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Haggle me. Cst fr+2. Idk what sleep is anymore.
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*Mad cackling* Crow has jumped into the void...

I am active but on the weekends I work a total of 32hrs.



Note: I go by many names.
Crowharlequin | Morgan Gael | LunestaCrow
Rip: Tweek (13yr) | Bo (9yr) | Growlithe (7yr)
Steady and strong: Bec | Cream | Lucian | Syve

I don't mind lending out dragons without set mates. I'm all for making dream dragons!

Exalting lair
Dragons to make front page:
Dhruv - December 24, 2018
Kapheonik - February 19, 2020
Teresa - November 11, 2020
Naxos - December 29, 2020
Inola - February 24, 2021
Sapling - August 09, 2021
Rachel - September 16, 2021
Candy - November 08, 2021
Shaman - February 26, 2022
Radon - March 10, 2022
Alumnis - September 02, 2022
Teleria - September 04, 2022
Frey - November 10, 2022
Salem - November 26, 2022
Hapalochlaena - February 19, 2023
Keani - March 10, 2023
Alo - March 14, 2023
Lunika - March 22, 2023
Granny Smith - April 17, 2023
Taffy - July 4, 2023

Current situation 02/20/23
previous updates at bottom

I'm hibernating


Current project

Dear Mods, I run raffles over on the Flight Rising Amino as well as have a younger sister who also plays, not to mention the amount of treasue/gems I use for dragon art ;). Please don't misunderstand the one way cross roads!

One of Five Leaders

Welcome to the
Ahote Clan
My clan is a training venue. We take dragons with promise and train, lore, and possibly art if im feeling up to it. We then resale the dragons in question.

Screw it, my page looked like a clustered mess. I accept friend request all the time. I have several pairs and most of my dragons have lore in the works. I love familiars and I enjoy stalking certain artists. I live in the central time zone +2hr to the fr time.

Wishlist info
My to get list is in the works.
I am currently collecting:
Candles, Lanterns, Flowers, Jewelry, animals

- Food gives Goo
- Materials give Ooze
- Apparel gives Slime
- Familiars give Muck
- Trinkets give Sludge
The Lantern (August 02, 2019)

The Swords (August 23, 2019)

I am definitely playing distraction, my previously mentioned aunt passed away on 01/18. Following this I "broke" my foot by walking, we currently don't know what it is but the er doctor told me to treat it as broken until I see a specialist on the 8th; it's a high chance I damaged the tendons or worse so I'm in a boot and not allowed to walk. Follow that with getting a stomach bug bad enough to put me down for nearly a week that prevented me from attending the celebration of life this past Sunday. While in the mist of illness a tack found a way into my hair, we still have not found it's original location. Yes yes you can laugh it's really funny. I'm at a point that I'm just tired but if I stop I probably won't easily get up again ya'know?

Update as of January 14, 2023
We are starting off the year with mixed energies. I adopted two kittens named Lucian and Syve. They have been godsends for all of our mental healths. But that's not the only thing happening. A family member is currently battling cancer, she landed in the ICU due to a stroke triggered infection, back home now we hope for things to improve.

September 3, 2022
2022 was incredibly rough. I started the year by catching covid then on February 13 I learned I have tendonitis in my left wrist, then starting may 17 running to july 18 I have lost 2 cats and my dog to cancer. The two surviving cats have developed pretty bad anxiety as a result.

As for me and my daughter we are coping, though sometimes we forget they are no longer here. My heart hurts.

Let's add in September, So's kidneys attempted to off him and a bug decided my ear was were to go during yard work. Ear hurts :/


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November 13, 2023 05:26:26
Must find missing dragons *wheeze*
October 13, 2023 01:04:08
Heyo! You actually caught me doing anniversary hatches (9 years of FR!) so I was hoping for a Friday the 13th vibes hatch because of the day. Happy you enjoyed watching my mini mass hatch :)
October 11, 2023 10:57:43
I lost track of time and entirely forgot to reply x'D
But if you ever want to just talk my DMs are open always!
September 21, 2023 14:19:16
I do hope he returns soon in that case! honestly I'm excited for anything new this game has to bring, it's been interesting the past few times c:
September 20, 2023 01:10:57
Oh! Honestly the changes aren't bad at all, although I must say the Sandsurges completely sweeped me along xD
I couldn't stop until I had two pairs and a few more, same for Aberrations with skeletal
September 19, 2023 05:54:48
Ahh good to see you as well! Been a long while I can't believe it's 2024 next year, but I got back into the game this summer c:
September 04, 2023 12:47:00
Oh nice!! Totally agree, I will often avoid my hatchling page because I can't stand seeing them be a baby for so long haha.

Thanks for explaining, that's awesome!
September 04, 2023 12:37:47
WOW I was ID scouting and I have never seen someone age up their dragon before (#88873400), and with less than 30 minutes of life! That's awesome, congrats and cheers! Azlem #85282542 is also incredibly gorgeous, congrats.
August 22, 2023 12:10:33
I didn't even see the calico ferberus in the trade until after it had been completed because of the text box ^^// THANK YOU!
July 04, 2023 19:09:55
Taffy was on the front page! She's gorgeous!
June 06, 2023 19:47:29
Thank you for the lovely art of Aural! :)
April 17, 2023 20:36:57
Granny was on the front page! Like the gene plan!
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Welcomed new hatchlings!
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Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
Oct 14
Welcomed new hatchlings!
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