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Credits are Osiem and WinterlyWitch
Stardragon System - 1990
tired - collective they/them

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by Osiem

Astral Crescent
I am Astral (non-binary|they/them), the appointed public communications of our system! You may address me directly as an individual if that is what is comfortable for you! It's what I'm here for!

We are fully disabled, autistic, suffer from severe chronic pain + cancer, and can't afford medical care. We are trying our best, but we don't always get it right. Please be patient with us! Our head hurts! :')

~Astral Bday July 22 Body Bday Aug 18~

by Osiem
mAiCJNJ.pngoaolHwW.pngCefhhwK.pngebjDWAS.pngC73vSQg.pngNeptunian Gender - Celestial Systemcyanagender.pngEvm4lyl.png6OykOYf.pngsHV5hf8.pngkCHWEjf.pngw0wBhk1.png2VtxnMX.pngOBrKa68.pngQMcoNbc.pngwLurwzJ.png1dbVtvH.png32m7UpI.pngbIcdn3S.png5bCmnnb.png
by Osiem
Astral Roses' Sprawling AethersAstral's Blepping Aether Loafs
by Osiem
Fandoms: Yuugiou (DM, 5D's), Digimon Adventure (01, 02, Tamers), Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Fruits Basket, NANA, Mobile Suit Gundam (01, Origins, Char's Counterattack), Wolfs Rain, PSwG, Soul Eater, (read more...)

Games: Super Metroid is THE Game of all time, followed closely by Okami. Metroid (All), Guild Wars (1 & 2. We're a Meta Commander!), Super Adventure Box (Tribulation), FFVI, FFVII (OG, DoC), FFIX, FFXI (fav), FFXIV, FFXVI, Valheim, Phasmophobia, Pokemon (G1, 2, 4 are fav), Silent Hill (1, 2, 3), (read more...)

Music, Authors, Misc: (read more...)
Super Metroid by AstralCrescent. Please link back if you take this.
by Osiem By PyromaniacalBy Pyromaniacal and Myself I... think?by Osiem

'Salty About the
AWOL Tidelord'

Club Member

We do not discuss our identity with strangers.

We block toxic, rude, or predatory people-- including scalpers.

We refuse to be drug down by others.

We have been stalked & abused for over 20 years.
We have severe PTSD & social anxiety, but if you have an issue we would prefer resolving it like mature adults. Please send us a politely-worded DM & we're sure we can come to an understanding!

Autistic & prone to unapologetic grumpiness & curtness when the subject of inaccessibility & ableism enter the field-- which is often.

Constantly humiliated by our own behavior. Meds & living situations make us erratic & irrational. We can only try to keep doing better in the future.

Sometimes we randomly DM people their broken Discord images! If you need images salvaged, don't hesitate to ask! We will help you for FREE! Just send us a DM telling us where they're linked & we'll help you!

We also DM people their Radar Dragons!
by Osiem
Arcane + Water
by Osiem
TwinFish wants me, women fear me

TwinFish has been our life partner since 2011. We met in the Kingdom Hearts fandom & quickly hit it off. They live with us, take care of us, and handle communications.
by Osiem
She needs to go to Snapper Rehab

WinterlyWitch is our elder sister, best friend, artistic collaborator, and business partner. She's very protective of us and always has our backs no matter what.
by Osiem
She's da giant rat dat makes all of da rulez!

DragoonRat is our best friend of many years. We also met in the Kingdom Hearts fandom! Likes to limit test our Astrologian in The Stone Vigil on her Warrior.
by Osiem
The Crystal Pools
by Osiem
Arcane + Water Flight Fusion by AkaiNeko
by Osiem
by Osiem
By DogiCrimson
Space DaddyTidepapaSalt
Arcane + Water
by Osiem
mh5NQRz.gifRhEKXo4.pngby Osiem - NOT FREE USEOFgKYzC.gif
5zcXwRN.gifThe Starwillow ClanoDmJYDA.pngThe Vengeful RequiemihcamxK.gif
by Osiem
By SpicySpace with permission! Thank you for your meme service to TidePapa!
Vaninova wrote on 2024-06-13 10:24:23:
Deepsea Anchor Vista: Fathom Dragons
by Osiem
AstralCrescent wrote on 2023-03-21 10:08:05:
Vista: Aether Dragons Clanbound Unhatched Aether Egg
by AstralCrescent
by Osiem
Cycling EmperorZ LeftCycling EmperorZ Right
Refresh to see more! | Collection + Trades
by Osiem
by Osiem

7/15/2024: Dovalore gifted us A BABEY!!

