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lightweaver help my lair, too many residents...
Venerable Lair
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made by silentilicic 121759

If not leveled, any fodder can be bought for 10kt/10g. If leveled, feel free to inquire but don't have high expectations.

As for sales dragons, feel free to grab them off the AH. I won't haggle if they're cheap, but I can do trades for items and dragons


Click here to get free dragons from me
Click here to buy dragons from me - I may have a deal for you
Bagwitch Pumpkin

Hi, I'm Veil You may also call me Amore!

I love dragons to death and I am a big collector, so Flight Rising has been a blast!

Let me know if you want me to breed one of my pairs for you! My pairs are usually put side by side or have their mate in their bio.

Spool of Silk


Currently working on: stocking baldwin mats, gathering Black Swans for Swipp, collecting vistas


Moth Keeper's Lantern

Current goals:
100 lair slots [95/100]
1 of every dragon breed [Guardian, Snapper, Sandsurge left]
Longterm goals: Slight Eyewing [1/1]
Supernal Brightbeast [0/1]
Get Crimzen to LVL 25 [25/25] *Golem Workshop Mage..? 12-7-23 WOO!
Get Scarletta to LVL 25 [.../25]
Get Ruviazle to LVL 25 [9/25]
1 of every gene in Flight Rising [...]

Got showcased for the 10th Anniversary Theme Week! (Crimzen <3)
Reached 600 700 familiars in Bestiary!
Reached 100 200 dragons in lair!
Hatched 300 dragons!
Reached 3 years of active play!

Dragons on front page:

Wishlist is being updated... check in later

Breeding: Caramel/Antique/Gloom Female
White Cherub/Antique Shimmer Coatl
Antique Fissure/Antique Ground/Koi Moss Statue

Dragon Directory



Festival Wishlist holder



Coli Build &
Details holder


Lorekeeper/Relationships & Jobs Masterlist


Useful links/guides



Graphics & Bio resources



Collection info
(Gene Collection)


Wishlist holder



Adoptables holder



Endless Gardens Keeper



Elemental Catalogue

Standard of the Lightweaver

. . .

Recent Comments

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May 15, 2024 10:19:05
Hehe, thank you! Honestly, Sierra is a pretty gal, so why not give her a pretty familiar?
May 04, 2024 09:59:22
also btw, i personally prefer Ksenija <3
May 04, 2024 09:45:01
My already inflated and sensitive ego just grew 3 times when u mentioned Crawfish. ;w;w;w;w;w; I'm so proud of her, I NEED other people to see her!!! You may have seen my lair, I'm in the "pick your favourite dragons!" forums a lot.

You gotta be careful tho. I like pretty dragons, even outside of my lair's aestetic, so no dragon is really safe from Kiln-committed theft... *looks closely and deeply at Jasnah and Inferno.* Those two are very pretty and unique... I'll be thinking about them for a few minutes ;;;)))
I love how they both look so DASTARDLY and scheming/mysterious despite being mainly pink. That vibe with pink is seldom seen these days. <3
April 29, 2024 13:32:15
Thanks again :-)
April 29, 2024 08:55:50
Thank you so much, I appreciate it! I named my dragons after things that make me happy. :-) I love how you formatted your dragons' broadcast messages!
April 25, 2024 18:03:18
Oh gosh thank you so much!! Always excited to meet another bird person with bird OCs <3
April 23, 2024 16:18:20
Thank you so much! I was so happy when I hatched Lokir and got an interesting combo of muted colors and already matching eyes - it's rare for me to gene a dragon right away, but he definitely called to me.

Also, I really like the outfits and tabs you've put together! Patch and Schild are beautifully dressed, and Robyn's colors are so fun! Archaea has such a mysterious vibe, too; there's always something magical about a dragon who seeks secrets with their face veiled and indiscernible. You've quite the lovely lair. :)
April 19, 2024 22:44:04
Hii! I'm so glad to hear you like my Light Dusties, thanks so much! <3

As for the hatchlings-- Kallisto is currently taken by a friend who offered a trade for her, but Charmion is up for grabs for 400 g/kt! You can check my sale thread here (it has some lore and a pinglist for future hatchlings too :D)

Have a great day!
February 03, 2024 02:52:14
Thank you so much for the kind comment you posted on my page! You made my day!! I put a lot of thought into naming my dragon friends and I really appreciate it. I definitely got extra lucky with my progenitors!! X3
January 31, 2024 04:34:57
Thank you for the kind words on my lair ^^ That was really sweet of you. I really like your farmer, Maple. She's super cute! And you have a delightful variety going on in your lair c:
January 29, 2024 19:23:09
Hey, thanks for buying my Crim offspring, now your Crimposter!

Literally Crim when a player has Eliminate in their hoard:
January 28, 2024 15:45:45
Raincloud was on the front page! So pretty
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