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NAME; Clockwork
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GENDER; Female

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Welcome to Sailuma
Once, some time ago, a faction of dragons roamed the Scarred Waste under the title of The Wanderers. They took pride in their ability to survive even the worst of situations. However, the eldest among them could see trouble on the horizon, knowing this wouldn't last. Sure enough, a shadow in the night swept in and shattered the peace the Wanderers knew, destroying nests and parting kin from kin. For a time they divided, taking shelter in different flights to try and find some semblance of peace and safety from the beast by the Wyrmwound. It was the Grand Scholars, the faction who fled to the Starwood Strand, who finally found shelter for those who remained. Some chose to stay where they'd moved, but the majority migrated to the Arcanist's domain, ready to set aside their nomadic ways in exchange for the safety of a grand city.

The remnants of the Wanderers, now dubbed the founders of Sailuma, have created a bustling trade city along the river between the Starwood Strand and the Tourmaline Archives. The center of the town houses the pinnacle of their home; a massive piece of the Hoverview Vale that had managed to wedge itself into the river. Careful craftsmanship allowed the drakes to carve a route for the river through the crystal itself. Now it is known as the Divided Spire, a place for the Grand Scholars and their fellow specialists to teach the next generation specific trades, crafts, and even life skills. Their lives aren't as carefree as they'd hoped, however. Rumors of strange occurrences are one thing, but the raw Arcane magic has drawn every strange entity the citizens of Sailuma could imagine. From Imperials that shift into hounds to descendants of the Gatekeeper herself, Sailuma, the Divided Spire, and even the old ruins in the Starwood Strand house some of the most dangerous drakes in the known lands. The Grand Scholars do their best to contain them with a specialized guard known as the Ophanim, but at this point they may as well be a part of the family themselves. These strange souls that shouldn't be are only kept in check by each other, though other lines have begun to flock to the city for their own means. Who knows what these strange drakes will do to turn the tide...

To the west of the known lands of Sornieth are the chaotic isles of Remnant, homeland of the Kitsune and Sphinx drakes. While most of the former Wanderers easily keep contact with their kin, those changed by the chaotic mass of pure magic in the west are often rarely heard from. Barred by an elemental maelstrom, these drakes have branched the furthest from their scaled kin, forming societies of their own. Like their friends in the city of Sailuma, the Kitsune of Gleanreal and Sphinxes of Remnant stand against their own Shade. The Ashen, as they're often called, are the Shade-Touched of their home, where Kitsune and Sphinxes fight in their own ways to survive against them. They may have their differences, the solitary Sphinxes and the social Kitsune, but each and every one still remain connected as former Wanderers. Some have found their own way between the elemental maelstrom blocking Sornieth from the isles, causing more modern drakes to be changed by the chaotic magic of Remnant. Many have found their own way back to Sailuma, settling into a new life as a Kitsune or Sphinx. Many who descended from lines that should not be have found themselves to be different than most, however, trapped in a state of Limbo between different Kitsune forms. Some who went to bring them back have found themselves trapped in the same state. Who knows what will become of these Limbo Kitsune...



I may or may not have found some adorable pokeplushies~!


I also tallied up how many Banescale scrolls I'll need for my chorus, and... 24. I need 24 scrolls. My wallet cries, but their singing drowns it out.

Bargain Bin Hatchery Post

Bio Notes:
Ice: #135cad
Ice Alt: #3b5078
Arcane: #9b0e54
Earth: #3a2d0c
Fire: #d84915 (better) or #b5370b
Lightning: #118158
Light: #7f4000
Light Alt: #7f4000
Nature: #255b01
Plague: #4c1405
Shadow: #362640
Shadow Alt: #331746
Water: #001774
Wind: #546504
Beastclan: #852301

Male Names
Hitoshi - Even Tempered
Fumio - Literary Child
Yuu - Superior
Kaede - Maple
Kyou - Apricot
Ryuu - Dragon Spirit
Isamu - Courage
Eiju - Eternity
Takashi - Elevated
Isao - Honor
Tomio - Treasured
Masa - Genuine
Hisoka - Reserved Nature
Takao - Respectful
Takeo - Valiant
Tadao - Loyal

Female Names
Junko - Pure Child
Kaede - Maple
Ren - Water Lily
Mana - Love
Kasumi - Mist
Kyo(u) - Apricot
Ran - Orchid
Hitomi - (Eye) Pupil
Hana - Flower
Ayako - Colorful Child
Aika - Love Song
Kazumi - Harminious Beauty
Miwa - Harmony
Gina - Silvery
Arisu - Noble Type
Kazue - Harmonious
Chie - Wisdom
Ayaka - colorful Flower/Petal
Aya - Colorful

A Wandering Journey Dragons:
Aziraphale (#53775609)
Belial (#61920506)

Have 2 wandering dergons and writing for scrolls in the fields

G&G 2020 Post Link

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