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Zolla's Sanctuary

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Hello and welcome to Zolla's Sanctuary, home to the Mamoru Clan. Deep within the roots of the great Behemoth lies a hidden clan, where lost and wayward souls are welcomed warmly, with no questions asked. It's a place for any and all to find a place of refuge and safety, with no judgement. It's a place for any seeking, to find a home.

But that's just scratching the surface of what Zolla's Sanctuary really is. Once a true member of the Mamoru Clan, a dragon and his or her familiar swear an oath to defend and protect. You see, the Mamoru Clan is a clan dedicated to silently watching over the world around them and protecting and defending it against anything that would cause it harm.

It is the hope of the leaders of Clan Mamoru to bring in the wayward souls seeking hope and healing, and train them to become much more than they ever would have dreamed. To give them a purpose and place in the world, where before they had none.

So it is, that the clan is broken down into levels, where only those with proper knowledge and training are permitted to go deeper into the expanding labyrinth of roots. Those on the surface - level 1's - have no knowledge at all of what truly goes on deep within Zolla's Sanctuary. They know only a warm and welcoming clan, where everyone has a role to fill. This is what all visiting Zolla's Sanctuary see and know. It is a clan, just like any other. A family, functioning to survive. And though there are secrets, that is exactly what Clan Mamoru is, deep down. A loving family.

~Thanks for stopping by!~



I'd love any letters from hatchlings, or just a message letting me know why you bought them and what they mean to you! :D




~Familiars Needed~

Woodland Path

~Swipp Materials Needed~

~Vista's Needed~

~Apparel Needed~

Harpy's Roost

~Scenes Needed~


~Genes Needed~

Padavine: shimmer
Potok: cry/fac
Amellis: iri/shim
Rhune: cry/fac
Raya: cry/fac
Koel: cry/fac
Gen 1 Water Guardian: cry/fac
Gen 1 Mirror: cry/fac
Kadhi: current
Lio: cry/fac
Maclur: metallic/fac/runes
Sorbus: cry/fac
Spartina: cry/fac
Frax: underbelly
Diabella: bar
Tsuga: cry/fac
Vitex: iri/shim
Domax: gembond
Male Guardian Gen 1: cry/fac/circut
Female Guardian Gen 1: cry/fac/gembond
CF's SD: iri/fac

~Dragons Needed~

*Elianna's Mate: Male SD - royal/white (cry/fac)

*Beach Coatl's Mate: Male Coatl - seafoam/aqua/banana (cry/fac/underbelly)

*Lucina's Mate: Male Imp - fire/lemon/lemon (cry/fac/underbelly)

*Frax's Mate: Female Coatl - goldenrod/goldenrod/chocolate (tiger/stripes/underbelly)

*Loa's Mate: Male SD - lavender/ivory/aqua (cry/fac/gembond)

*Diabella's Mate: Male Coatl - obs/obs/sunshine (bar/daub/spines) obs/oilslick/leaf (bar/shim/smoke)

*CF's SD's Mate: obs/choc/ivory (cry/shim/circut)

*Sella's Mate: white/mulberry/mulberry (tiger/seraph/glimmer)

*Female Noc: banana/aqua/obs (cry/fac/circut)

*Male Noc: azure/fire/obs (iri/shim/circut)

*Male WC: fire/white/white (cry/fac/glim)

*Female Coatl: lav/white/white (iri/shim/glim)

*Female SD: fire/fire/obs (cry/fac/crackle)

*Male SD (plague): maroon/maroon/obs (cry/fac/crackle)

*Male Wildclaw: banana/rose/splash (poison/toxin/spines)

*Female Noc: banana/rose/splash (poison/toxin/glimmer)

*Taria's Mate: Shadow/Royal/Violet (Cry/Fac/Gem or Glim) Male SD or Imp (Shadow)

*Female Ridgeback: Goldenrod/obsidian/obsidian (Cry/shim/glim)

*Male SD: Gold/obsidian/obsidian (Cry/fac/glim)

*Male Coatl: Cari/cari/cyan (Jupiter/saturn/glim)

*Female Coatl: Abyss/abyss/cyan (Jupiter/saturn/runes)

