Delta (#59592493)
Level 1 Guardian
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Sprouting Gemini
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Guardian
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14.04 m
20.33 m
11010.53 kg


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Feb 29, 2020
(1 year)



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Level 1 Guardian
EXP: 0 / 245




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The Firstborn:
The two oldest dragons who bare the sacred digits of 20 and 21. Noxus and Fray reside within an Ancient Arcane Lair. For eons the clan has quietly existed, far away in seclusion, preferring to keep to their own way of life. The children of the Firstborn carry ancient blood and old traditions but they were very few and far between until the clan decided to once more step forth, to open their doors and reveal their presence to a world that they had, for so long, forsaken. Now, each child of the Firstborn is given the opportunity to leave their ancient lair, to join others and share their old wisdom and traditions and to carry the name and teachings of the Firstborn.

Character details:
Personality: Relaxed, intelligent, gentle, easily distracted and lost in though, a bit clumsy
Likes: Writing, quiet places, beautiful scenery and images that inspire him
Dislikes: Loud and bright places, loosing his train of thought, being disturbed when writing

Delta was born in a brood of three. The Muses for the FirstBorn they were known as, each of the three siblings in love with their own form of art. Delta's sister Epsilon was a master of embellishment and all that could be adorned, his sister Zeta a master at wielding graphite and paint. Delta's art came in the form of word, words woven into poetry and stories, to take the reader to places and worlds beyond their own. Delta had always been a day dreamer, despite being a quick learner and clearly very intelligent, he often got lost in his own thoughts, so much so that he was accident prone and at times could be forgetful. He had learned to write from a age far younger than any of his brethren and whilst he was expected to become somewhat of a scholar, Deltas dreamy nature took him down the path of the story teller and bard. Delta would often travel his clans domain, seeking out sights to inspire him and, when no such sights were available and his inspiration was running dry, he would venture into his sister Zeta's wing of the caves. The caves that his sister occupied were an ever changing canvas of colour and shape. With all manner of paints she would cover the walls of her wing in vivid, sometimes glowing colours. It was always a place of wonder for Delta and eventually became the only place he could rely on to inspire him after his homeland had been so thoroughly explored.

When the time came to prepare for the ceremony and to make the choice to stay with him home clan or leave to join another, Delta knew he would be moving on. Though his sisters paintings would always inspire him, he needed to explore new places, meet new people and grow in order for his stories to grow. He would need to find the right clan, one to grow with, but he was sure they were out there, destined to meet...

In time, he would bare the name and crest of his clan and become a representative of his parents, the oldest dragons, the true ancients, the Firstborn... His legacy recorded in the writings and stories he told.

0LfNn1V.png V8CLbbU.png

Delta is the direct child of the very first user-made dragons in-game.
All above art and lore created by Sky #28 - Please do not alter or use without authorization.

Delta chose to join ZnowyOwl

It's been some time since joining the clan of Sindri and Lady Rae. Delta's talents were not wasted in Windsinder's domain! It turns out that Wind hosts a yearly event in the House Cup!
In this event, those wild Windies compete against each other in the name of Windsinger! Each group has their own quirks, and it so happens that Delta felt a kinship to those in House Zephyrus. Those of the House feel a need to share with the world a bit of beauty in any form of art, and what better way than to write! With blessings from Sindri and Lady Rae, Delta made his way to set his mark within House Zephyrus!

May his story continue...

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Exalting Delta to the service of the Windsinger will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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