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Certified history and book nerd.
Welcome to Hemlok Clan Headquarters
We are a primarily mercantile clan who simply wish help spread quality goods across Sornieth. We sell a great variety of items such as foodstuffs, cloth, ceramics, potions and tomes of debatably legal magics. We also offer certain services including fortune readings of various kinds(tea leaves,cards,crystal ball, etc.) guarding/escort of goods, removal of unwanted persons and organic waste disposal!

We also acknowledge that some individuals may require assistance in purchasing certain goods and services. But fear not!For Hemlok is willing to take forms of payment other than the traditional piles of treasure and gems. We accept a variety of other things including but not limited to:clothes,foodstuffs of all shapes and sizes,artworks of all sorts,souls,offspring,and different forms of labor. As such, our dear customers do not have to worry about saving up one of currency in order to partake in the many goods and services Hemlok has to offer, and they may choose whichever form of payment they see fit!

We also believe that is important to treat all potential customers equally. As such Hemlok does not discriminate between anyone regardless of breed or species. Everyone and anyone is welcome to partake in Hemlok's many goods and services so long as they abide by Rule 0003*.

*Nothing purchased from Hemlok Merchant Co. may be used to inflict harm on any member of Hemlok Merchant Co. in any shape or form. Customers are otherwise allowed to use their purchases however they wish.

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May 23, 2024 18:09:49
Famine will Cause Problem on Purpose. It has to be done. It is the will of the universe. What could go wrong with such a directive?

Also replying tonight~
May 22, 2024 09:13:56
Thank you!!
Trying to figure out what to do with it right now, haha!
May 22, 2024 00:44:22
I am very tired did I just win a roundest dragon or am I making thing up
May 20, 2024 22:26:46
Computer being wacky so I offer this as an apology concept: creature Zagreus’ laurels as a sort of horns/“crest”/ he has like a bird
May 19, 2024 20:09:28
So apparently Charon and Chronos were occasionally associated with each other (as Kronos and Chronos), so it makes their petty economy rivalry in hades 2 hilarious. Time gods duking it out.
May 18, 2024 11:29:44
The prophecy demands I rewrite. The quill is in my trembling hand. I am petty and the storytelling gods must be obeyed.

Considering there are golden apples in hades 2, and Eris, Hera, Aphrodite, and (soon) Athena are all in it
Let Mel and Zag accidentally recreate the Judgement of Paris
While Ody, Pat, and Achilles groan in the background. They didn't retire for this
Eris finds it great
(Not pictured is Than fistfighting Time Himself because the man* is at his limit from whatever he did while Time trapped him/he hid from time/wherever he is now)
*"man" being the Personification of Death Himself
May 17, 2024 16:00:00
I had a stress dream about the disability + media and Ancient Sparta essay and somehow managed to mentally fix the game novel + 300 with This Easy Trick™ Imagine my disappointment when I broke into lucidity and realized 'twas a dream.

He will
Melinoe can wield his scythe so I can't wait for scythe buddies
Thanatos is going to be soooooo angry when he shows up in hades 2
For rightful reasons
May 17, 2024 07:31:36
Having stress dreams about novels you hate is funny since you may be too stressed to be lucid and escape it, but even your subconscious mind edits it to be slightly more tolerable.
May 13, 2024 20:49:16
Wooo! Progress!
Hypnos my darling
He’s so obvious but means so well
I want to give him a supportive pat on the back
And maybe a cup of warm tea before sleep
He tries and I believe in him

(Also sorry for late reply)
May 12, 2024 12:48:10
*Pats your back sympathetically*
Do not feel shame
I have done this oh so many times already
Just look at my mess of my settings
One of which is dedicated entirely to pantheons upon pantheons
‘Tis the nature of writers
Maybe talking or writing about it will get it out of your system?
Alternately it might strengthen it even more so ‘tis a gamble
May 11, 2024 14:14:03
It has been not fun right now
Not at all.
Please enjoy Hades!!!
It's faster-paced compared to the combat in CotL, but v forgiving and there's a ton of variety in weapons + abilities so you can quickly find something that feels good for you.
Plus you can always pet Cerberus when you return from your anabasis. He's the best.
May 09, 2024 20:49:22
Here's to being mostly-legendary to semi-legendary rulers who spend their mythohistory trying to find the secret of immortality in order to cope with the death of their "cousins" since 2900 and 324 BCE!
Yea I absolutely adore her art. She's one of the few artists I've seen make Enkidu properly beastie, and her faithfulness to material culture is wonderful.

No worries. Stay safe in the hailstorme, friend.
I've been rereading webcomics to cope with, uh, university drama right now.
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