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- Unfortunately this account has been discontinued. I am very sorry for this! But, it is getting to be a hassle to log in with one device I barely use, and unfortunately I would have to stop FR before June anyways because I am heading to college. Sorry! I will miss you all.

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Cheap Bios For Those Intriguing Souls (forum):

NEW! “Guess the Dragon of the Profile Pic” forum game:

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“Riches” story NOT ROLEPLAY (forum):
(Officially completed after June 5, regardless of if I added the final parts or not. I am not interested in continuing to write after extended periods of time.)
A little about me wrote:
GalaxyKitten1454, or Kitten as she’s now nicknamed (thank you Palikina) was born in lovely United States, in the sometimes lovely farmlands of Pennsylvania. She has a father and a half-mother, along with several biological brothers (with whom she’s never met) and two half-sisters. Though the siblings may not get along very well at times, though that’s normal for siblings I believe, they have a completely fine relationship. GalaxyKitten1454 currently struggles with depression symptoms, ADHD, and aspurger’s along with a variety of other mental illnesses that would take too long to name.

Brief Info
**I am currently 17 yers old
**My time is FR time +3
**My approximate FR hours are between 05:00 and 20:00 FR time
**Last Profile Edit: January 4, 2020
**new FR sister!!!!! WolfiWonder as of 10/23/2020
**Account Age: about 8 months
**This user has autism, please be nice

My services:
- write bios for any of your dragons (see forum)
- regene dragons for cheaper prices (see forum)
- sell dragons (range from 5-17K)
- send dragons on dates (free if i get a baby)
- get dragons for dates (free if I get a baby)
- be a friend (message me first. Free)

- PM me for certain. I love writing, so I will be happy to write a bio for any of your dragons, by you have to promise me something. once I write it, you must keep my “written by” on the bottom unless you decide to change the bio. Is so, change it all, not just the parts you don’t like. If you don’t like it, ask me to help you fix it. My dragons for sale can be any of them, and the price ranges so much because the higher price ones are the ones I am a little too attached to, like Eirwen and Cheeto. My Festival Dragons are off limits to buy, but are available for looks and for the appealing eye, I can send them for dates, however. Others are less expensive because I don’t mind too much selling them.

Hatchling Information
My hatched rare eyes (and the numbers):
1. Goat - 5
2. Faceted - 4
3. Primal - 4
4. Multi gaze - 3

Recent Dates:
-Caye (52322774) and AlyaNova (56038788) 11/9/19: Surge and Snow
-Erebus (37192968) and AlyaNova (56038788) 12/15/19: Imani, Asha, Carys (Hatched on Christmas!!)
-Sunset (56959086) and Tinny (43252515) 1/7/20: Samira, Meadow, and Caleb
-Lazarus (38440596) and AlyaNova (56038788) 1/13/20: Raka, Phoenix, and Ocean
-Sunset (56959086) and Tinny (43252515) 1/22/20: Fire
-Carlyle (50572563) and Nala (59940313) 5/3/20: Sahara and Sundance (Hatched on Easter!!)
-Amor (36366461) and AlyaNova (56038788) 5/19/20: Chaquille and Shanice
-Jordi (50427019) and Cora (60889403) 10/26/20: Fire and Dark (Hatched on Halloween!)
-Zeta (63974668) and Gunther (50813154) *date*: *coming soon* (hatched on Christmas!)
-Juno (60508000) and Eidolon (57462055) *date*: *coming soon* (Hatched on Christmas!)

- *coming soon*

**These are things I may need in the future, but are here for access to you guys too, cuz why not.
Forum Post Star levels:
(The astrik is the one I’m at now)
25 posts - First star
50 posts - Second star
100 posts - Third star
200 posts - Fourth star
*500 posts - Fifth star
1000 posts - Baron star
Festival Months:
JAN= Crystalline Gala (ice) (Eternal Snow)
FEB= Trickmurk Circus (shadow) (Shimmering Pinecone)
MAR= Mistral Jambouree (wind) (Messengers Scroll)
APR= Wavecrest Saturnalia (water) (Giant Sand Dollar)
MAY= Greenskeeper Gathering (nature) (Bladed Flatleaf)
JUN= Brightshine Jubilee (light) (Immaculate Tablet)
JUL= Thundercrack Carnivale (lightning) (Charged Sprocket)
AUG= Flameforger’s festival (fire) (Glowing Ember)
SEP= Starfall celebration (arcane) (Magical Shard)
OCT= Riot of Rot (plague) (All-Seeing Shrooms)
NOV= Rockbreaker’s Ceremony (earth) (Deepearth Geode)
DEC= (not a legit holiday) Night of the Nocturne


Random Links and Information

I have no idea how to breathe
You’re Welcome

Honorable Mentions:
-this is a person on FlightRising whom I consider a friend, even if we are not in each other’s friend list. Please give a warm welcome to MorsPige!!!!!!
-This is literally one of the coolest artist EVER and the nicest soul in the FR community. Metalhusk!!!!!!Deleted account?!

My Favorite Flights
Flags by Ryeon030


Wishlist Hints
—I have a soft spot for XXX pearl and rose
—I could always use more nocturnes, coatls, and imperials
—Best genes ever: filigree, crystal, shimmer, glowtail, contour
—Genes I’d prefer not to have: underbelly, eye spots, basic, clown

Best Quotes Ever
“Why be rude when being nice is so much better? If it puts a smile on someone’s face then my job here is done!” HurricaneRMS


Recent Comments

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August 24, 2021 22:11:32
Cordelia was on the front page!
June 08, 2021 10:07:43
Orion was sent traveling!
January 29, 2021 11:15:14
There you go! Sent :)
January 29, 2021 07:56:31
The veils have hatched, please choose one :)
January 27, 2021 09:02:03
Ooh ur a Pennsylvanian! I used to live there!
January 22, 2021 10:52:45
Not entirely sure yet! I do want to breed him at least once with my other veilspun, at which point he'll be a semi-permanent member of my clan. I'll never directly exalt him, but he might make the route through the traveling dragon circuit sometime. :)
January 22, 2021 09:57:22
i am planning to breed mykel with my other veilspun :D
January 21, 2021 08:03:37
That’s fine by me :) they’re ready to breed in 3 days so I’ll put them on a nest then and I’ll let you know when they hatch.
January 21, 2021 07:05:41
I’ve never had art for any of my dragons before so that would be super cute! If not I’m happy to just let you name a price and I’ll accept whatever it is. I’m really bad at pricing xD but just a loving home is worth it for me.
January 21, 2021 06:32:11
I actually hatched him from my first ever veil nest haha. Talk about lucky! Maybe I will get to keep him since nobody is buying him lmaooo. And I just recently bought this pair and I love them too so thank you! Not sure what to price their babies at. 100g?
January 21, 2021 06:12:48
Ah thank you! He’s a very special boy haha. Tempted to just keep him.
January 11, 2021 11:00:35
AAAAaaa I just saw the drawing you made! He looks super cute in your style! ;w; Thank you so much for that! :>
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