 02, 2022 19:02:58
Tragic :(( wegged.
September 01, 2022 21:02:33
5 eggs!
August 31, 2022 20:49:57
That was a good guess. She has a son that stayed in my clan that is named River.
August 17, 2022 12:43:15
ahh ty, dont worry about cluttering my dms or cr messages, send me all the messages you'd like, haha. anyway, if you want, you can take one of the brown/green gaos when they hatch! they are beaut's
August 05, 2022 18:20:44
Yeah, I'm not planning to keep that one!
July 28, 2022 06:10:22
hello there, your babs are still waiting in the CR
July 22, 2022 02:02:10
3 eggs for your skydancers
July 13, 2022 05:07:47
lmao no worries !! i think he’s been recognized once in a draw the dragon above you thread? but not anywhere else :,) coping
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