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Cockatrice Crag, a terrifying peak hewn in the jagged image of its fearsome namesake, looms in the smoky skyline near the Great Furnace. Long ago this active volcano was home only to monsters, strange, ancient magics, and tales of adventurers that would never return. Now it is inhabited by a bustling clan of dragons who serve the Flamecaller. Passionate, eccentric, and powerful, they are an enterprising group. They are an ancient order and have among their number some of the most talented and strangest dragons in all of Sornieth.

Matriarch Agave has long ruled over the clan, surviving a great number of hardships and taking her people from a small, impoverished group of misfits to one of the most respected clans in all of the Fire elemental realms.
I don't really play anymore but I might come back eventually. Not a lot of time w/my career but it might change if I transfer. Best way to reach me is still a message here.
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Cockatrice Crag follows the theme of an adventurer's dungeon crawl being made in to a home using game tropes.

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Dragon Bio Emoji Key:
- Non-common eyes
- Triple
- XYZ Eyeburner
- First dragon of that color combo on the site
- First Gen
- On a coliseum team

Non-Standard Lair Achievements:
Played 7 years!
Produced first triple carrot on the site!
Produced 16th triple fire.
Placed in three skin/accent festival contests.
Height of eyeburner collection: 113 combos of XYZ, 4 first gens.
Height of pre-vial primordial eye collection: 10 dragons
Pre-vial release rare eye count: 1 primordial (scatter,) 3 primordial (hatch,) 9 multi-gaze (hatch,) 11 facet (hatch,) 7 goat (hatch)
Oldest dragon: 34850 born 06/14/13
Home of the Fire Flight subspecies Flamecaller Effigy and the Fire Opal

Leisurely pace player:
05/28/21 nest count: 1722
05/28/21 hatch count: 4548
05/28/21 dragons exalted: 3996
05/28/21 total treasure earned count: 76054188


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Lair and Commerce:

The lair began as an adventurer's dungeon, built in to the meaty side of an active volcano directly neighboring the Great Furnace known as the Cockatrice Crag. It was originally carved out by a forgotten clade of mages with something to hide and populated with long-lived monsters, all of them protecting a now long-since defunct magical artifact. The industrious clan struck a deal with the dungeon's new Boss monster after an uprising in their isolated community. Then began the ever-ongoing process of carving out the labrynth in to a home, re-purposing the rooms and halls of the dungeon and expanding on them. Each dragon is allowed to sculpt their living spaces, and they all work together to maintain common areas.
The Grand Entryway is large enough to allow easy passage for the largest of the clan, the yawning doorway stationed with two Guardian constructs and every inch of its border intricately carved with fierce looking coatls, serpents, and cockatrice. This feeds right in to Cauldron Hall, a vast space from which all other floors or halls can be reached by flight or stairs. All communal rooms of any sort originate from here. The hall itself is well-kept and sometimes open to visitors with stalls set up, or as a ball room for dance. There are no windows, but it glows brilliantly with the light from heat veins snaking through the rock and glowing gems used to forge the chandeliers and false wall torches.
The Forge is the single largest workshop, technically at basement level, stationed right beneath Cauldron Hall. The forges run from the immense energy and heat of molten rock, cared for with numerous vents and chimneys that snake up through the entire complex. The heat is, of course, sweltering. Most dragons in the clan work here, and there is an immense amount of talent toiling among them, from famous weapon and armor makers to those that practice obscure arts. Most of the clan's revenue comes from the efforts of the Forge.
Contrary to popular belief about Fire dragons however, the clan works with more than just metal, and has a variety of products. If you can think of an art or raw material, someone among them makes it. Paper, pigments, paints, brushes, scents, waxes, candles, beads, instruments, cut gems, clothing, jewelry, pottery and clay, all are produced from a variety of workshops on higher floors. Scholars, bards, mages and scientists also toil within, and many also produce more than just plates and literature. Raw chemical catalysts, transmuted materials, rare plant cultivars, and vitamin supplements are also produced by the clan. A great deal of entertainers also live here, as well as a few more dangerous individuals. While much of their work goes directly to the Great Furnace they serve all flights and are especially busy around festivals. Those who do not craft tend to serve as farmers for the clan or as security as one of the various types of knights.

