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Certified history and book nerd.
Welcome to Hemlok Clan Headquarters
We are a primarily mercantile clan who simply wish help spread quality goods across Sornieth. We sell a great variety of items such as foodstuffs, cloth, ceramics, potions and tomes of debatably legal magics. We also offer certain services including fortune readings of various kinds(tea leaves,cards,crystal ball, etc.) guarding/escort of goods, removal of unwanted persons and organic waste disposal!

We also acknowledge that some individuals may require assistance in purchasing certain goods and services. But fear not!For Hemlok is willing to take forms of payment other than the traditional piles of treasure and gems. We accept a variety of other things including but not limited to:clothes,foodstuffs of all shapes and sizes,artworks of all sorts,souls,offspring,and different forms of labor. As such, our dear customers do not have to worry about saving up one of currency in order to partake in the many goods and services Hemlok has to offer, and they may choose whichever form of payment they see fit!

We also believe that is important to treat all potential customers equally. As such Hemlok does not discriminate between anyone regardless of breed or species. Everyone and anyone is welcome to partake in Hemlok's many goods and services so long as they abide by Rule 0003*.

*Nothing purchased from Hemlok Merchant Co. may be used to inflict harm on any member of Hemlok Merchant Co. in any shape or form. Customers are otherwise allowed to use their purchases however they wish.

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March 23, 2023 14:02:35
It's incredibly annoying. Skinwalkers are not the same as werewolves, even wit the variety of the definition of the monster called "werewolf." Not at all. Anyways, I wish you luck with your werewolf research! Going to reply to your PM this weekend when I'm not busy as heck.
March 23, 2023 14:01:23
Does Actaeon, the Golden Hind, Furfur, Taygete, and so many other cool gods, monsters, and beings mean nothing to them? I am 99% it is only because the certain W is a cool-sounding name.

I watched an interesting video on pbs that proposed part of the connection was Europeans associating said stories with European werewolves (which aren't aggressively dissimilar in terms of origins, though more malevolent werewolves are associated with serial killers), with some primary sources cited. Interesting, though I felt like it missed quite a few details regarding the Not-Deer-Spirit, which isn't surprising since I've seen their dragon and Tiamat videos.
March 23, 2023 10:40:48
Mythology and mos,ter woes: Every single time I am trying to find more deer monsters on TvTropes and it says that it’s “inspired” by a certain not-deer-related cannibalistic Algonquian evil spirit, I want to eat a hat out of annoyance. Can a deer monster just be a deer monster? Saying as someone who grew up with deer cryptids and folklore?
March 22, 2023 13:49:18
Gave Mogsly and Cobbles a like. Send them all my love.
Currently considering naming mine Higgins or some over-fancy name like Aristotle for such a braincellless moth.
March 22, 2023 13:34:20
I’m glad our new dragon is moth-muppet-xenomorph dragons that are named Ensign Pistachio and xXxDarkStarxXX
March 22, 2023 11:09:40
March 21, 2023 22:04:46
...Vampire named El Wiwi...
March 21, 2023 16:10:21
Cat restarted computer and deleted PM. in exchange, since we are both bat aficionados, my sister sent me this and i'm laughing

El wiwi
March 20, 2023 18:30:18
Sending picture of me in the Hat of Shame for compensation
March 20, 2023 18:17:48
Me, reading your pm, suddenly remembering: I FORGOT TO MENTION SOUTHERN CULTURE HAS SACRED HOSPITALITY (shame on me for forgetting since my mother would shame me for that.) Please bonk me with stick and thank you for reminding me.
March 20, 2023 16:20:55
Ice dragons laughing off the idea they contain that many inexplicable horrors. Meanwhile, Thomas stirs in the depths of his prison, ready to break free at any moment.
March 20, 2023 15:24:55

Also Aequorin's comment on Thomas can sound like the humans are in containment, though not released
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