Razael (#61101931)
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Sorrel Gryphlet
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Male Coatl
This dragon is hibernating.
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6.87 m
8.25 m
908.89 kg


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May 03, 2020
(1 year)



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Level 25 Coatl
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  • none


born Raziel
The Keeper of Secrets

A Tale of Secrets Heard

I frown at the cake before me, then take the knife and scrape off the writing. Again. I can't help it, really. The words just aren't coming to me. It's supposed to be a sort of birthday cake for one of the older drakes here in the Observatory. She may not have a name, but I can't blame the poor lass. A Guardian with amnesia is still a Guardian. I still find her Charge to be quite fascinating, seeing as it seems to truly be her lack of memory. Either way, she's been a great help here, especially when she helped me set up the plants in the Aviary.

As I keep my eyes on the timer for the setting chocolates, I can hear talking in the halls. It's common to hear drakes up and about so early, unable to rest past their own excitement for such a wonderful occasion as a birthday. After all, more often than not, we're too busy snapping at each other for the feathers we wear, be they natural or not. It's still difficult for me to believe what happened sometimes. Then again, it's hard on all of us.

I don't recognize the voices. That's also somewhat common. They sound quite young. They're probably new to our flock, excitedly whispering about the stories they've heard. Tales of Emperors, of ancient drakes roaming the lands, and even of the deities themselves, with disease and rot striking against the thick growth of the thriving wilds of greenery, and a lone speck of magic blind to their quarrel as he simply tried to learn. Surely dragons weren't alive for that! Surely no one existed so early on! Their tales must be from tablets, scrolls, or wall depictions from the races before the dragons!

Sometimes I wish they were right.

I sigh as I finally settle for a simple Happy Birthday on the cake. She never could settle on a name, and if I used her real name, I'd endanger her Charge. I'm happy with how the rest came out, at least, and I turn away from it to let it sit. I freeze when I spot him. He was always quiet when he approached, and even before the younger drakes joined us he managed to startle me. The pale Pearlcatcher with the blue mane is sitting nearby, his pearl held close to his chest. I always wondered why he never chose the form of a Guardian. They came from a line of seers, after all. Surely that could've helped to explain his unique abilities. Alas, he chose the Pearlcatcher, adding to his pearl every time he said something he could never recall. I still find traces of that hardened muck in the aviary.

I sigh, turning to the chocolates. Uriel may be like a brother to me, but there are times where I don't want his aid. After all, the first time he helped me, our flock became divided, and I still cannot help but blame myself for the magical backlash that caused. I expect him to say something as I pop the chocolates out of their molds, but he says nothing, simply sitting and watching me work. I begin to relax, lost in the pattern I so carefully set for myself when a new voice catches my ear. It's still one of the younger ones, but it sends a shiver through my feathers.

"Forget those old stories! Did you hear the most recent rumor about the ghost of the Observatory?"

I feel my feathers prickle as I glance back at Uriel once more, my feathered crest falling flat. I can't stand hearing those rumors, even if they really are just rumors. I know the truth of it, after all. I don't even consider the notion of stopping the younger drakes, but Uriel still lifts a claw in a silencing gesture. He wants me to listen. I nod, listening in on the drakes as they continue to talk about the specter.

Stories on this ghost tend to vary, but this one seems to be closer to the mark. A flash of blue, a hint of a leathery wing, and a flash of a golden eye as the ghost disappeared into a room. Of course others were too frightened to check the room afterwards, and left the specter be. At least it wasn't a story about the ghost leading a drake into the Starwood Strand, never to leave. Those stories always rubbed my feathers the wrong way. Soon, the drakes had passed by, questioning whether the sighting was real or not. When the hall goes silent, I look back at Uriel, my wings folded in tightly as he looks at me with those golden eyes. I can't help but feel my heart drop a little as he just gives me a small smile.

"They still talk about me."

