Ithaca's Clan

Arcane dragons are blessed with the power of magic.
Ancient Lair

Clan Info

You have climbed up to The Observatory and found yourself among Vixen's Clan. It is named so after the vain but tough Matriarch. Vixen welcomes your approach even before she knows who you are or whether your intentions are good or not.
She assumes that if your intentions are bad, she does not need to worry, for her clan-members possess many gifts and are not in danger; and even if you were to attack, there are many warriors in the clan that would stop you. But it is more likely that you will not want to attack since there are many darker characters in the clan that decided to settle in this clan rather than fight it.
If your intentions are good, or if you have come upon this clan by accident, she is glad to welcome your company and knows many in the clan will make you feel at home. She is too busy to personally receive you, as she runs the entire clan and never takes a break. But her mate, Shadowclaw, will gladly offer you something to drink and a nice grassy spot to rest in if you would like.
You find that this clan is busy and erratic with many varied personalities and characters. But if you are strange or weird enough you feel like you have always belonged here; for Vixen's Clan is one for those outsiders, outcasts, and oddballs who do not fit in anywhere else.

  • This has ALWAYS been a proud Arcane lair, and although most of the dragons of this clan do not necessarily identify as religious, they have always been loyalists to the Arcanist.
  • This is an LGBTQ lair that embraces differences in appearance, identity, personality, and thought.
  • This is also a lore lair. Mostly all hatchlings are given lore and all permanent members usually receive immediate lore upon arrival. As such, this clan highly regards letters from other clans, whether that be hatchling letters, parent letters, welcome letters, or just random letters. They always reply and look forward to such communication. The clan members also love to connect to family members and make them a part of their life. Outside connections are very important to this clan.
  • This clan highly reveres clashing/non-matching eye colors. They do not feel that eye colors must match the dragon, for the eye color shows the history and birthplace of the dragon and that is very special information. Many of the clan members actually believe that having different eye colors than what they look like actually gives them more gifts. Thus, they feel very proud to send off hatchlings born of their lair since they are excited to see how Arcane dragons will use and spread their magic in their future clans/lives.

Always seeking / hoarding:
Black Tulip
(Widely accepted as currency/gifts within the clan)

About Me:
Hello! I'm 29 and enrolled in dog grooming school. I otherwise work at a dog kennel and spend my limited free time writing a fantasy wolf book series.
I'm on many other virtual sites (namely Wolvden, Lioden, Neopets, Chickensmoothie, Leopets, and Indomita).

To Do List:~Treasure
-Falcon Gene for Winslow (170,000t)
-Sparkle Gene for Moltara (150,000t)

To Do List:~Gems
-Iridescent Gene for Topaz (1500g)
-Toxin Gene for Winslow (210+g)
-Obelisk Scroll of Medarda (370+g)
-Opal Gene for Mazikeen (1200g)

1. Ram =
Scarlet Unicorn Horn
2. Carebear =
Prismatic Wing Silks Prismatic Tail Bow
3. Sandstone =
Loamy Garden Socks Marigold Wing Garland Gardening Rake
4. Patchouli =
Loamy Garden Belt Loamy Garden Hat Carrot Harvest Bamboo Dried Tea
5. Eve =
Solidscale Helmet Will o' the Ember
6. Skye =
Golden Seraph Necklace
7. Oasis =
Dried Tail Lei Dried Flower Crown Dried Flowerfall Haunted Flame Candles
8. Medarda =
Adjudicator Footies Adjudicator Collar Teardrop Citrine Ring Ember Sylvan Bracelets
9. Locust =
Verdant Starsilk Cloak Verdant Starsilk Sleeves Teardrop Citrine Earrings Teardrop Citrine Belt Diaphanous Sylvan Twist
10. Shadowsmoke =
Shadowstrike Teardrop Ruby Earrings
11. Moltara =
Brown Felt Cavalier Tutor Collar Tutor Tail Sleeve Scarlet Dinosaur Tail Guard
12. Vincent =
Darksteel Cuffs of Necromancy
-Other Apparel:
Electricians Power Pack Friend Budgies Mist Chime Copper Glasses Lagoon Starsilk Wingdrapes Swashbuckler's Cutlass Nice Mice Dumbo Rat Toad Companion Autumn Harvest Celebration Illuminated Armband Searing Armband Buccaneer's Cutlass Silver Bloombox
+ literally most types of apparel.
Arcane Sprite Light Sprite Lightning Sprite Bone Fiend Dunhoof Ambassador Sanguine Multimist Masked Gryphon Ultimate Buttersnake Patina Pangolin Superb Gryphlet Sorrel Gryphlet Ornamental Eyewing Cosmo Gecko Rat King Calico Ferberus Swamp Wolf
+ any other familiars I don't have.
Vista: Summer Vista: Twilight Firefly Vista: Herb Rack Vista: Cozy Harvest Vista: Eye See You Vista: Guardian Dragons Vista: Tundra Dragons Vista: Winter Vista: Night Sky Vista: Glowing Globe Vista: Blighted Pines Vista: Avian Anatomy Vista: Mire II
+ really any vista.

