Level 1 Coatl
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Male Coatl
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style


Aged Book Collection
Orange Tabby
Golden Seraph Headpiece
Flaxen Unicorn Mane
Guinea Pig
Gold Glasses
Daybreak Decorations
White Aviator Scarf
Luminous Halo
Resplendent Ring
Wind Tome
Resplendent Tailcoat
Golden Seraph Armpiece
Resplendent Waistcoat
Classy Dress Shirt
Resplendent Pants
Resplendent Spats
Resplendent Tail Spat
Cloudy Feathered Wings



Scene: Lightweaver's Domain


7.83 m
10.19 m
1047.99 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jun 15, 2020
(3 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 1 Coatl
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


born Israfil
The Conductor of Secrets

A Tale of Musical Misfortune

I shuffle about my little room in the archives, whistling as I work. Everything seems to be fine today. The pale morning light dances through the lovely green silken curtains, turning the dust motes in the air to a pale sage color. Yes, there's dust, but nothing like cobwebs. Just and old, faded room in a place I call home. I set down my cup of tea, pausing my whistling to listen to the music box on the little table in front of my chair. I don't remember opening it, but I must have... right?

I shake my head, lifting the cup to my lips as I hum instead, smiling down at the list in my talons. Right. The Wanderers and our collectables. I may collect music myself, but I've amassed more than enough, and my fellow Wanderers always seem to want more. From little crystals and pens to... well. I guess I'm not surprised my own mentor, Razael, is a lover of anything that chirps and squawks. But to have every known avian species on his list... Well. It keeps me busy most of the time.

"... hear me...?!"

I pause my reading, setting the scroll down as I look about. What was that? The wind? Sure enough, it rustles the curtains covering the window, gentle and calm. Right. It's just the wind. I get up, closing the window before the breeze can become a maelstrom. Noting the clouds outside, I take an extra precaution and latch it shut before moving more of my dusty pieces of music away from the window. Just in case. When I'm done, I settle back in my seat, picking up my mug of cocoa as I reach once more for something to read. A book is always nice when it's stormy out, even if it hasn't begun just yet, and the light of my lantern is still strong. Perhaps the music box will outlast the storm.

"... need to respond, dear...!"

I stop, my feathered crest lifting. Just the wind outside, right? I lean back, turning away from the sheet music I'd just started reaching towards as I listen closely to the storm outside. It's quite a volatile one. Did someone invoke the Stormcatcher's wrath? Perhaps one of his more devout followers in the Archives decided to take a break? Or perhaps it's Haruka, upset at someone for insulting her Wildclaw partner.

I shake my head, turning back to my cup of lemonade as I shrug my shoulders. Sanja. Specialist of any type of dream magic, both in legend and in practice. An asset to the Wanderers of the Archives, and a patient teacher. It'd not surprise me if she was on her way to check on Haruka now, to calm her before the storm got worse. That Coatl may be a Waterflight dragon, but she knew how to bring in the thunder. Best to calm her now before she destroys that new roof. I take a sip of my coffee as I squint at the old ledger to check on that collectable's list, despite the dim light of my lantern. The slowing music box is starting to sound irritating to me-

"... Israfel, please...!"

I drop the cup, hearing it shatter on the hardwood floor. That... was no wind. That was a voice. I feel my feathers ruffle as I look down at the ledger, spotting one of my old ciphers. Or, well, one of Razael's. He was always fond of puzzles-wait. That voice... had it been Razael? What was he saying? I look around in the dark room, the lantern on the wall flickering faintly. The wind outside has died, leaving behind what I can only assume to be the darkness of night. I turn from the forest green curtains, trying to ignore how slow those music box notes have become as I squint at the cipher again. Slowly, I begin to chirp the code out, translating it easily in my head as I go.

"... Wake up..."

I frown. Wake up? Am I asleep? I sigh, setting it back down. I should probably sleep. It's dark out, after all, and- I cut myself short at that, talons holding the glass door to the lantern open for me to blow the flame out. Dark out. It's dark outside, like night, and yet moments before it was like I was standing in the middle of a maelstrom. And... before that, it was a clear sunny day. I look to the cup on the table as I recall that it had once been tea, and other things besides. And moments before, it was shattered on the ground! How is that cup in one piece on the table? And the lantern, and the music box...

"... Stay with me...!"

I feel my feathers puff out completely. That's Razael, and he sounds distant. I look to the lantern, then back to the music box. The only true constants here besides myself. It's like a puzzle, but... what answer is right? I go to blow out the lantern light, only to feel a shiver up my spine. Slowly, gently, I close the glass instead, turning the knob on the side to give it more oil to burn. As it glows brighter, I begin to head to the music box, which has nearly stopped.

"... we go...! That's it...! Let's get this magic to work with me...!"