*Male Imp: Copper/Copper/Robin (Clown/Fac/Glim)

*Coatls: Gold/Gold/Tangerine (cry/fac/thy)

*Male Imp: Radioactive/Radioactive/fuchsia (jag/rose/glim) - Arcane

*Female SD's: Obs/Obs/Cotton Candy (met/alloy/opal) & Eldritch/Eldritch/Emerald (met/alloy/opal)

*Male SD's: Obs/Obs/Shamrock (met/alloy/opal) & Eldritch/Eldritch/Cotton Candy (met/alloy/opal)

*Male Tundra: Gold/Metals/Obs (poi/alloy/thy or glim)

*Male Coatl: Seafoam/Mint/Eldritch (met/shim/thy)

*Male Imp: Wine/Raspberry/Raspberry (met/alloy/fili)

*Male Imp: Blush/Blush/Pearl (met/bee/glim)


**Notes to Self:

75,000 in 30 min's

Toss in & #039; (without the space) instead of '

Ranarhun - coli casting team - workshop

Ping @dragonsrus when Swipp Swapp Shop is open for business!

Ping HollowedAngel when I get more Wildclaws (art for familiars)

ShamelessScalies interested in Jan 1st, 2016 Female Noc

50T per food point as of 1/12/17

Free Familiar Art

Croc Adopts

Cool Art

Bio Resources

Glimmer for: Gen 1 water (?), Maclur (?), Loa's Mate, Sorbus and Spartina (?), Frax, Frax's mate, Dia's Mate, Domax (?), Tera, Beach Coatl's Mate, Liri (?), Dunrock & Aria, Lucina's Mate, Maize Noc (?)

NotN Event 2014: 2597 chests opened.

1 sunbeam ursa
1 magma embear
1 hibernal starbear
1 graveyard guardian
1 or 2 cragbacked bouldursa
5 snarling mimic
9 ectoplasmime
7 jawlocker
2 sundial imposter
2 voltspire intruder
7 lavaborne hoax
9 slumbering charlaton
1 fungusbearing phony
5 jadecarved decoy
15 eggs (hatched 3)
1 scroll
683 fish
665 rocks
628 chameleons
650 leaf bugs
166 magnifiers
164 mirrors
158 candles
183 puppets

NotN Event 2015:

*Day 1*

4 chests (2 scavenging, 2 coli - Arena) - Obtained Opposing Forces, Fungusbearing Phony, Conjurer's Cobwebs, & Jawlocker

*Day 2*

24 chests (10 Swipp - rocks & puppets, 4 Swipp - cuckoos & masks, 7 coli - 4 bamboo falls, 2 woodland path, 1 arena, 1 scavenging, 2 - ?) - Obtained Noc egg, Conjurer's Cloak, Conjurer's Cloak, Wavebreak Snarler, Magic Mirror, Painted Marionette, Ensorcelled Volume, Conjurer's Cloak, Voltspire Intruder, Snarling Mimic, Murktooth Bramblekeep, Jawlocker, Conjurer's Staff, Wavebreak Snarler, Cloudkeeper Herald, Conjurer's Cloak, Timber Tender, Fallbrush Fraud, Opposing Forces, Conjurer's Cloak, Lavaborne Hoax, Deadly Reflection, Spellbound Tome, & Sundial Imposter - phew!

*Day 3*

10 chests (9 coli - 1 bamboo falls, 4 sandswept delta, 2 forgotten cave, 2 scorched forest, 1 scavenging) - Obtained Living Sculpture, Snarling Mimic, Deadly Reflection, Magic Mirror, Sunsea Pseudo, Noc egg, Thornthick Thief, Murktooth Bramblekeep, Painted Marionette, & Conjurer's Cobwebs

*Day 4*

14 chests (10 Swipp - chameleons & candles, 4 coli - boreal wood) - Obtained Magma Embear, Conjurer's Cobwebs, Magic Mirror, Sundial Impostor, Conjurer's Cloak, Bogus Manamonger, Painted Marionette, Painted Marionette, Polarfreeze Defender, Deadly Reflection, Fungusbearing Phony, Wooden Marionette, Ensorcelled Volume, & Voltspire Intruder

