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Hey, life's really busy right now.. School's been very hard. I'll probably only be on to feed my dragons for a couple weeks? And art and other things will take a longer while, i'm sorry. Things will go back to normal eventually though!! Thanks for visiting the clan uwu
-Blaze bird
Here are all the accents that i've made!

if you wish to have one or see one fully, pm me~!
Current stock for both: All out!

Main Lore: Homecloud
Setting foot on the Zephyr Steppes, you look up. The clouds were heavy, however, you could still see the sun behind them. The wind was soft and cool. You felt like flying today.

Taking a breath, You extend your wings, and with a leap, you're off in the sky. It felt good, the air going against your scales. You keep going higher and higher, and you don't intend to stop.

The clouds were seemingly coming closer.

Finally, with a final mighty flap of your wings, you pierce the clouds. You look at this scenery, the land above the clouds. The sun was shining brightly, the clouds shimmering in it's glory.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see a strange looking cloud. It looked a bit more.. Solid.. than the others.. Curious, you swoop towards the cloud.

Getting closer, you notice little.. buildings? You near closer and closer.. seeing more than just buildings. You see sculptures, plants, farms, Golden Gates surrounding the whole cloud, and most importantly,

Flying to what seemed to be the start of the gates, you touch a claw to the cloud. It was fluffy, like cotton balls, but solid. Now being sure, you land on the cloud. These gates were locked, but you could easily pick the lock with your claw, or fly over it.

Before you could complete your thoughts, A door of a building nearby swung open. Two hatchlings dashed out, their little wings flapping and big smiles on their faces. They looked like they were heading for the entrance of the gate.

"Mother, Mother! Someone's here!" The lighter one called.

Before the one called Mother could arrive, the two reached the gate and sat down, eagerly staring at you with their tails wagging like mad. They hadn't said anything to you, only looked at you, then each other, then behind them, and back at you.

Finally, the darker one spoke, "We need Mother to open the gate for you! She's the only one who can!"

These snappers were quite energetic.

Only a few seconds later, the lighter one sighed and ran off. "Miniwing? Where are you going?" the darker one shouted after her. She had ran behind a building, out of sight. "She's weird sometimes," he shrugged.

Even though you still had no idea what was going on, you waited.

A bit later, you heard the sound of a door opening. Out came Miniwing, dragging another Snapper dragon by the wing that was much bigger than her. "Alright, i'm awake," the large snapper mumbled. She stood up, trudging with her eyes closed.

She had bumped into a few buildings first. After getting tired of bumping into stuff, she opened her eyes. Looking around, she finally spotted you. With shock, she dashed towards the gate. "Gosh i'm so sorry, I hadn't known you were here!" Focusing her sight on the lock,
It popped off, without her even touching it. The gates creaked open. The hatchlings rushed towards you and inspected, circling around you as they admired how great you'd look.

The large snapper sat in front of you, Her white eyes gleaming with the sunlight.

"Welcome to Clan Persona."

Sub Lore: BCloud
The number of dragons in Clan Persona was rapidly increasing. Mother was proud, yes, but there was a problem.

"We seem to be running out of space," The snapper spoke. Homecloud was very, very large, and there were Subclouds around for even more space. There was more than one, although it was just getting too packed. Mainly, for the bigger breeds.

"Ideally, I suppose we'd just have Minitail make another cloud, but I don't think that will cut it, exactly... the Imperials, Zenith, Dust, Smokey, Pit and Kanye. They are here as well, and it just seems unfair. They need more land to thrive in. Bigger breeds, they all need more land. And of course, we can't exactly make a super big cloud in the sky, that would block out the sun to those below, and displease them. We must come up with another idea to please all breeds in Clan Persona."

And so, a new cloud was made. This one, however, was different.

The members of the clan had searched. Searched for unclaimed land, not far from Wind Flight. Many weeks of searching, one was found.

A large, lush field of land, one with fair plants to eat and a fresh stream of water. An island, unclaimed, would now be Clan Persona's.

A thin layer of cloud was spread onto the land. Barriers, pillars and workings were made insuring safety. It was perfect, large enough for Imperials, and if it was large for Imperials, it was large for any other breed.

This land was called BCloud. Meaning Below Cloud, as Homecloud was moved not far from it. There was even a cloud on BCloud that would carry dragons back to Homecloud. ...There were a lot of clouds.

The land was massive, and that pleased all dragons of the clan. In fact, it was so large that when events or games were to be held, it would be held on BCloud. Some dragons of normal size go down to BCloud just because of how nice it is, some even moved from Homecloud to BCloud, and of course, the larger breeds don't mind.

Columns, ribbons, decorations were made.
With both Homecloud and BCloud, there was more space than ever before.

Everyone remained happy. Even happier than before.

Mini Lore: Sailing Ship


If you're confused about the above, this is Clan Persona, and we live up in the clouds. Why? because it's cool u meme Miniwing and Minitail had made the cloud themselves for the clan. It was a way to not worry about attacks, or other angry dragons. To just relax and have fun! Dragons who happen to fly so high get to see this cloud.
And of course, there's also BCloud, being the cloud below Homecloud. BCloud is home to the bigger breeds, but sometimes the smaller ones go down to enjoy as well! The clan is always accepting new members.

Important Stuff
Yaiya123sss is my older sister. We share the same IP. Please don't ban us for multiaccounting!

Also, sometimes I use my laptop for FR, sometimes my iPad.

Thank you.

If you could help TheBestiary with her wishlist then that would be wonderful and I will dub you as supreme meme lord of 2k15

"fite me rn"-Mother

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September 17, 2020 15:28:49
I see that you've been online, I please send me the gems back that I sent you in 2015 for space prince.
November 30, 2018 23:11:58
Please send me the 850 gems back for space prince since you are not going to print it.
September 22, 2017 18:36:41
June 30, 2017 13:33:35
rip mother 2017
March 22, 2017 19:27:27
still waiting on either a copy of Chained Spirit or a refund if you ever log in again.. x_x
September 05, 2016 15:40:19
Miniwing is so adorable! She seems to be a Little, literally ouo
July 30, 2016 20:34:42

Dank Meme!
June 15, 2016 19:30:21
Hey friend, still waiting on a copy for Space Prince. Please let me know when you log back in if people who pre-paid will receive their copies or not.
April 19, 2016 04:30:18
if you have Chained Spirit reprinted keep a copy for me please :)
December 06, 2015 11:05:27
Is there any chance we will see the Space Prince printed?
November 15, 2015 10:22:27
I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I ADORE Chained Spirit. I just picked up a copy from the AH and cannot go over how perfect it is. Thank you for creating it!
October 26, 2015 03:49:45
dont be inactive!
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