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Ancient Lair
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Clan Info


Welcome to Clan _______. (Yes, it's called _______. You pronounce it by saying Clan and then staring intensely at the person you're talking to for a few seconds.)

The stretch of ocean between the Icefield and the Isles is long, and those attempting the flight need to rest during the trip or risk plummeting into the waves below. This is where Clan _______ steps in; having set up a series of outposts throughout the archipelago where travellers can rest their weary wings. Those looking for a more comfortable place to stay the night are advised to head to the heart of the clan instead.

Said heart is a settlement situated on an island made of the same rocks as the Crystalspine Reaches, and the previously run-down and abandoned structures that were once there have been repaired and built up around a veritable fortress, carved into the crystal of the island itself. All of this is precariously built upon a particularly rich deposit of arcane-infused crystals, which serve a variety of magical purposes and are particularly prone to blowing up.

And what was once a ragtag collection of dragons has grown into an "organized" and prosperous hub of activity. Foreign dragons constantly visit to purchase magical goods, and the clan's permanent residents spend significant time goofing off researching the next major breakthrough in arcane magics.

While the clan's residents try to stay out of foreign politics, many of them aren't the sort to just sit around while the Shade or anything of the sort wreaks havoc. And now that some ancient texts holding long-forgotten research on the Shade have been discovered in the depths of the fortress, they're starting to think that it's their clan that will have to be the first to really start doing anything about it.
Clan Notice Board

Visitors: The tavern is the second door on the left. You may also inquire about temporary room and board there.

This lair is a mutation and eldritch abomination-free zone. Please report any extra eyes and teeth to Bozatrox so that they can be removed and checked for Shade influence. (Not that anyone's grown any yet, but it doesn't hurt to play it safe.)

Do not open any doors marked "Do not open." This should be obvious, but apparently some of you needed a reminder anyways.

The west hall is currently closed due to a temporal anomaly. Technically, it is safe to enter, but if you have ever been there in the past, you may find yourself appearing there and then returning to where you were a few minutes later until it's been dealt with.

In case of pirates, please fire the giant cannon at them. And don't invite them to stop by for lunch. It wasn't funny the first time, and it wasn't funny the last twelve times either.

Until we figure out where it leads to, please do not use the portal in the basement as a garbage dump. We'd rather not make enemies with any extra-dimensional beings. Or have them throw their garbage at us.
[You see a message added on by an unknown dragon: "I wouldn't mind studying that, actually."]
Lore Thread
Somebody yell at me to work on my dragon's bios. They're always under construction, so even if one looks finished, I still have more to add.
Old super ultra mega fantastic signature art by Taneenah
The new one's by DoodleStrudel.
If for some reason you want me to breed a specific two of my dragons, I take requests. You don't even have to want the hatchlings, just because is good enough.
All letters should be addressed to "Clan of the Far-Flung Fortress", as the couriers refuse to acknowledge a blank space as a valid mailing address.
Dragon Share posts with lore
It's Dangerous to go Alone (was featured!)
The Next Generation
Night of the Nocturne: Invasion (was featured!)
The Ancient One
Night of the Nocturne: Trickster
Bios Written for Others:
Seraphina-Vespera-Myrtle-Nanshe-Universa-Astraea-Ayrveti-Viper (only the story)-Pachetonas-Cordelie-Rainsong-Scorched-Eliza-Cove-Grove-Praline-Ferayx-Magellan-Nerodia-Slackby (one section)-Harteri-Meraki-Elapidae-Pan


Scrolled all the way down here, huh? I bet someone like you likes pressing the Tab key to search for things. Or perhaps you're the sort who likes highlighting invisible text.

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April 17, 2024 01:18:18
Courante was on the front page and looks great!
March 04, 2024 14:32:02
Spotted Invernale on a dragon share thread, she is so charming and I love her apparel! Kushiel is also incredibly stylish. You have an eye for good skin-apparel combos :) (Also Aranwen's bio relations sidebar made me chuckle)
February 17, 2024 17:40:24
Sorry! I think I may have accidentally invited the pirates here for lunch once.
February 02, 2024 01:21:58
Solace is so well dressed. She's so awesome and so cool
January 24, 2024 02:57:19
Romerio is love, Romerio is life
January 19, 2024 13:17:03
I would die for Romerio
December 04, 2023 09:12:31
Tell yen I say thanks for the candle :)
November 10, 2023 11:21:37
Aaaa thank you!! I’ve really enjoyed reading your star station stories too! I loved the latest one, with the tomato thief hehe. Tide and Phidi are so fun to read!
September 09, 2023 07:30:08
you have so many cool dragons! i love ur lore and your writing style, also BLASEBALL FANDRAGON!! i never expected to see one but i love math dearly
August 31, 2023 02:45:54
Reading the first line of your clan info and very briefly skimming Midboss and Victor's lore (because I am tired and have too much yet to do tonight) I absolutely love your sense of humor. X3 Want an invite if I do a writing challenge? I was thinking about making one in October or something.
August 20, 2023 23:54:36
You described one of my dergs as “incredibly orange” and it was for some reason unbelievably funny to me, thank you!
August 16, 2023 21:44:49
I just read through all 125 pages of Silas's lore and some of your dragons' bios. I'm super impressed with how detailed everything is and I find the story you're telling fascinating! Have you heard of a user called Grocery Store? Because your lore reminds me of theirs. I can tell you've spent a lot of time working on this. I love all the art your dragons have in their bios, and I'm super impressed by the not-Silas gif bio.
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