*Day 5*

13 chests (1 Swipp - fish & staff, 2 Swipp - caterpillars & hourglasses, 1 Swipp - cuckoos & masks, 2 Baldwin, 5 coli - 1 scorched forest, 4 sandswept delta, 1 foraging, 1 scavenging) - Obtained Conjurer's Herb Pouch, Unlikely Alliance, Conjurer's Staff, Living Sculpture, Conjurer's Staff, Noc egg, Jadecarved Decoy, Sunsea Pseudo, Voltspire Intruder, Smokebillow Sham, Hibernal Starbear, Timber Tender, & Conjurer's Herb Pouch

*Day 6*

14 chests (1 scavenging, 1 Baldwin, 12 Swipp - Leaf bugs & mirrors) - Obtained Spellbound Tome, Sunbeam Ursa, Animated Statue, Hibernal Starbear, Spellbound Tome, Living Sculpture, Ensorcelled Volume, Cloudkeeper Herald, Deadly Reflection, Magic Mirror, Cloudkeeper Herald, Conjurer's Hat, Graveyard Guardian, & Thornthick Thief

*Day 7*

10 chests (1 coli - forgotten cave, 1 scavenging, 8 Swipp - flat fish & lenses) - Obtained Lavaborne Hoax, Spellbound Tome, Sunsea Pseudo, Painted Marionette, Living Sculpture, Conjurer's Cloak, Unlikely Alliance, Animated Statue, Magma Embear, & Thornthick Thief

*Day 8*

1 chest (1 scavenging) - Obtained Noc egg

*Day 9*

6 chests (3 coli - Rainsong Jungle, 1 Swipp - rocks & puppets, 2 scavenging) - Obtained Conjurer's Hat, Conjurer's Staff, Magic Mirror, Noc Scroll, Fallbrush Fraud, & Cloudkeeper Herald

*Day 10*

1 chest (1 scavenging) - Obtained Jadecarved Decoy

*Day 11*

13 chests (8 coli - 1 bamboo falls, 6 rainsong jungle, 1 sandswept delta, 3 Swipp - rocks & puppets, 1 Swipp - cuckoos & masks) - Obtained Noc egg, Jadecraved Decoy, Jadecarved Decoy, Painted Marionette, Magma Embear, Opposing Forces, Slumbering Charlatan, Lavaborne Hoax, Bogus Manamonger, Timber Tender, Sundial Imposter, Conjurer's Cobwebs, & Thornthick Thief

*Day 12*

7 chests (2 coli - sandswept delta, 5 Swipp - books & flowers) - Obtained Conjurer's Hat, Conjurer's Cloak, Smokebillow Sham, Conjurer's Cobwebs, Cloudkeeper Herald, Conjurer's Cobwebs, & Sunsea Pseudo

*Day 13*

11 chests (3 coli - 2 forgotten cave, 1 woodland path, 4 Swipp - fish & staffs, 4 Swipp - cuckoos & masks) - Obtained Hibernal Starbear, Conjurer's Hat, Conjurer's Cobwebs, Conjurer's Herb Pouch, Noc egg, Living Sculpture, Opposing Forces, Conjurer's Cloak, Sundial Imposter, Bogus Manamonger, & Polarfreeze Defender

*Day 14*

1 chest (1 Swipp - leaf bugs & mirrors) - Obtained Wooden Marionette + 1 Noc egg scavenging

*Overall: 129 chests opened.
2 snarling mimics
0 ectoplasmime
2 jawlocker
2 unlikely alliance
4 opposing forces
2 animated statue
5 living sculpture
4 deadly reflection
5 magic mirror
2 wooden marionette
6 painted marionette
3 ensorcelled volume
4 spellbound tome
1 sunbeam ursa
4 sundial imposter
0 livewire grizzly
3 voltspire intruder
3 magma embear
3 lavaborne hoax
3 hibernal starbear
1 slumbering charlatan
1 Graveyard guardian
2 fungusbearing phony
0 cragbacked bouldursa
3 jadecarved decoy
2 polarfreeze defender
3 bogus manamonger
2 murktooth bramblekeep
4 thornthick thief
5 cloudkeeper herald
2 smokebillow sham
2 wavebreak snarler
4 sunsea pseudo
3 timber tender
2 fallbrush fraud
9 conjurer's cloak
7 conjurer's cobwebs
4 conjurer's hat
3 conjurer's herb pouch
4 conjurer's staff
7 noc eggs
1 noc scroll