I take the lantern with me, sitting beside the music box. I can't even see the edges of the room as I sit down on the floor. Uncharacteristic of me, but I can't even see a chair anymore. Just the lantern on my tail, the table with the box, and the music box itself. Slowly I pick it up, turning it over in my claws as I try to find the key to the device. Perhaps if I wind it again... I barely manage to catch the lid as it nearly falls shut, thankfully caught on one of my talons. I can almost feel my world lurch at that movement.

"...No...! Don't you slip away...!"

I take a few moments to steady myself before slowly opening the lid again. I know it's supposed to be heavy, and yet I can't feel a thing where it hit. No broken bones, no bruises... nothing. I feel numb... and cold. That isn't right. I know it isn't. My search becomes frantic as I make sure the lid stays open, hoping each little ping isn't the last that comes from the box. It's so slow now... There! I take the key, turning the music box to face away from me. Gently, I slide the key where it belongs, take a deep breath, and crank it.

"... Coming back...!"

With each crank, I can hear that voice coming closer. I don't know what this is, or what's happening, but I do know I need to keep winding it up. I twist and I twist, slowly regaining more with each turn. With one, I feel warmer. With another, I feel other sensations, like grass around me, and something... wet. Like a puddle. Another turn of the key brings other sounds, a ringing in my ears. I can almost feel my talons cramping as I work, aches slowly forming on my body. Finally, I hear a faint click, and my world goes dark.

"... Thank the Eleven...! The Beast is strong, but it seems Raphael's lessons are stronger...!"

I may not understand his words, but something tells me I'll be alright. Despite the pain in my side, the puddle beneath me, and the strain I feel with every breath, my mentor Razael will make sure I wake once more. Perhaps then I'll figure out what that lantern and music box were... and if I truly did the right thing when I kept them running. Until then... I should rest.


Here there be art

Cherub, Morph, Capsule, and Innocent on 06/21/2020
Hit Level 25 on ??/??/????


You wander about the rather clean den, recalling how you were told to make yourself at home. The Coatl said he was off to make some tea and cakes, that it wouldn't be long. You don't mind. You have the time to waste, after all. However, one thing confounds you. Every written piece seems to be musical. Not just actual pieces of music, no. Books, letters, everything is written with notes and rests. Even little snippets he's seemingly left form himself is written that way. It's then that one note catches your eye, one seemingly concluded. There, in the center, is the universal Morse Code symbols for S. O. S. Musical Morse Code! Sure enough, the letters and papers about you, even the books, are in that same set of rests and staccatos. Feeling quite lucky you'd borrowed a book on Morse Code for a project, and luckier still that the Coatl's taking so long to make your treats, you decide to snoop. You begin translating a list of collectibles recorded for an overall group known as "The Wanderers" as he cooks. The header says "Listed here are the collectibles of the Wanderers on the Wing. If any of these are found on hunts, Coliseum runs, or other means, send them to Israfel so they may be shipped to their respective collectors. Thank you. -Grace" You don't know who she is, but you do know that there's a lot of things listed below. This is going to take a while
"It is requested that the following items are sent to their collectors live, as they plan to care for them as if they were familiars and not food. Please do not send parts or cooked iterations of the following collectibles. Thank you."

Amelanistic Racer Amethyst Striker Ashfall Bat Banded Rattlesnake Bar-Headed Goose Black Capped Budgie Black Capped Chickadee Black Masked Lovebird Black Orpington Black Swan Bleeding Heart Crow Blue Racer Blue Throated Budgie Blue-footed Gull Blue-Throated Hummingbird Bluebite Rattler Bobwhite Quail Bog Canary Brent Goose Brown Bat Brown Pelican Coiled Burnserpent Common Sparrow Coral Grouse Coral Snake Crow Cuckoo Cursed Batling Cyan Cockatoo Dappled Clucker Deepdiver Penguin Drifting Duck Dusk Orpington Dust Slither Dustwing Hummingbird Emerald Ratsnake Emerald Striker Emperor Penguin False-Peacock Quail Flecked Bushrunner Forestpath Rooster Game Fowl Golden-Laced Rooster Greyback Sparrow Grouse Hooded Hen Ire Tweet Jade Peacock Java Sparrow Leucistic Crow Lovebird Magpie Mallard Mute Swan Nightwing Bat Oasis Songbird Olive Sea Snake Omen Seeker Onyx Cobra Opal Cobra Plague Bat Red Frosted Canary Red-Breasted Goose Red-Crested Tweeter Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Runic Batling Sakura Owlet Silver-Laced Rooster Southern Gull Spectral Bat Spot-billed Pelican Springfoot Poult Squall Seeker Sublime Peacock Sunspot Sparrow Sweet Songbird Tattertail Chick Tolbunt Rooster Trumpeter Swan Valley Quail Vampire Bat White-Eared Hummingbird Wildwood Owlet Wood Duck Writhing Treesnake Yellow Canary Zephyr Sparrow
"Please note the following materials are not edible. Raphael will have a field day with anyone who attempts to eat the following before they are sent to their respective collectors through Israfel. No, not even the paint used by the brushes is edible. Don't try it. Thank you."