The Clan:

The clan was founded by Matriarch Agave in the lands of Wind. During their time there, they were always of humble size. Eventually, Agave heard Fire's Call, and she answered. Many of the original Clan did not follow, their hearts still with the Windsinger, but those that did follow Agave to the Ashfall Wastes found plentiful opportunity... though not right away.

Hardship preceded thriving. The first lair was a mere hovel carved on the edge of the territory with nothing but mind for the necessity of shelter. Resources were plentiful but competition for space fierce, and unwilling to let each other go, they moved deeper in to the dangerous lands of Fire. Along their way, they attracted many stragglers in need of help. Agave's motley group became something of a safe haven, especially for women and those of estranged birth. Their bonds were soon very strong, forged by supporting each other in their recovery and giving one another the fiund family they needed. Not as temperamental or war-like as many neighboring clans thanks to their Wind roots, they found their niche and flourished.

It should come as no surprise that they would be the ones capable of finally brokering peace with the monsters of Cockatrice Crag. Rather than insisting on purging them like so many failed attempts by other clans before, they merged together, becoming a part of clan life and being welcomed completely. This victory sky rocketed the clan to a position of prestige and power nearly overnight.

The clan symbolizes itself with the Cockatrice, an intelligent hybrid misfit of great strength and rage. It represents their home, their beauty, and their potential for all things passion, change and destruction.


The clan is friendly and open, treating other flights, clans and species as allies before enemies rather than the reverse commonly expected of them. Their Wind roots show in their hospitality and the worldly travel their goods make. Make no mistake, however: they are a Fire clan through and through, powerful and intense, and just as flame they can destroy as easily as they create. They are loyal to Flamecaller and worked hard to earn their place by her side. They always put their kin before others when necessary.

tumblr_inline_o20suqsi3A1qhoueb_540.pngBeast Clan Relations
Home to many dragons with a share of monster blood, including those from the species that compose the beast clan forces, the clan has a large tolerance and maintains strictly enforced peace on their land. While welcoming at first approach, dragon clans showing themselves thirsty for monster blood and warfare with beast clan are quickly turned away, and relations cool considerably. Kin are still more important than outsiders, and in many ways, beast races are kin to this melting pot family. Mixed blood dragons can find safety and sanctuary in Cockatrice Crag.

Fire Flight's eruption-marked land is relatively uncontested territory on the interior, not fit for most other creatures. Dragons are the only suitable species to carpet it in any type of mass, depriving no one of anything. Flamecaller and her forces are largely unconcerned with the beast races and their push-and-shove with other flights, and Fire's colonization left native populations largely intact and untouched, which is how She wishes it to remain. Petty land and resource squabbles rank low on cares. The clan holds this approach in high regard. They will not pretend to be pacifists in the face of direct aggression, as peace for their extended family is more important than peace for beast races to them, but they will refuse to participate in first blows and actively prevent them happening at the hands of other dragons under their hospitality.

The clan's home is large and their bounties are many. Their loyalty to their deity is also strong. As such, they act as a mid-house for warriors of Flamecaller, housing and feeding them as they move to the front of battle. These dragons are often on their way to joining ranks from many Flights, after all, and could use a good rest. When Fire pushes for Dominance, this is when they tend to the most troops. Flamecaller rewards them for the use of their much needed larders and beds.

Being so near the Great Furnace, many of the Clan's young leave home to serve Flamecaller early in their life. These young ones grow with their parents until they are sent for by their deity, when they then leave home. They are rewarded with high quality education, becoming students and apprentices to the dragons that have long worked in the Great Furnace. They will grow up to be the most skilled craftsmen and warriors, an immense honor. Occasionally, an adult member of the clan decides to make this journey later in life.

Site lore I reject: If it makes it sound like the entire species has only one personality, I ignore it. Which is sadly a LOT of FR lore.




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