Manah's Clan

Cloud Strife is the best Disney princess obvsly
Ancient Lair
near the

Clan Info

Hibden reference:
Familiars: Dunerunner, Fennec kitsune, Bell goat

Food tab:
20x Burrowing porcupine (forgotten cave)
20x Polarized mushrooms (forgotten cave)

Materials tab:
Black slime
White slime
Green ooze
Green goo

Other tab:
1x Earth egg (scavenge, Earth)
20x Petal bat spoon (forgotten cave)
20x Stonestomp tunic


FF7 rebreeding project reference

57 Vincent October 13, 1950 (ready)
48 Nanaki (ready)
35 Barret December 15, 1972 (optimizing)
32 Cid February 22, 1975 (not ready)
27 Sephiroth (ready)
Cait Sith any date (ready)

===Optimization gap===

23 Zack (not ready)
22 Aerith February 7, 1985 (ready)
21 Cloud August 11, 1986 (not ready)
20 Tifa May 3, 1987 (ready)
16 Yuffie November 20, 1991 (ready)

I will make announcements whenever I go abroad!

Regarding pings: Please do not ping me for raffles, shops and advertisments without my permission or request!

Important notes
I exalt cheap dragons! If you're not okay with me exalting them, tell me and you can buy them back! However if I already levelled them up a bit, I will add a fee for compensation.
I'm okay with my sold dragons being exalted! Furthermore, dragons that have been gifted to friends or during raffles may be exalted as well.

Player "Haplo" is my brother! We have different computers, but because we live in the same house our IP is the same. I have stated this on the forums before he joined and I will remind people here as well.

Familiar Hunt
11 Blooming Grove
Ashspine Widow
Aspen Gall Dryad
Buttercup Strangler
Flora Cerdae
Frostbite Dryad
Grove Piper
Maned Cerdae
Moonlight Fungi
Palefoot Tadhop
Petalmane Floron
Rosaline Strangler
Ruffletail Tadhop
Spotted Faun
Terra Tortoise
Venomtooth Pilco
White Rot Deer
Wood Ear Deer
Boss: Flowering Pohip & Mossy Pohip

14 Thunderhead Savanna
Condorwing Champion
Coursing Skira
Dustfeather Sphinx
Dire Vulture
Falconclaw Warrior
Flesh Forager
Golden Lionsnake
Grassland Skira
Heckling Hydrena
King Quillrunner
Magpie Sphinx
Pale Greattusk
Plainstrider Bard
Rabid Grinfin
Raptorik Herder
Raptorik Wanderer
Roundhorn Rager
Roving Lionsnake
Starry Ampelope
Unburdened Billy
Wintermane Minstrel
Boss: Rockback Charger & Thunderstomp

15 Redrock Cove
Dainty Wavehopper <--- being asked for
Highfin Sea Serpent
Leopard Coralclimber
Mottled Sea Serpent
Noxious Coralclimber
Oceansurf Magus
Sandshore Snipper
Boss: Deeprealm Hunter & Spiney Whale

16 Waterway
Giant White Toridae
Goldfin River Flight <-- being asked for
Sewer Toridae
Waveswell Sorcerer
Boss: Ghostly Rat Lord & Rat King

17 Arena
Greenwing Razorclaw
Hulking Greatowl
Longneck Scrapper
Raptorik Bladedancer
Stormclaw Showman
Boss: Featherback Boar & Undying Featherback

18 Volcanic Vents
Armored Duskflapper
Basalt Vent Hop
Chillwind Harpy
Firebelly Weaver
Flamerest Fiendcat
Flamescale Illusionist
Flamescale Lancer
Flamescale Spearman
Flamescale Venomcaster
Ghost Manticore
Ignited Imp
Nightfall Imp
Serthis Archivist
Spectral Duskflapper
Stormcloud Harpy
Boss: Hydra & Tunnel Hydra

