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-I'm on EST(+3 hrs server time) and nocturnal, I keep odd hours.-

No, I will not sell any of my "three-digit" dragons. Please, do not ask.

However, feel free to ask me about any unnamed dragons at the back of my lair in the main tab.

Multi-Gaze warning for this lair. I have a soft spot for multi-gaze dragons, so there's a fair few of them in here. If that's something that bothers you, stay out of the Abyss tabs.

-@D&D normally on Fridays now, I might be difficult to reach, I'll check any messages late in the day.-


You find your way to an oddly decorated lair, now found on the shores and reefs near the Shoredeep Presage. There within, a number of unusual dragons can be seen.

As you approach the mouth of the lair, you see an Obelisk, her coloration is odd, Moon Skink, Wine Bee, and with a Maize underbelly. Bright blue eyes look out from black sclera. A sharp pair of saber fangs hook over her lower lip.

The Obelisk's muzzle curves is a polite grin, {Welcome to my clan, I am Lunara.}

You stare in confusion at the Obelisk. You swear you heard an odd beastclan member was said to run it along side a tundra and fae?

She giggles softly at your confusion, {You are confused I take it?} She smiles at you. {Wondering where the beastclan member is?}

You nod, perplexed, it was an odd clan, but the fact it worked for as long as it had left you wanting to examine it a bit closer. You ask about the rumor, and are surprised by amused expression the Obelisk displayed.

{Would you believe me if I told you you were looking at her?} She radiates calm contentment, it seems the Obelisk is enjoying your confusion. {Magic is a funny thing.} She says; and then with a cackle, whirling shadows and glimmers of light, the Obelisk is gone.

How- how is that possible? No water dragon should be able to do that, no dragon should be able to use other elements. What just-

The soft plodding steps of a Tundra reach your hearing, breaking you from your confusion as you turn around. A Navy and Ice colored ball of fluff approaches you, a much smaller Chocolate and Navy Fay perched on her back.

A bark of a laugh escapes the Tundra at your poleaxed expression, [You meet the Clan Leader I take it?] You nod, a touch hesitantly, and explain the rumor you chased to the clan. Both dragons nod, [Our leader is strange, I'm not sure she was ever really a member of the beastclans, or something else.] With a huff, she smiles, [Regardless, she has been kind, and her care for the whole clan is plain to see for how hard she works to keep us happy and loved.]

Wings flair as the Fae takes flight, hovering near enough to be heard. <Lady Lunara is an interesting soul.> His headfins flap in a series of patterns, and a low hum leaves his tiny chest. <We have existed on Sornieth for a long, long time now.> Dark blue eyes flash at you as he wings back to the Tundra, his mate, <Kindness given where others might not, all to see a smile on the recipient's face.> The pair head off, back into the depths of the sea-side caves. They stop at the mouth of the cave, and turn, the pair leave you with some parting words. <[Sometimes, all one needs is a little kindness, but one should also know when tooth and fang are needed in kind.]>

Curious words, curious words indeed.


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September 20, 2022 21:59:48
EEP, thank you so much for the egg update! ^^ Your egg luck is spectacular :D
September 17, 2022 13:22:16
Clotho was on the front page, gorgeous colors!
Jeevas said
August 20, 2022 15:34:23
Three eggs!
Torrie said
August 11, 2022 10:09:35
2 eggs :) Your abbys are beautiful by the way!
Zuriel said
August 09, 2022 13:28:40
3 eggs for your fire nest!
sgerj said
July 19, 2022 01:57:04
The faes have 4 eggs and the veils have 2!
Marine said
June 19, 2022 19:25:00
Peeking in to say-- you'll have your nests hatched at rollover. There was a power outage where I live this past week so I missed a day of incubation, sorry about that!
Marine said
June 14, 2022 21:00:57
Aaaand the second pair gave 3 eggs! :)
Marine said
June 14, 2022 20:58:38
Your funky Plague birds gave me 4 eggs!
May 16, 2022 20:45:29
2 eggs for the fae and 4 for the veils! :)
Theron said
April 17, 2022 05:38:44
3 eggs!
Valanice said
April 16, 2022 15:23:20
three eggs :3
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