NotN 2016:

*Day 1*

18 chests (14 coli - 1 training fields, 2 scorched forest, 2 sandswept delta, 1 arena, 8 redrock cove, 4 gathering) Obtained Veiled Vision, Axe Mimic, Magma Embear, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Painted Marionette, Ghost Flame Candles, Enchanted Armaments, Sorcerous Arms, Magic Mirror, Ghost Flame Cloak, Axe Mimic, Ectoplasmime, Ghost Flame Candles, Unlikely Alliance, & Murktooth Bramblekeep (Saved 3 chests for Baldwin & Swipp!)

*Day 2*

40 chests (32 coli - 9 arena, 1 crystal pools, 6 scorched forest, 2 sandswept delta, 14 forgotten cave, 3 Swipp - insects & mirrors, 3 Swipp - caterpillars & hourglasses, 2 gathering) Obtained Crooked Hatchet, Fallbrush Fraud, Veiled Vision, Conjurer's Cobwebs, Noc Egg, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Crystal Carrier, Noc Egg, Glowing Globe, Orbiting Spirit, Ensorcelled Volume, Conjurer's Staff, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Noc Egg, Veiled Vision, Axe Mimic, Smoldering Sconce, Noc Egg, Spellbound Tome, Noc Egg, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Bogsneak puppet, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Slumbering Charaltan, Ghost Flame Collar, Noc Egg, Conjurer's Cloak, Ghost Flame Candles, Noc Egg, Conjurer's Staff, Unlikely Alliance, Sundial Imposter, Murktooth Bramblekeep, Calculating Candleabra, Ghost Flame Candles, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Thornthick Thief, Ghost Flame Cloak, & Glowing Globe

*Day 3*

17 chests (1 Swipp - Fish & Staff, 1 gathering, 11 coli - 3 forgotten cave, 2 scorched forest, 6 sandswept delta, 4 Swipp - orchids & books) Obtained Ghost Flame Headpiece, Veiled Vision, Conjurer's Staff, Hibernal Starbear, Enchanted Armaments, Living Luminance, Ghost Flame Collar, Axe Mimic, Calculating Candleabra, Ghost Flame Candles, Sorcerous Arms, Living Luminance, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Sorcerous Arms, Living Sculpture, Noc Egg, & Vista: Gossamer Flame! :D

*Day 4*

7 chests (5 coli - 3 redrock cove, 2 mire, 1 Swipp - orchids & books, 1 gathering) Obtained Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Glowing Globe, Serpentine Lamp, Noc Egg, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Masked Phantom, & Ball-jointed Bogsneak

*Day 5*

51 chests (47 coli - 25 mire, 4 kelp beds, 18 boreal woods, 4 Swipp - fish & staff) Obtained Snarling Mimic, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Living Sculpture, Bogsneak Puppet, Conjurer's Staff, Ghost Flame Cloak, Animated Statue, Glowing Globe, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Conjurer's Cloak, Animated Armor, Vista: Gossamer Flame, Noc Egg, Animated Statue, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Axe Mimic, Living Sculpture, Hibernal Starbear, Living Luminance, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Livewire Grizzly, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Serpentine Lamp, Slumbering Charlatan, Ghost Flame Cloak, Smoldering Sconce, Veiled Vision, Calculating Candleabra, Magic Mirror, Lavaborne Hoax, Enchanted Armaments, Sorcerous Arms, Slumbering Charlatan, Masked Phantom, Ensorcelled Volume, Masked Phantom, Crystal Carrier, Crooked Hatchet, Spellbound Tome, Smoldering Sconce, Spirit Armor, Ghost Flame Collar, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Noc Egg, Spellbound Tome, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Noc Egg, & Vulpine Lamp