19 Rainsong Jungle: Clown Hippocampus, Goldenbeast & Overcharged Silverbeast
20 Boreal Wood: Coarsefur Yeti
21 Crystal Pools: Crystalhide Jester & Hawksbill Goliath
22 Harpy’s Roost: Crowned Roc & Roc
23 Ghostlight Ruins: Disoriented Spirit & Malevolent Spirit
24 Mire: Wartoad
25 Kelp Beds: Mantarune & Wave Sweeper
25 Golem Workshop: Frost Delver & Stone Borer
Other: Blueband Duelist, Crowned Bonepriest


Buff Laced Cockatrice
Emeraldback Shardspawn
Gladeveins Needletooth
Pangolin Racer
Princess Petal Gecko
Silver Featherfin
Silver Kitsune
Watermelon Coleus Gecko

Regenerating Reedjumper (325g)
Glasswing Flutter & Ruffle Glasswing (250g x2)
Melprin & Roundhorn Melprin (250g x2)
Longhorn Capricat & Prancing Capricat (250g x2)

Festive Favors
Boulder Nymph, Cinder Nymph, Electric Nymph, Sparkle Nymph
Dapplemane Deceiver, Eye of Talona
Laybrush Larcenist, Lithetail Assassin
Longneck Lampooner, Manticorian Provocateur, Torrent Tricktail

Cobra snakehead x15 (Fishing: Fire Lightning Plague Shadow)
Hippojay (Fishing: Earth Light Nature Wind Ice Plague Water)
Lurefish (Fishing: Earth Light Nature Wind Arcane)

Dappled Dunhoof (Hunting: Earth Ice Plague Wind)

Triple-Sight Firebug (Insect Catching: Earth Lightning Plague Water Wind)
Giant Darner x16 (Insect Catching: Ice Lightning Shadow)

Garden Watcher (Foraging: Arcane Light Lightning Nature Water Wind)
Manticore (Digging: Arcane Shadow Water, Arcane)

8x MATERIAL clown charger fin  Woodland Path/Scorched Forest
x9 MATERIAL shale sliver, x18 MATERIAL granite chunk  Waterway
22x MATERIAL skein of silky yarn, x15 MATERIAL umbral yarn  Bamboo Falls
22x OTHER white gold cerdae pendant  Blooming Grove
16x MATERIAL amphibious wing & x8 MATERIAL transluscent fins  Redrock Cove
x21 OTHER metal claws  Arena
20x OTHER antique oil lamp, x20 OTHER historical text  Volcanic Vents
9x OTHER barnacle-encrusted relic  Kelp Beds
13x SEAFOOD sentinel fish & 9x SEAFOOD deepwater constructor, 23x SEAFOOD flametail loach, 25x SEAFOOD bluespot weather loach  Golem Workshop

Remove from ping: Maple Caterpillar

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April 28, 2022 02:34:34
Hello! Im sorry, I have been SUPER busy IRL. I already accepted the notes you sent and sent some more your way! If you want we can continue trading notes :)
June 26, 2021 22:23:23
Your Yugi fandragon omg.. the dedication is incredible!
June 08, 2021 15:13:51
Dream looks like he'd be great friends with my SweetChild :D
May 14, 2021 09:20:12
dream is super cute too!! they'd totally be friends!!
November 18, 2020 11:49:49
Thank you very much! :D And good luck with finding your perfect Sakura dragon soon!
November 16, 2020 13:21:45
Thank you so much! I actually just went snooping in your lair and bought one of your bane boys. I plan to turn him into a Veil at some point too. :D
August 03, 2020 19:37:11
Barret is a glorious dragon!
August 03, 2020 19:36:29
your barret dragon was on the front page!
August 03, 2020 19:36:22
Barret is super cool and was on the front page!
July 21, 2019 10:55:23
MrsMutou was on the front page!
April 29, 2019 07:18:30
It's totally fine to change their names, I don't mind at all!
December 27, 2018 15:55:15
Yep, I don't need anything back :)
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