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Banner of the Mire recolored light orange
_____________________________"the perfect amount of dragons is one more"

it>he>she | adhd | aro/ace

hello! you can call me blue!* i like birds, drawing, my ocs, and of course dragons, and greatly enjoy time loops and blue and gold things. i'm perpetually drowning in projects but shh its fine who needs lair space anyway :D
Chibi of a Bloodwing Owlcat

-bog for horror
-sarc for middy
-rare for culvert
-con for mint
-coatl for emi
-silscroll for nobu
-jester for v1
-con for syn
-runes for emile
-ripple for emile
not priorities
-cure for indecisiveness
you should buy my skins
Sized-down headshot of a Veilspun with Diaphanous

- 576
- 2
- 5

- 26

- dig:shadow/light
- scavenge:ice

if art isn't linked to someone else, its by me

Constelic button

most normal Chonny Jash button, links to Chonny Jash's Youtube channel fan [lying] [deranged]

Scratch button, links to ScratchTumblr button, links to Tumblr

Free Buttons. Links to the free buttons thread.

fr time +1

last fandragon or pair for a fandragon obtained: july 11th
if i buy a dragon it's most likely either fodder or a fandragon. i'm not sorry

reminder to self: quit making plans/buying dragons after 2am! you will change your mind in the morning if not within 30 minutes! go to sleep!

exalt lair: sometimes
random friend requests: ✓
likes: ✓
profile comments: ✓
digsite focused: frozen age!
if you've bought any hatchlings from me, feel free to incorporate the parents' lore if you want!

i will not sell hatchlings with lyric names. if you really REALLY want the colors i'll try and breed for a clone.

previously shadow; moved to light april 28th 2020!

all den tasks completed march 23rd 2023! april 11th 2023! april 24th 2023! october 25th 2023! june 30th 2024!
all gem slots completed september 30th 2023!

favourite dragons:
A black and blue Aether with glowing eyes.A red Obelisk with teal accents and both Warrior's Way Auras.A black Skydancer with orange accents.A black Snapper with white filigree and silver steampunk apparel.

for later: (515074 + dragon_id) % 236 + 1

link i keep forgetting
different link
another one



Important Lore Notes/Random Headcanons:

- there are dozens of little minor gods everywhere. don't mind them. they're called aspects

- dragon sizes are still a thing but not as much as in canon. veils are the smallest ridgies are the biggest but everyone can fit in the same room generally [if they squish a little.]
dragon sizes, in order:
biggest [by a lot]: ridgies, then imps.
medium-big: gaolers/obbies, then banes/abbies/sandies, then undertides/auras, then guardians.
medium: bogs/snaps/aethers, then wildclaws/skydancers/coatls.
medium-small: tuns, then pearls/mirrors, then nocs/dusties.
smallest: spirals/fae, then veils.
of course these sizes can vary between individuals as well, though not as much as whatever the heck imps have going on. [ranging from smallish to absurdly huge]
veils can also range from mediumish to itty bitty.

- familiars aren't a thing but usually when i specify which familiar goes on who the tooltip probably goes with the dragon's lore. or they're just matchy idk

- ignore parents+offspring lists

- the language that sornieth dragons use only has names for the 177 colours. colours outside of those exist but dragons don't have words for them.

- also genes and colours Exist and every dragon knows their own innately even if they aren't visible.

- goldensparc is a big city with neon lights and all that. because i said so. also murkbarrow close i guess but they have different VIBES

- dragon blood colour is their tert colour, because thats cool
^ hence, genes like firefly/remora/medusa are considered blood constructs.

- the name for wing-fingers is skoes [because any fictional culture with wings would have names for their wing parts that arent just. arm parts with wing- added and im tired of typing wing-fingers. you understand]

- magic running on ffxiv aether/dynamis rules
^ hence, aetherytes [if i ever remember-].
^ hence, nature, plague, and arcane aren't real. sorry
^ thus, i'm calling Aether dragons Stargazers instead. icly, anyway.