+ Any accents by Doomling or Pesticide, any of the skins from the celebrations that happened before I joined, and really any skins/accents.
-Gene Scrolls:
Primary Gene: Boulder (Sandsurge) Primary Gene: Clown Primary Gene: Diamond (Aberration) Primary Gene: Fade (Aberration) Primary Gene: Fade (Gaoler) Primary Gene: Fade (Veilspun) Primary Gene: Falcon Primary Gene: Iridescent Primary Gene: Leopard x3 Primary Gene: Mosaic Primary Gene: Mosaic (Gaoler) x3 Primary Gene: Pharaoh x4 Primary Gene: Pinstripe x2 Primary Gene: Skink Primary Gene: Slime x2 Primary Gene: Slime (Aberration) Primary Gene: Stitched (Aberration) Primary Gene: Tapir Secondary Gene: Blaze Secondary Gene: Blend (Aberration) Secondary Gene: Breakup (Gaoler) x2 Secondary Gene: Flair x5 Secondary Gene: Marbled Secondary Gene: Morph (Sandsurge) Secondary Gene: Myrid (Undertide) Secondary Gene: Noxtide Secondary Gene: Patchwork (Aberration) Secondary Gene: Sarcophagus x3 Secondary Gene: Sludge x2 Secondary Gene: Spade (Aberration) x2 Secondary Gene: Striation x2 Secondary Gene: Toxin x2 Secondary Gene: Trail Secondary Gene: Web (Veilspun) Tertiary Gene: Capsule x3 Tertiary Gene: Circuit Tertiary Gene: Contour Tertiary Gene: Diaphanous (Veilspun) Tertiary Gene: Firebreather Tertiary Gene: Firefly Tertiary Gene: Flecks x2 Tertiary Gene: Glowtail Tertiary Gene: Gnarlhorns (Gaoler) Tertiary Gene: Keel Tertiary Gene: Keel (Sandsurge) Tertiary Gene: Koi x5 Tertiary Gene: Mucous (Aberration) x2 Tertiary Gene: Okapi Tertiary Gene: Opal x3 Tertiary Gene: Peacock x2 Tertiary Gene: Polkadot (Aberration) Tertiary Gene: Polypore (Aberration) Tertiary Gene: Sailfin (Undertide) Tertiary Gene: Scales Tertiary Gene: Smirch Tertiary Gene: Soap x2 Tertiary Gene: Soap (Undertide) Tertiary Gene: Sparkle x2 Tertiary Gene: Stained Tertiary Gene: Veined
-Other Specialty:
Breed Change: Aberration x4 Breed Change: Gaoler x2 Breed Change: Obelisk Breed Change: Sandsurge Breed Change: Spiral x2 Breed Change: Tundra Breed Change: Veilspun Breed Change: Wildclaw
Vial of Brilliant Sight x2 Vial of Darkened Sight Vial of Disjointed Sight x3 Vial of Elemental Sight x4 Vial of Fractal Sight Vial of Glowing Sight x2 Vial of Naivety Vial of Rare Sight x2 Vial of Soft Sight
Scroll of Eternal Youth x6 Silhouette Scroll x2
Always seeking Baldwin materials, 5/6-digits, or low (under #5000000) 7-digits with no unnamed offspring.



Allied Clans:
-The Found (Plague)
-The Daybreak Gardens (Light)
-Pendulum (Light)
-Ravencry (Ice)
-Coldwind Clan (Wind)
-Clan of Wit (Arcane)
-Heart of the Grotto (Nature)
-Clan of the Ruby Gryphon (Arcane)
-Treva's Clan (Earth)
-The Blackshroud (Plague)
-The Tempest Order (Lightning)
-The Lumen Temple Tribe (Light)
-Sorienth Paranormal Research Institute (Plague)
-Clan of the Crystalpeak (Arcane)
-Dust Racer Clan (Wind)
-The Tempest Chase (Wind)

Traveling Dragons I Watch:

Favorite Forum Games:
-Gene an Exalt
-Dragon Vs Dragon

***Note to self***
1061134 (Dream Dragons board)
1077730 (Supernatural Hatchery)
(Accents Trading)
(Retired Items I'm Seeking)
(Pot Giveaway)
5-20Kt Lair Reviews, Lineage, Breeding Cards, etc.

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It makes me super happy to read this, i'm glad you like my fan-dragon! Thank you
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Thank you so much for buying Soir, I'm so happy you love him this much. He's gonna look amazing with Stained!
February 09, 2023 19:21:56
Magnolia was on the front page, just in time for valentine's day! congratulations!
February 09, 2023 19:21:43
Magnolia was on the front page! :0
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Of course, shes gorgeous!<3
January 19, 2023 12:39:56
Jones was on the front page, I love how he looks! such a cool dragon!!
December 15, 2022 15:49:58
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October 08, 2022 12:44:49
Space wave was on the front page! I love all the different colors on them!!
October 04, 2022 15:29:29
Thank you for the kind comment on my profile page! Solstice is so beautiful and I’m glad the outfit I chose for her fits her well! ^^
September 19, 2022 05:57:51
Thank you! Mari is a secret fave of mine <3
September 01, 2022 19:34:30
Crowley (#3149017) was on the front page! Spooky!
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