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Apologies for delays that will be caused by current circumstances.

Bear with me, many bears.
Status: Ongoing. Thank you for your patience.
Everyone currently waiting for lore is logged according to their number of longest first. Everything owed will be given!

[sprouting, loamy, fruitful, hydrating, budding, black, germinating,] [cultivator's garden sets & crystal berry for the cottage]
[golden, lavender, royal, spring, primary carousel sets]

laced/edged chicken later
moth, deer, mushroom, acorn, bear?, more squash, succulent, redwood tree?

Lore Practice Thread (Free and Pre-Shop Commissions)

Museum of Morphologies

Naturalist Seeking Collection- currently inactive

Looking For Homestead/Library thread- currently inactive

When will my need to set up a hatchery, fix profile up and organize outweigh my laziness at the involvement of the tasks..

[edit:] I like indie games (most especially calm and nature/sandbox variety, and similar with other games, and harvest moon/story of seasons)
and crafting old fashioned style and thrifting and outdoors and reading and writing and researching
(especially environmental/naturalist/sustainable/conservation/similar)
and also never updating/rehauling profiles apparently.

Business is business! And business must grow.

I always pay back if there's something I owe.

A bit of information is listed below.


Official Member of the Holiday Hub under the Christmas Category

badge images and member list from the group are currently broken :(

Letters From hatchlings

images currently broken

- Personal information:

They/He, some surprising feminine habits.

Social scale: Varies. Often burnt out. Generally agreeable in business practices.

Other Location Sightings:
Aesthetic and interest Tumblrs on request
Also: The Endless Forest, Meadow, various games similar, and websites with environment or similar documentaries and information

- Accepts Hatchling Letters; and will correspond back.

- Inquire about dragon pair hatchlings if you like!

- Well acquainted with both 1972 and 2012 Lorax movies.. and other Seussian works for a lengthy time. (Technically, name encompasses both versions. Also that means both versions are well liked.)

- Responses on threads and pings are generally of an [OOC] nature and not any kind of clan RP- if you'd like otherwise, inquire or start as such!

First Awakened Familiar: Opheodrys Serthis

Dragons in WIP Tab of Hibernal Den have an unorganized mess of self notes and an informal wish list of sorts.

To Do List:

++ completely reformatting the clan information box / individual dragon fixing up per week, and bios.
- set up hatchery

High interest in:

Pretty and striking patterns or color combos regardless of genes.


Theme bred dragons:

- Animal mimics, nature and earth tones, certain holidays, etc.

- Dragons that fit into the creation of a Seussian Theme

- Antique/Porcelain looking dragons

Always very interested to find hatcheries with this sort of thing as their design.

Also incredibly prone to rescuing really interesting 'exalt' dragons.

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November 30, 2022 22:14:20
Aaravos was on the fr!
November 22, 2022 16:58:22
Thanks for checking in! Honestly, at first, I wasn't too excited because I'm revamping my hatchery to focus more on Wind themes. But THEN I started scrying. I have SO MANY IDEAS and I need SO MANY SCROLLS. LOL
October 26, 2022 16:42:28
I love your username!!
August 17, 2022 09:00:14
Hi i just wanted to let you know Darcy (#3203673) was on the front page!
August 17, 2022 08:49:32
Darcy was on the front page!
July 19, 2022 13:23:21
And I am back in Nature. . . for now.
July 19, 2022 08:51:20
Yeah I'm just sleeping most hours of every day, listening to Sandman and other Gaiman... Certain abusive people we are stuck living with have made things worse with their abusive behaviors. Think I may need to bully Urgent Care into giving another inhaler.
July 17, 2022 11:12:34
So I am sitting around waiting for things to get worse, mostly delirious, trying to save gems to come back to Nature... it's going slow.
July 17, 2022 11:09:30
--that having severe immuno-compromisation is not enough reason to give me the anti-viral, gave me a few symptom managers and told me if I am not running fever I can "return to work"... I have not once run a real fever. I am highly contagious. 10/10
July 17, 2022 11:08:18
Tried to get in with Minute Clinic, no availability for days-- then cancelled, because everyone is too sick to be doctors. Tried to get in with Urgent Care, and they are so swamped it's the same thing. Luckily afterhours got me in, but then they decided--
July 17, 2022 11:05:13
Yes, it was the newest version, the one that has mutated so badly that vaccine and masking do nothing. Was drug out for a July 4 event in 100 degree heat plus humidity, couldn't breathe in mask, now we're all sick. It's been 10 days of this.
July 16, 2022 00:41:19
Guess who finally got Covid?
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