*Day 6*

15 chests (11 coli - 6 boreal woods, 5 ghostlight ruins, 4 - gathering) Obtained Serpentine Lamp, Lavaborne Hoax, Ball-Jointed Bogsneak, Ensorcelled Volume, Bogsneak Puppet, Living Luminance, Living Sculpture, Calculating Candleabra, Living Luminance, Ectoplasmime, Living Luminance, Crooked Hatchet, Axe Mimic, Opposing Forces, & Ghost Flame Tail Jewel

*Day 7*

25 chests (25 coli - 21 ghostlight ruins, 4 rainsong jungle) Obtained Ensorcelled Volume, Thornthick Thief, Glowing Globe, Smokebillow Sham, Veiled Vision, Ghost Flame Collar, Conjurer's Herb Pouch, Calculating Candleabra, Unlikely Alliance, Conjurer's Staff, Sorcerous Arms, Painted Marionette, Calculating Candleabra, Smoldering Sconce, Opposing Forces, Magic Mirror, Livewire Grizzly, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Serpentine Lamp, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Glowing Globe, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Wooden Marionette, & Vulpine Lamp

*Day 8*

42 chests(6 Swipp - cuckoos & masks, 35 coli - 3 forgotten cave, 3 sandswept delta, 29 rainsong jungle, 1 Swipp - fish & staff) Obtained Living Luminance, Vista: Gossamer Flame, Axe Mimic, Spirit Armor, Animated Armor, Crystal Carrier, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Noc Egg, Orbiting Spirit, Conjurer's Herb Pouch, Axe Mimic, Unlikely Alliance, Conjurer's Herb Pouch, Crooked Hatchet, Animated Armor, Conjurer's Cloak, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Noc Egg, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Spirit Armor, Bogsneak Puppet, Calculating Candleabra, Conjurer's Staff, Serpentine Lamp, Crystal Carrier, Living Luminance, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Axe Mimic, Deadly Reflection, Conjurer's Staff, Veiled Vision, Serpentine Lamp, Sorcerous Arms, Fallbrush Fraud, Ghost Flame Collar, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Snarling Mimic, Spirit Armor, Painted Marionette, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Painted Marionette, & Axe Mimic

*Day 9*

85 chests (61 coli - 46 rainsong jungle, 1 scorched forest, 2 waterway, 12 redrock cove, 23 Swipp - flat fish & lenses, 1 gathering) Obtained Ghost Flame Candles, Ball-Jointed Bogsneak, Masked Phantom, Living Sculpture, Conjurer's Herb Pouch, Smoldering Sconce, Noc Egg, Crystal Carrier, Ghost Flame Candles, Noc Egg, Sundial Imposter, Opposing Forces, Animated Statue, Ghost Flame Candles, Glowing Globe, Animated Armor, Animated Statue, Opposing Forces, Ghost Flame Cloak, Noc Egg, Conjurer's Staff, Ball-Jointed Bogsneak, Smoldering Sconce, Timber Tender, Sorcerous Arms, Axe Mimic, Magic Mirror, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Conjurer's Staff, Jawlocker, Noc Egg, Masked Phantom, Lavaborne Hoax, Living Luminance, Hibernal Starbear, Animated Statue, Voltspire Intruder, Ghost Flame Collar, Crooked Hatchet, Conjurer's Herb Pouch, Veiled Vision, Calculating Candleabra, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Ghost Flame Collar, Deadly Reflection, Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Noc Egg, Enchanted Armaments, Polarfreeze Defender, Animated Armor, Glowing Globe, Smoldering Sconce, Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Veiled Vision, Noc Egg, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Noc Egg, Murktooth Bramblekeep, Ball-Jointed Bogsneak, Living Sculpture, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Spirit Armor, Cragbacked Bouldursa, Smoldering Sconce, Orbiting Spirit, Vulpine Lamp, Calculating Candleabra, Spirit Armor, Conjurer's Cobwebs, Sunsea Pseudo, Ghost Flame Collar, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Crooked Hatchet, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Conjurer's Herb Pouch, Noc Egg, Unlikely Alliance, Ectoplasmime, Crooked Hatchet, Spirit Armor, & Spirit Armor

*Day 10*

6 chests (1 Baldwin, 3 Swipp - orchids & books, 2 gathering) Obtained Sorcerous Arms, Masked Phantom, Conjurer's Cloak, Jawlocker, Veiled Vision, & Smoldering Sconce