I nod, walking over to settle down next to him. He doesn't have the cold chill of a ghost, not to me. He seems real. He always has. I still can't explain it, but it always seems to hurt a little when the younger drakes just pass over him to talk to the rest of the elders in the Observatory. Those of us who were there when we split from the Wyrmwound Wanderers can see him walking the halls. We can talk to him, and he talks back. He's one of us. Some others who had joined early on seem to see him as well, though sometimes they only hear his voice or see just his eyes from the shadows. Not often, but enough to unnerve them. The newer drakes... well, I know enough based on what they say. A ghost. A phantom. Some whisper how they can see the walls through his hide. Others claim his eyes are werelights that race through the woods on the outskirts, leading drakes to wander the magic-laden forest forever. Some even say he's made of fallen stars. I don't know where that one came from, really. It's certainly poetic, but it isn't Uriel. After a few moments, I speak up.

"Do you really wish for them to not know about you as more than that?"

WiP is a WiP.
Art by Nosey of Katsuji's Clan (Lair #279762)
Coatl, Innocent Eyes, and Cherub obtained on 05/09/2020
Hit Level 25 on 05/20/2020
Completed on 05/20/2020


Upon entering the aviary of the Observatory, or at least one of them, a rather large flock can be found with a very frazzled Coatl fluttering about. The Mainecoon with him seemed to be just fine resting under one of the trees as a little Sorrel Gryphlet curled into him. The Coatl was seemingly trying to feed the creatures here, providing a mixture of seed, fish, meat, plants, and even insects to the birds fluttering about. When he spots you, he says "Close the door, dear! Don't need another one of these poor bundles of feathers to fly into a window again. The halls are full of them!" He hardly notices you closing the door as he motions to the birds. "Do look around if you wish! Just don't take any of them out. They're too tame to survive beyond these walls." You decide to enjoy the view of the odd little flock moving about you.
A small group of plovers run about nearby in the chaos, practically gliding along the ground.
Some puffins make their little chainsaw calls beside the Coatl, and seem to receive preferential treatment. They're few, but they seem to be a favorite of the Coatl.
Some skua hop about nearby, taking a little birdbath by the waterfall. Their singing certainly fills quite a bit of the aviary as they splash about.
A small flock of cormorants perch in a large tree nearby, enjoying the sunlight with outstretched wings and closed eyes. Some might even be asleep.
Some little terns are hopping about the Coatl's feet, pecking at their own feed. They're quite loud as they eat their meal. One's even brave enough to take some from the Coatl's claws!
A small flock of geese have chased most of the other birds from the shore by the little dragonmade waterfall. Their honking easily contests with the other birds and their chirps. Best not to approach the cobra chickens.
Some herons remain perched in the pond on their long legs. Some are dipping into the water for drinks. They seem to be rather quiet and peaceful.
Some kingfishers are hanging out in the trees, mixing with the other flocks. They often swap with other kingfishers, so for the most part they're in the air. There aren't a lot of them.
A few albatross screech overhead as they search for a meal to steal from the other flocks. They certainly don't seem adverse to diving for the Coatl if they can't find a target soon.
There's quite a few penguins waddling about in an icy corner set up just for them. Some bob into a smaller icy pond while others sit back and watch from the crystal cliffs, capped in frost.
Some seagulls pick at scraps nearby, some even stealing from the few penguins that came to eat. There's a cliff face of crystal where many are nested, eating their meal of the day. They're quite loud.
Some ducks swim about in the warmer pond, flocking around the herons as they dip under the water for a quick birdbath. They seem to be keenly aware of the geese, and avoid them at all costs.

Total Birds: 107

Obtained from Wind and Water's Birds of a Feather Float Together Adopts

Also obtained this badge from the same event.


Decided to toss the wrong set of dice in the Viridian CYOA in 2020 and won


Was mentioned in OK NO when everything went off the rails while mods slept. Hail the wild Flight Rising.


Went Trick-or-Treating in the Storyteller Tier


Razael Fandragon
Okuraz is his husband~
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