Aged Tome Battered Book of Fables Bilworper Pinion Coral Basilisk Field Notes Curious Paintbrush Encapsulated Mist Grouse Basilisk Field Notes Intact Clay Relief Intact Parchment Intact Stone Relief Tattered Parchment Vision Orb
"The following objects are somehow different from the previous list, as they are not organic or dragonmade. This does not mean they are magically more edible than the last list. Please do not overwork Raphael. Thank you."

Crumbling Relief Scroll Case Battered Scroll Case Silver Pocketwatch Copper Pocketwatch Emerald Ring Half-Moon Spectacles Shattered Reading Spectacles Empty Inkwell Forgotten Poet's Tools Used Cartography Ink Chimera Relic Nickel Cat Figurine Phytocat Toy Aviar Fragment Aviar Cave Painting Decorative Rasa Shard Rasa Pottery Fragment Multi-Lens Magnifier Night Flame Owlcat Journal Forest Field Guide Hourglass Weathered Grimoire Tallow Candle Tales of Terror Scary Storybook Enchanted Candle Handful of Sprockets Iron Gear Copper Gear Stardust Sap Lamp Antique Oil Lamp Historical Text Long Form Poetry Florist's Satchel Herbalist's Satchel Toridae Mythology Book of Urban Legends Lost Lute Storyteller's Strings Balanced Walking Sticks Polished Walking Sticks Menacing Idol Infinity Glove Lurching Tome Book of Eldritch Horror
"Please note the following deity-based objects are collected for avid followers of the Eleven. Since there are many who consider joining the Wanderers that wish to pay even a little respect to these deities, these objects are to be held by Israfel until asked for by respective Wandering Leaders to be given to said followers. This includes hatchlings! Thank you."

Smoldering Flamecaller Puppet Heavy Earthshaker Idol Playful Windsinger Puppet Furry Icewarden Puppet Rotting Plaguebringer Effigy Lost Gladekeeper Sackdoll Soft Lightweaver Idol Charged Stormcatcher Sackdoll Faded Shadowbinder Effigy Sopping Tidelord Sackdoll Exotic Arcanist Idol
Arcanist Meteorite Miniature Earthshaker Stone Statue Flamecaller Terracotta Figure Gladekeeper Topiary Cutting Icewarden Ice Sculpture Lightweaver Marble Bust Plaguebringer Bone Scrimshaw Shadowbinder Onyx Idol Stormcatcher Scrap Metal Welding Tidelord Seashell Decoration Windsinger Painted Vase
"The following remnants are to be sent immediately to Razael, as this is a coded piece of history he wishes to uncover. He is the Keeper of Secrets after all. All help is welcome. Send notes with these scraps if anything is decoded. The events for these remnants may have passed, but he collects them all the same. Thank you."

Incomprehensible Scribblings Indecipherable Textscroll Illegible Paragraph Scrawled Muddy Parchment Strange Runic Letter Ambiguous Document Strange-smelling Vellum Unfathomable Runic Text Ambiguous Scriptscratches Cryptic Fungal Textscroll Incomprehensible Record Unintelligible Chronicle Dry Confusing Note Unintelligible Papyrus Scroll Confusing Parchment Scrap Ominous-Looking Letter Illegible Correspondence Trampled Narrative Fading Crumpled Scribbles Inscrutable Paper Dispatch Confusing Folded Document Dark Trampled Note Small Indecipherable Text Mystifying Paper Chronicle Tattered Paragraph Totally Ambiguous Article Puzzling Runic Textscroll Enigmatic Scribblings Indecipherable Notation Confusing Tattered Narrative Crumpled Scriptscratches Obscure Runic Vellum Perplexing Correspondence Moldy Fading Parchment Mysterious Faded Text Unintelligible Parchment Scrap Scrawled Paper Textscroll Perplexing Scriptscratches Dry Crumbling Document Baffling Moldy Vellum Faint Runic Narrative Crumpled Parchment Tatters Illegible Moldy Narrative Baffling Parchment Paper Weirdly-Written Textscroll Hastily-Written Glyphs Tarnished Correspondence Disintegrating Runescroll Hastily-Written Chronicle Disintegrating Runescrap Harrowing Vellum Missive Tiny Runic Missive Crushed Parchment Tatters Baffling Scrap of Paper Illegible Torn Letter Ominous Primitive Scripture Incomprehensible Paragraph Fading Tattered Brief Foreign Runic Scribbles Cryptic Molding Runescrap Destroyed Papyrus Scroll Wasted Puzzling Missive Scrawling Primitive Declaration Intercepted Runic Narrative Incognizable Paper Statement Weirdly-Scrawled Missive Fading Torn-Up Report Foreign Papyrus Message Enigmatic Article Scrap Ripped-Up Papyrus Message Quickly-Written Warning Damp Ominous Textscrap Illegible Glyphscroll Unfathomable Ripped Note Destroyed Paper Narrative Tarnished Runic Scripture Confusing Scriptscratches

Greeted Dragons during Trick-or-Treat in the Collector Tier

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