*Day 11*

21 chests (1 Baldwin, 17 coli - 17 redrock cove, 1 gathering, 2 Swipp - fish & staff) Obtained Ball-Jointed Bogsneak, Cragbacked Bouldursa, Conjurer's Staff, Veiled Vision, Ensorcelled Volume, Animated Armor, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Animated Armor, Sundial Imposter, Snarling Mimic, Spellbound Tome, Conjurer's Staff, Crystal Carrier, Orbiting Spirit, Snarling Mimic, Veiled Vision, Ghost Flame Cloak, Animated Armor, & Bogsneak Puppet

*Day 12*

86 chests (35 coli - 4 redrock cove, 5 forgotten cave, 7 rainsong jungle, 19 sandswept delta, 50 Swipp - 31 rocks & puppets, 6 orchids & books, 13 chameleons & candles, 1 gathering) Obtained Ghost Flame Collar, Noc Scroll!, Snarling Mimic, Ghost Flame Collar, Orbiting Spirit, Thornthick Thief, Sorcerous Arms, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Vulpine Lamp, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Magic Mirror, Conjurer's Hat, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Noc Egg, Animated Statue, Crooked Hatchet, Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Vista: Gossamer Flame, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Vista: Gossamer Flame, Graveyard Guardian, Serpentine Lamp, Crooked Hatchet, Animated Armor, Vulpine Lamp, Conjurer's Cobwebs, Conjurer's Cloak, Ghost Flame Candles, Vista: Gossamer Flame, Ghost Flame Cloak, Veiled Vision, Noc Egg, Sunsea Pseudo, Sunsea Pseudo, Cloudkeeper Herald, Animated Armor, Noc Egg, Enchanted Armaments, Unlikely Alliance, Unlikely Alliance, Sorcerous Arms, Ghost Flame Collar, Noc Egg, Vulpine Lamp, Ghost Flame Candles, Ghost Flame Candles, Conjurer's Cobwebs, Orbiting Spirit, Axe Mimic, Crystal Carrier, Polarfreeze Defender, Ensorcelled Volume, Ghost Flame Candles, Enchanted Armaments, Bogsneak Puppet, Graveyard Guardian, Axe Mimic, Lavaborne Hoax, Thornthick Thief, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Unlikely Alliance, Calculating Candleabra, Conjurer's Staff, Animated Statue, Ghost Flame Cloak, Masked Phantom, Veiled Vision, Veiled Vision, Vulpine Lamp, Sorcerous Arms, Painted Marionette, Noc Egg, Glowing Globe, Bogsneak Puppet, Bogus Manamonger, Conjurer's Staff, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Spirit Armor, Noc Egg, Crooked Hatchet, Conjurer's Hat, Hibernal Starbear, & Smoldering Sconce

*Day 13*

1 chest (1 coli - forgotten cave) Obtained Noc Egg! :D

*Day 14*

11 chests (1 - Baldwin, 9 coli - 8 sandswept delta, 1 redrock cove, 1 - gathering) Obtained Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Conjurer's Staff, Painted Marionette, Ghost Flame Cloak, Living Sculpture, Veiled Vision, Calculating Candleabra, Animated Armor, Vista: Gossamer Flame, Smokebillow Sham, & Vista: Conjurer's Hat

*Overall: 425 chests opened.

