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~This lair DOES exalt, but usually not purchased dragons unless they’re at level 10 or over. Most purchased dragons are here to stay, however there is a chance I may exalt them one day. If that's something you wish NEVER to happen, ever, PM me with their info and should I ever decide I don't want the dragon anymore, I will return them to you.~

Dragons with familiars will NEVER BE FOR SALE, do not ask. I am however willing to breed dragons together for you if you have an interest in a particular pair of mine! PM me to work out details and a price; you will pay a small fee for the nest space and the price of whichever hatchlings you choose to keep.

Origins Clan
Halcyon and Arabella - Clan founders, One of the five mated pairs of the council of twelve
---- Duilin, captain of the guard, son of Halcyon and Arabella,
---- Aruhe, hunter, daughter of Halcyon and Arabella
---- Ivesce, see below, daughter of Halcyon and Arabella
---- Iozefina, daughter of Halcyon and Arabella
Vouel, Head of the guard and Ivesce, Clan healer - Leaders, one of the five mated pairs of the council of twelve
---- Loresce, daughter of Vouel and Ivesce
---- Merion, daughter of Vouel and Ivesce
---- Veloce, daughter of Vouel and Ivesce
---- Nerien, daughter of Vouel and Ivesce
Morokei, Clan leader and head of the council, and Elsa, mate to Morokei and young mage - one of the five mated pairs on the council of twelve
---- Elakei - Morokei and Elsa's eldest son, wizard in training
---- Adeline - Morokei and Elsa's eldest daughter, weather mage in training
Donsair and Nurax, clan founders and one of the five mated pairs on the council of twelve
---- Xaviar, son of Donsair and Nurax
---- Euram, son of Donsair and Nurax
Coralinthe, daughter of Halcyon and member of the Council of Twelve
Urien, part of the founders and member of the Council of Twelve
Aedrus, clan seer, and Raina, head of the clan nursery - one of the five mated pairs on the council of twelve
Ihipa, clan merchant, and Darshay, clan jester - siblings and members of the undercouncil
All Dragons on this page
All Guardians
All Imperials on this page and this page
All Ridgebacks (with the exception of Hades)
All Skydancers not in another faction (see Seelie and Unseelie courts below)
All dragons on this page
Subgroups of Origins Clan:
- Rockmoon Clan (Subclan of Ridgebacks within Origins)
Onllwyn Fearmoon - Shaman and leader
All Birdskull Apparel Sets (Not including the Tsitzimime)
- Tsitzimime (Found on the outskirts with Rockmoon)
Other Groups:
The Seelie and Unseelie Courts: Two codependent courts of Skydancers who often trade amongst each other and share soldiers and goods. Originally at war, after centuries they have finally found peace and coexistence, which was reinforced when the Unseelie Queensguard and the Seelie Prince had a child together.

Seelie Court
Mabh, Seelie Queen
Alorn, Prince Consort
Flamecaller - Granddam to the princes
Antaine and Brangaine - Seelie Princes
Berit - Captain of the Guard
Vernala - Autumn Princess, Head of Mabh's personal Queensguard
Llalapeya, great-aunt to the princes
Cadhla, princess and guardian of the rivers, daughter of the Unseelie Queensguard leader
Ravenbane, Guard (fostering from the Unseelie Court)
Dahaki, Guard (fostering from the Unseelie Court)
Daquiri, Guard and aunt to Flamecaller
Tropicana, Court Official and extended royal family (father to Flamecaller)
Citron, traveler and extended royal family (uncle to Flamecaller)
Dianthus - Seelie Court
Syltrenia, Seelie Court, mate to Talvael, half-sister of Dianthus
Veta, Seelie Court, daughter of Syltrenia and Talvael
Lantern - Seelie Court
Arietan, son of Cadhla
Arodan and Sunseeker - Seelie Court Jesters
Sanguinus - Unseelie Court Merchant and Liasion (resides at Seelie)
Unseelie Court
Jebae - Unseelie Queen
Saraid, personal sage of the queen
Vespana, Jebae's Queensguard (and mother to the Seelie princess)
Maelorin, Personal Jester to the Queen
Gultyn and Rubayne, Head of the Unseelie Army
Vermane, Guard (fostering from the Seelie Court)
Malken, Guard (fostering from the Seelie Court)
Araquelle - Unseelie Court, Lady in Waiting to the Queen
Liatris - Unseelie Court
Indavar, Unseelie Court scholar
Anwen, Unseelie Court and mother to Araquelle
Shimmer and Starfall, Unseelie Court
Alebrije, daughter of Starfall and Shimmer
Votona - Unseelie Court
Coranus - Unseelie Court
Ilona, Unseelie Court
Aluella, Unseelie Court
Cocytiae, Unseelie Cryomancer
Laethenta, Unseelie Court Stargazer
Sirel, Unseelie Court Stargazer
Morpheus and Nedus - Unseelie Court Jesters
Talvael, Seelie Court Merchant and Liasion (resides at Unseelie)