- ridgies dont have armpit membranes. because theyre annoying and in the way of my outfits.

- any time fancy lore in a dragon bio mentions a "you" it's probably this dragon, Zane. unless it isn't

- coli arenas are just designated "pvp enabled" zones. they're very big, enough that some dragons pay to be escorted safely through instead of going around [aka fodder]

- i like saying hence
^ hence, hence.

- Scarlet Satin Tunic dragons have heating bills

- there's a common enchantment placed on most widely-sold apparel that makes it pass through anything considered wing membrane. no collision, no problems!
^ its probably the first enchantment most dragons learn. manticores love them

- imps and wcs can have leathery OR feathery wings

- smoke gene looks like this
A shaded headshot of a dark green Spiral. They have Smoke tert, which flows off of them and curls around their neck and horns.

- tentacles gene folds up like this when not in use
A sketch of an Undertide with Tentacles. The tentacles neatly wrap onto the neck.

- dragons can learn extremely limited magic from different flights as well as neutral magic.
^it's impossible to control magic directly opposed to your element [shadow/light, fire/water, wind/earth, ice/lightning, however NOT plague/nature]
^plague, nature, and arcane magic are easier than the First Eight. especially arcane. wonder why that is

- basically every creature with magic and anything remotely wing-shaped can use neutral-element magic to float midair as if they were swimming in water. this takes concentration and is somewhat taxing on a dragon's breath stores, but it's quite useful if you can't exactly walk

- the changes to the marketplace [specialty->specialty+genes->specialty+modern+ancient] are canon

- dusthides hatched/raised on the surface grow horns for better hearing

- outfit skins/accents are tailored to particular breeds, sometimes even particular dragons, which is why they can't be worn by other breeds [imagine an imp trying to wear fae jewelry!]

- mouse/wren/stoat/ferret are all the same dragon i just. kept changing her name and probably missed replacing a few old ones ¯\_[ツ]_/¯

- for me:
astral: abm, aef, auraf, banef, bogm, coatlm, dustm, faem, fathm, gaof, guardf, impf, mirrorf, nocf, obm, pcm, ridgiem, sandm, sdf, snapf, spm, tunm, utm, veilm, wcf
umbral: ...the other ones

mask: auraf, bogf, coatlm, dustm, faef, fathm, guardf, impm, mirrorf, nocm, obf, pcf, ridgief, sandf, sdm, snapf, spm, tunf, utm, wcm
eyeliner: auram, bogm, coatlf, dustf, faem, fathf, guardm, impf, mirrorm, nocf, obm, pcm, ridgiem, sandf, sdf, snapm, spf, tunm, utf, wcf

lair "takes place"/is a snapshot of mid-mintverse at the time after sol dies but before mint dies, specifically after The Argument but before the reconciliation [these words make sense to me i promise]

a bit more worldbuilding on middy

A diagram showing all the Flight Rising elements arranged in a way that would follow the rules of Final Fantasy 14's elements. On the Astral side is Lightning, Fire, Plague, Wind, Shadow, and Arcane. On the Umbral side is Water, Ice, Nature, Earth, Light, and Neutral. In the center is the Chaos symbol to represent the Shade.
oyeah also lightning is purple sometimes

common peace symbol in the shape of sornieth with the neutral element in the center - aka icons i can put on things for element reasons
A small pixel symbol in the shape of an upside-down loop painted in every Flight's colour, with a Neutral circle in the middle of the loop coloured grey and red.
The unity symbol coloured Earth brown.The unity symbol coloured Water blue.The unity symbol coloured Fire orange.The unity symbol coloured Wind pale-green.The unity symbol coloured Shadow dark purple.The unity symbol coloured Ice pale-blue.The unity symbol coloured Lightning purple.The unity symbol coloured Light pale-yellow.The unity symbol coloured Plague red.The unity symbol coloured Nature green.The unity symbol coloured Arcane pink.The unity symbol coloured Neutral grey.The unity symbol coloured Beastclans light red.The unity symbol coloured black, with a white outline.
please tell me if this symbol actually means something, i made it up but it's really simple so

things i learned making tab descs:
-five dashes [-] makes a line. this is 1 character shorter than a rule tag.
-emojis dont need the "size" bit and will default to small even if they have a bigger version, so that's a whole 7 characters free!
[.emoji=rainbow star 1 size=1][.emoji=rainbow star 1]
[.emoji=fae happy size=1][.emoji=fae happy]