7/10/2024: Finally got our Calico Ferberus to drop!!

7/09/2024: We are actively blocking scalpers and flippers of marketplace items & fodder.
7/2024: We now block people we find who have blocked us first. We're not comfortable with people stalking us when we can't view their page in kind; it is extremely creepy, so this is our new policy.
Growing list of Accessibility Gripes:
Glowing Eyes, Orb, Weaver, Checkers, Chess, Octopus, Rings, Breakup, Mosaic & Polkadot cause Vomiting. 3D games have toggles to replace spider models, a toggle for medically-endangering static assets is over-due.

Icons in search lists are so tiny they cause eye strain & migraines.

No key-bind for continuing in Coliseum.

No key-bind or alternative captchas for Camping.

by Osiem
We are protected under the ADA. We have very poor health and severe C-PTSD which causes crippling social anxiety. Sometimes we need our life partner to read and respond to things for us. Please be respectful of this.

This theme was designed to be viewed in Mozilla Firefox, which you should be using for security and safety reasons. (Android | Windows)

by Osiem
The less you say the more you show.

Recent Comments

Colormancy's avatar
July 20, 2024 16:16:07
Nerine was on the front page :)
PunkNoctis' avatar
July 20, 2024 16:15:53
Nerine (#93706948) was on the front page!
dragoonrat's avatar
July 20, 2024 10:34:34
Freya Crescent, the big dragoon rat of the clan!! :3
Spooner's avatar
July 20, 2024 01:24:27
the costume design was a highlight,
Lightehouse's avatar
July 19, 2024 09:23:27
I’m so glad you’re getting back in control! That’s a huge step. I was going to gift some art to cheer you up, but now it may just be celebratory art.
Springaling406's avatar
July 18, 2024 22:59:10
Aww thank you for the compliments ^^
winterlywitch's avatar
July 17, 2024 05:23:24
I badly want this to stop happening. I want you to be able to play this game. To enjoy your dragons, to be allowed to just BE without turning a corner and hitting a wall. I'm so tired of the drama mongers and rumor spreaders this place has. Imagine if people would just ask questions or actually think for themselves. I'm sorry this place has treated you awfully. You don't deserve it.
TwinFish's avatar
July 17, 2024 05:14:12
i know it's so hard to feel like it... there's too many people who make you feel pushed out and alienated and i know you can't just ignore them... i wish i knew how to help you feel like you could. i want you to. no matter what they think or do. it's hard to find a sense of belonging, but you should at least be able to just do your own thing and have fun...
TwinFish's avatar
July 17, 2024 03:36:20
i do. and i do believe others did feel that way... maybe not enough, to make a difference. but some. eri never deserved it. you don't. the worst people are always going to put their ****** little pet problems before everything else, and nevermind who gets hurt in the process... and other people got hurt because of what happened too. nobody else put in a fraction of the effort to make things comfortable and accessible. i don't want you to feel like you have to go. no matter what, you're not in the wrong. he wasn't. and i'm sorry you have to deal with this now... i wish things were built differently. i wish we could just mutually ignore them without ever having to think about it again. you have as much right to make a space for yourself here as they do. even if you did leave, it doesn't make them right. and i'm sorry...
TwinFish's avatar
July 17, 2024 03:24:09
no matter what, if you do the thing, i will help you out. and i want you to. i think you should. but we'll figure out where to go one step at a time. i'll be there with you either way. don't forget that even in the worst of it, there were people who appreciated what you did, and who thought that what happened was wrong...
TwinFish's avatar
July 16, 2024 09:01:01
if i can make room lmao........ gotta yeet these guys in the bin
dragoonrat's avatar
July 16, 2024 06:10:20
I would like to dorm but oop I gotta make more space!
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trans rights

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Welcomed new hatchlings!
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