Snarling Mimic
1 Ectoplasmime
Serpentine Lamp
Vulpine Lamp
Animated Armor
Spirit Armor
Glowing Globe
Living Luminance
Masked Phantom
1 Veiled Vision
Crystal Carrier
Orbiting Spirit
1 Enchaned Armaments
1 Sorcerous Arms
Ball-Jointed Bogsneak
Bogsneak Puppet
Calculating Candleabra
Smoldering Sconce
2 Axe Mimic
Crooked Hatchet
1 Unlikely Alliance
Opposing Forces
Animated Statue
Living Sculpture
Deadly Reflection
1 Magic Mirror
Wooden Marionette
1 Painted Marionette
Spellbound Tome
Ensorcelled Volume
Sunbeam Ursa
Sundial Imposter
Livewire Grizzly
Voltspire Intruder
1 Magma Embear
Lavaborne Hoax
Hibernal Starbear
Slumbering Charlatan
Graveyard Guardian
Fungusbearing Phony
Cragbacked Bouldursa
Jadecarved Decoy
Polarfreeze Defender
Bogus Manamonger
1 Murktooth Bramblekeep
Thornthick Thief
Cloudkeeper Herald
Smokebillow Sham
Wavebreak Snarler
Sunsea Pseudo
Timber Tender
Fallbrush Fraud
Vista: Conjurer's Hat
Vista: Gossamer Flame
2 Ghost Flame Candles
1 Ghost Flame Cloak
Ghost Flame Collar
Ghost Flame Headpiece
1 Ghost Flame Tail Jewel
Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon
Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon
Conjurer's Cloak
Conjurer's Cobwebs
Conjurer's Hat
Conjurer's Herb Pouch
Conjurer's Staff
Noc Eggs
Noc Scroll

(through day 1)

NotN Event 2017:

*Day 1*

1 chest (1 scavenging) Saved for Baldwin

*Day 2*

8 chests (3 - Swipp - 3 caterpillers & Hourglasses, 1 scavenging, 4 coli - 4 scorched forest) Saved 2 for Swipp. Obtained Poltergeist Pile, Ghost Flame Candles, Serthis Support, Time Devourer, Painted Marionette, & Axe Mimic

*Day 3*

14 chests (1 Swipp - 1 flat fish & lenses, 12 coli - 8 boreal woods, 4 crystal pools, 1 - savenging) Obtained Jolly Jester's Tail Bell, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Smoldering Sconce, Inquisitive Shroud, Jolly Jester's Gloves, Painted Marionette, Animated Armor, Ectoplasmime, Jolly Jester's Wing Cover, Transmuted Treasure, Living Luminance, Tert Gene: Smirch, Jolly Jester's Stockings, & Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon

*Day 4*

6 chests (6 Swipp - 6 cuckoos & masks) Opened Day 6

*Day 5*

4 chests (4 - gathering) Opened day 6

*Day 6*

22 chests (11 Swipp - 3 bugs & mirrors, 1 orchids & books, 7 cuckoos & masks, 10 Coli - 5 forgotten cave, 1 woodland path, 4 boreal woods, 1 gathering) Obtained Jolly Jester's Collar, Conjurer's Cloak, Painted Marionette, Jolly Jester's Cape, Veiled Vision, Serthis Support, Conjurer's Hat, Spidered Seat, Magic Mirror, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Noc egg, Glowing Globe, Colubrid Column, Serpentine Lamp, Glowing Globe, Jolly Jester's Collar, Tick-Tock, Glowing Globe, Vista: Jester, Living Luminance, Ghost Flame Collar, Noc egg, Noc egg, Ensorcelled Volume, Ghost Flame Collar, Ectoplasmime, Crystal Carrier, Time Devourer, Ghost Flame Tail Jewel, Curious Kettle, Antique Chair, & Vista: Jester

*Day 7*

14 chests (3 Swipp - 3 chameleons & candles, 10 coli - 1 arena, 9 harpy's roost, 1 scavenging) Obtained Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Poltergeist Pile, Bogsneak Puppet, Poltergeist Pile, Vista: Jester, Antique Chair, Crooked Hatchet, Ball-Jointed Bogsneak, Jolly Jester's Stockings, Time Devourer, Ravenous Cauldron, Jolly Jester's Cape, Magic Mirror, & Valorous Cape

*Day 8*

27 chests (13 Swipp - 4 caterpillars & hourglasses, 1 flat fish & lenses, 8 fish & staffs, 11 coli - 2 waterway, 9 scorched forest, 3 scavenging) Obtained Valorous Cape, Jolly Jester's Tail Bell, Living Luminance, Enchanted Armaments, Vista: Jester, Veiled Vision, Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Tick-Tock, Veiled Vision, Valorous Cape, Antique Chair, Tick-Tock, Curious Kettle, Jolly Jester's Cape, Spidered Seat, Living Luminance, Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon, Noc Egg, Crystal Carrier, Jolly Jester's Collar, Orbiting Spirit, Jolly Jester's Collar, Jolly Jester's Stockings, Glowing Globe, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Animated Armor, & Jawlocker