-all columns code seems to reset all formatting like italics and colours, so there's no need to have end tags for that stuff.
this text is red! this text is not!
[.columns][.color=red]this text is red![.nextcol]this text is not![/columns]

url tags and left/center/right tags do this as well. sometimes. sub/sup also.

also fun fact double brackets [[ ]] turns things into urls. >:[

you can make transparent images have black backgrounds with {size=6}+{spoiler}! just spam size=6es until it fills the image :] you can use left/center/right if you don't want to add a dozen end tags too, since they constrain formatting in them!
this does completely break on mobile unfortunately.

also a quote with columns in it with more quotes inside can let the rightmost inner quotes escape the first quote box :]

not using code tags because it messes up the scrolling lol sorry

the quickest way to an fr user's heart is with rename scrolls and pretty pink mums


-yassify the first brood 1/7

dream umas
Skin: ISN-The Adlers DreamSkin: there is everything to seeSkin: 01 - Cyan nights

XKCD 391. 'You just WON the game. It's okay! You're free!'

You are about to purchase an interesting dragon for the following price: 0 empty slots available. This action is irreversible. Do you wish to continue? Purchase. Cancel.

Drawing of a barren forest with a green sky and green geysers in the distance

Why didn't my ADHD hyperfixate on something HEALTHY like learning HOW TO COOK? Girl, what the hell is (Chonny's Charming Chaos Compendium album art) links to Youtube

(see how he lies)

*or siffrin, spears, narry, mind, v1, ambush, besides, or protocol! you can never have too many names :]

A tiny drawing of Dearth's face.A tiny drawing of Scribbles' face.A tiny drawing of Sol's face.
A tiny drawing of Tarlind's face.A tiny drawing of Zoru's face.A tiny drawing of Helpingway's face.
A gif of Hare, a Hollow Knight vessel with orange goggles and a red inner cloak, doing the Fortnite Default Dance.



Is this some kind of
ULTRAKILL reference?


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June 30, 2024 21:23:19
Thank you for letting me know Orwen was in front page! :D
June 24, 2024 15:31:02
Since I commented, I have found and become obsessed with Tally Hall, so I am back to say: Good Day fellow iDKHOW and Tally Hall enjoyer

also I love your fandragons so much :D
June 23, 2024 19:06:50
June 21, 2024 13:08:55
I'm a couple days late, but thank you so much for letting me know that my gal Oreri was on the front page!!
June 12, 2024 18:48:49
Batter was on the front page (: What a pleasant surprise. We love an OFF themed dragon!
June 12, 2024 18:46:25
Batter was on the front page! Super cool fandragon, I should revisit those games lmao :0
June 07, 2024 18:22:55
thank you so much for letting me know that my dragon was on the front page!! :))
May 29, 2024 19:04:32
Immediately want to your fandragons and I can say you also have an amazing music taste!! Threw a like on everyone I recognized. Love finding another The Amazing Devil enjoyer (Love The Horror and the Wild with my whole soul). May gathering and coli always drop what you need and your nests have wonderful colors!
May 22, 2024 06:38:28
Charles was on the front page! :)
May 16, 2024 20:57:33
ahhh that's so cool!! thanks for letting me know! (: and wow your shriek dragon is amazing!
May 09, 2024 10:22:50
HII AUGHG THANK YOU !!!!! fellow jasher also.... idk if you looked at my wips but i have a chonny jash fandragon in progress >:3c
May 08, 2024 12:26:31
Lookin around at Shriek fandragons & I love yours <3
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