Unaffiliated parties between the courts:
Morrigan, goddess of death
Azurilos, messenger of Morrigan
Inachus - Local Arcane Scholar and Sorcerer Mage

Veilspun Shadow Clan
The Veilspun clan is a matriarchal society run by two rulers, the throne of Dawn and the throne of Dusk--both times of day that can be considered twilight. Young females who come of age can have their pick of any males in the clan, or venture beyond their ancestral borders to find a mate that appeals to them. Though Veilspun are not always monogamous, a husband and wife have chosen exclusivity, denoted by their marital status as opposed to a partnership. Veilspun females who have not yet settled on a mate may take a siring partner to father her offspring if she's looking to conceive, with no expectation of involvement on the male's part; married couples and committed partners, however, will raise their children together.
Mahira - Queen, currently holding both the Dusk and Dawn thrones of the Veilspun
----Sombra, consort to the Queen
Jekusea, heir to the Dawn Throne, and Moonborn, heir to the Dusk Throne
----Morlais, consort to Jekusea
----Nazir, consort to Moonborn
Mist, Lady in Waiting to the Queen
---- Rianna, husband to Mist
Reyata, Veilspun noble lady (daughter of Jekusea)
---- Aunde, husband to Reyata
Iotana, Veilspun clan historian and record keeper
---- Mandin, husband to Iotana and scribe-in-training
Naliya, Andii, and Arathana - Veilspun ladies
---- Cilian, son of Mist, husband to Naliya
---- Azza, partner of Andii (former siring partner for Reyata)
---- Darkshadow, partner of Arathana, clan guard
Iris and Eulani, young Veilspun ladies
---- Hydara, recently wed husband of Iris
Morag, Veilspun Council
---- Sione, partner of Morag
Rhiannon, daughter of Hiral and Yaen
---- Kendal, young male, best friend and love interest of Rhiannon
Anaisa, young bachelor

Unaffiliated dragons:

- All Aberrations here and here
- Sandsurges
- Gaolers
- Undertides
- Banescales
- Aethers

Primal Eyes Project:


MultiGaze Project:


Radioactive Triple Gene List:

[*]Pinstripe/Trail: Akaronys
[*]Tapir/Striation: Yetunth
[*]Python/Morph: Argon
[*]Jaguar/Rosette: Dinas
[*]Poison/Toxin: Xenon
[*]Lionfish/Noxtide: Cahp
[*]Slime/Sludge: Linden
[*]Petals/Butterfly: Jubilee
[*]Flaunt/Flair: Sangar
[*]Swirl/Marbled: Zeta
[*]Boulder/Myrid: Vivid
[*]Fern/Paisley: Satine
[*]Mosaic/Breakup (Gaoler): Rodd
[*]Chevron/Arrow (Banescale): Vanyel
[*]Ragged/Tear (Banescale): Cardani
[*]Sphinxmoth/Hawkmoth (Veilspun): Fuschia
[*]Fade/Blend (Veilspun): Chromagia
[*]Boa/Saddle (Undertide): Aachnor
[*]Octopus/Rings (Undertide): Venali
[*]Ribbon/Eel: Hathor
[*]Orb/Weaver (Aberration): Radon
[*]Cinder/Blaze (Aether): Cinder
[*]Twinkle/Flicker (Aether): Aetheria
[*]Sailfish/Marlin (Sandsurge)

Greenie, 02/23/15 - 02/05/20

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