*Day 9*

8 chests (3 Swipp - 2 cuckoos & masks, 1 fish & staffs, 3 coli - 1 scorched forest, 3 sandswept delta, 2 scavenging) Obtained Crystal Carrier, Inquisitive Shroud, Jolly Jester's Wing Cover, Noc Egg, Conjurer's Cobwebs, Serthis Support, Tert Gene: Smirch, Tert Gene: Smirch

*Day 10*

28 chests (21 coli - 15 scorched forest, 6 woodland path, 5 Swipp - 5 - caterpillars & hourglasses, 2 scavenging) Obtained Snarling Mimic, Vista: Gossamer Flame, Vista: Conjurer's Hat, Transmuted Treasure, Jolly Jester's Gloves, Noc Egg, Serthis Support, Enchanted Armaments, Jolly Jester's Tail Bell, Noc Egg, Jolly Jester's Tail Bell, Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon, Crooked Hatchet, Glowing Globe, Jolly Jester's Stockings, Spidered Seat, Sorcerous Arms, Orbiting Spirit, Ravenous Cauldron, Crooked Hatchet, Vista: Jester, Breed Change: Noc, Poltergeist Pile, Conjurer's Staff, Serthis Support, Jolly Jester's Tail Bell, Valorous Cape, & Crystal Carrier

*Day 11*

11 chests (4 Swipp - 1 rocks & puppets, 2 chameleons & candles, 1 orchids & books, 7 coli - 4 harpy's roost, 3 woodland path) Obtained Jolly Jester's Cap, Jolly Jester's Cap, Breed Change: Noc, Glowing Globe, Breed Change: Noc, Valorous Cape, Vista: Gossamer Flame, Transmuted Treasure, Glowing Globe, Jolly Jester's Collar, & Tert Gene: Smirch

*Day 12*

17 chests (5 Swipp - 5 cuckoos & masks, 9 coli - 3 scorched forest, 1 woodland path, 5 crystal pools, 3 gathering) Obtained Vista: Jester, Sorcerous Arms, Ball-Jointed Bogsneak, Spidered Seat, Jolly Jester's Tail Bell, Colubrid Column, Conjurer's Cobwebs, Ravenous Cauldron, Glowing Globe, Wooden Marionette, Curious Kettle, Ensorcelled Volume, Conjurer's Staff, Ravenous Cauldron, Transmuted Treasure, Tert Gene: Smirch, & Vista: Jester

*Day 13*

8 chests (2 Swipp - 2 puppets & rocks, 4 coli - 4 woodland path, 2 scavenging) Obtained Snarling Mimic, Jolly Jester's Collar, Jolly Jester's Collar, Noc Egg, Jolly Jester's Gloves, Glowing Globe, Masked Phantom, & Poltergeist Pile

*Day 14*

7 chests (1 Swipp - 1 caterpillars & hourglasses, 4 coli - 4 scorched forest, 2 - scavenging) Obtained Spellbound Tome, Jolly Jester's Stockings, Ghost Flame Headpiece, Calculating Candelabra, Enchanted Armaments, Tick-Tock, & Tick-Tock

*Overall 175 chests opened.

Training Fields Familiars

Idea! ;D

Birthday Bog!

New Year Nocs!


2021 NOTN: 125 chests collected; 9 Noc eggs

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October 13, 2021 22:42:44
Coconut was on the front page! very nice
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ailith was on the front page!
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Ailith was on front page! She's beautiful! <3
May 31, 2021 18:05:37
Ailith was on the front page!
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Mistletoe is super cute and was on the front page!
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Soleil was on the front page! I adore the apparel selection you gave him to compliment his colors. Have a great day.
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Tera was the random dragon! She looks great :D
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Loa was on front page :) she is so pretty
October 20, 2017 04:02:32
Wow, your dragons are so pretty! That familiar count is honestly impressive. I love what you did with your clan info, it's very organised. I love Eros, he's beautiful
June 21, 2017 14:58:23
Oh goodness thank you!! Youre too kind.
March 01, 2017 14:59:14
Thank you! You have very beautiful dragons as well!
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