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"the perfect amount of dragons is one more"

she/it/he | adhd | aro/ace

hello! you can call me blue!* i like birds, drawing, my ocs, and of course dragons, and greatly enjoy time loops and blue and gold things. i'm perpetually drowning in projects but shh its fine who needs lair space anyway :'D


- ~2.7kg for hibden
- veil for hasi
- sailfin for xotl
- stained for h+m+s+w
- permabab for xotl
- many silscrolls
not priorities
- cure for indecisiveness

- 485
- 2
- 5
- idk what to
put here

- dig:shadow
- scavenge:ice

if art isn't linked to someone else, its by me

orbiting mr mind for the foreseeable future


#1 chonny jash fan on flight rising probably

random friend requests: ✓
likes: ✓
profile comments: ✓
digsite focused: deepsea dive
if you've bought any hatchlings from me, feel free to incorporate the parents' lore if you want!

all den slots completed march 23rd 2023! april 11th 2023! april 24th 2023!

for later: (515074 + dragon_id) % 236 + 1

link i keep forgetting

Important Lore Notes:

- there are dozens of little minor gods everywhere. don't mind them. they're called aspects

- dragon sizes are still a thing but not as much as in canon. veils are the smallest ridgies are the biggest but everyone can fit in the same room generally (if they squish a little.)
dragon sizes, in order:
biggest (by a lot): ridgies, then imps.
medium-big: gaolers/obbies, then banes/abbies, then undertides, then guardians.
medium: bogs/snaps/aethers, then wildclaws/skydancers/coatls.
medium-small: tuns, then pearls/mirrors, then nocs
smallest: spirals/fae, then veils.
of course these sizes can vary between individuals as well, but not as much as whatever the heck imps have going on. (ranging from smallish to absurdly huge)
veils can also range from mediumish to itty bitty.

- familiars aren't a thing but usually when i specify which familiar goes on who the tooltip probably goes with the dragon's lore. or they're just matchy idk

- ignore parents+offspring lists

- the language that sornieth dragons use only has names for the 177 colors. colors outside of those exist but dragons don't have words for them.

- also genes and colors Exist and every dragon knows their own innately even if they aren't visible.

- goldensparc is a big city with neon lights and all that. because i said so. also murkbarrow close i guess but they have different VIBES

- dragon blood color is their tert color, because thats cool
^ hence, genes like firefly and remora are considered blood constructs.

- the name for wing-fingers is skoes (because any fictional culture with wings would have names for their wing parts that arent just. arm parts with wing- added and im tired of typing wing-fingers. you understand)

- magic running on aether/dynamis rules
^ hence, aetherytes (if i ever remember-).
^ hence, nature, plague, and arcane aren't real. sorry
^ thus, i'm calling Aether dragons Stargazers instead. icly, anyway.

- ridgies dont have armpit membranes. because theyre annoying and in the way of my outfits.

- any time a dragon bio mentions a "you" it's this dragon, Zane. unless i'm speaking ooc yknow

- coli arenas are just designated "pvp enabled" zones. they're very big, enough that some dragons pay to be escorted safely through instead of going around (aka fodder)

- i like saying hence
^ hence, hence.

- dragons have heating bills

- there's a common enchantment placed on most widely-sold apparel that makes it pass through anything considered wing membrane. no collision, no problems!
^ its probably the first enchantment most dragons learn. manticores love them

-for me:
astral: abm, aef, banef, bogm, coatlm, faem, gaof, guardf, impf, mirrorf, nocf, obm, pcm, ridgiem, sdf, snapf, spm, tunm, utm, veilm, wcf

mask: bogf, coatlm, faef, guardf, impm, mirrorf, nocm, obf, pcf, ridgief, sdm, snapf, spm, tunf, wcm
eyeliner: bogm, coatlf, faem, guardm, impf, mirrorm, nocf, obm, pcm, ridgiem, sdf, snapm, spf, tunm, wcf

lair "takes place"/is a snapshot of mid-tfslaa at the time after sol dies but before mint dies, specifically after The Argument but before the reconciliation [this makes sense to me i promise]

things i learned making tab descs:
-five dashes (-) makes a line. this is 1 character shorter than a rule tag.
-emojis dont need the "size" bit and will default to small even if they have a bigger version, so that's a whole 7 characters free!
[emoji=rainbow star 1 size=1][emoji=rainbow star 1] [emoji=fae happy size=1][emoji=fae happy]

-all columns code seems to reset all formatting like italics and colors, so there's no need to have end tags for that stuff.
this text is red! this text is not!
[columns][color=red]this text is red![nextcol]this text is not![/columns]
url tags and left/center/right tags do this as well. sometimes. sub/sup also.

also fun fact double brackets [[ ]] turns things into urls. >:[

the quickest way to an fr user's heart is with rename scrolls and pretty pink mums



*or aram/aramar, mind, summoner, wander, sol, hare, or tar! i like blue the most right now but it may change!


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May 21, 2023 16:22:46
Sunshaft was on the Random Dragon!
May 17, 2023 20:51:31
Haha thanks for the comment! Hello to you too
May 02, 2023 05:47:46
omg haiii chonny jash fan?? ty 4 the comment^_^
April 25, 2023 08:59:39
oooh! thanks for letting me know! :>
April 22, 2023 15:58:00
Flicker was on the front page! She's beautiful!
April 22, 2023 15:57:55
Flicker was on the front page! She's so mysterious with that opal tert!
April 03, 2023 12:16:06
Nice, thanks!
March 26, 2023 21:56:25
all good man LOL, accidents happen!
March 24, 2023 13:34:22
hello! your mad rat dead fandragon collection is super impressive!!
March 18, 2023 02:31:19
Zirdyr was on the front page, he looks great!
March 08, 2023 15:05:44
March 06, 2023 18:27:26
I like your CCCC fandragon too :D
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