Eden (#57990575)
"There's work to be done."
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Rosy Peryton
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Energy: 45/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Female Skydancer
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5.15 m
5.89 m
458.88 kg


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Dec 27, 2019
(2 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Skydancer
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


The Young Gardener

Father Figure
I've never wondered why my mother doesn't look like me. Or why the doctor down the hall treats me like his own child. I hear the servants and workers whispering, asking where I came from. I don't know. And I don't care to. This place is my home. Maelstrom and Hyde are my parents. This is where I belong.
Sometimes I feel... strange. Strong. I don't know what this feeling is... and I don't care to. I can't shake the feeling that this power... could destroy everything I know.
I won't let it control me.


There's something unique about this child.

There isn't a doubt in Maelstrom's mind.

When the Guard started his rounds that morning, he heard a crying near the river. Drawn by the sound he discovered a sopping bundle of linen, weighing down on an equally soaked child. The little girl was immediately brought before the Queen, but it was Maelstrom who had the final say.

"I saw her in a vision," Maelstrom remembers saying. "She will be important."

But that wasn't entirely true. The little girl was important to her the moment she laid eyes on her.

Now the child is sleeping soundly in a little nest of fleece and down, warm in the light of the fireplace. Her wings and fur, now dry, are innocent shades of pink and white. Her antennae twitch adorably from a sweet dream. What more can be said? To Maelstrom she is perfect.

Something pulls Maelstrom's focus from the little girl, as if an invisible talon lifted her chin and guided her gaze to the door. Someone was drawing near, someone in a disgruntled huff, someone raising a gloved hand to rap sharply on the door-

Maelstrom opens the door to find the scientist, Hyde, there waiting, his arm raised mid-knock. His eyes open for a second in shock, then narrow in impatience. "Well?" he snaps, slipping his way past her. "What did you want?"

The oracle gently closes the door and turns to him. "Quiet. You'll wake her."

She feels it again, that invisible force. But this time it lifts her arm and places a single glowing talon on the Spiral's mouth, shushing him before he even has the chance to speak. "I asked you to be quiet. Now I'll ask you no more." Maelstrom gently guides Hyde's gaze to the nest before the fireplace.

There's a tiny, almost imperceptible change in his demeanor, like a tiny crack inside a giant iceberg. But Maelstrom feels it. "Do you want to hold her?"

Longing spills from the crack in the iceberg, quickly followed by painful memories and frozen by shame and anger. "Is this why you brought me here?" He hisses through clenched teeth. "To show me some child? Don't waste my time oracle, I-"

Maelstrom tips her head to the side, her bright blue eyes peering into the ice. Hyde's words stop dead in his throat.

She pictures herself before the iceberg, before the pool of longing that spilled from inside. She sees regret, pain... she sees a young Spiral.

"What was his name?" Maelstrom asks. "Your son."

The crack in the iceberg breaks open again, and with each drop of sorrow it grows into a fissure. Hyde feels it too, bowing his head and grimacing. "His name was Mirage. He was my everything."

The words are choking him, drowning him, but he continues in spite of it. "He disappeared looking for his mother. I followed him for so long, trying to find him but... but when I did..."

Suddenly Maelstrom sees at the bottom the young Spiral collapsing to the bottom of the pool, and the image faded into the depths. To Hyde, the room is silent. But Maelstrom hears the echoes of a father wailing in despair, an iceberg groaning from fissures and wounds that never healed.

The oracle steps away from the grieving man, and gently lifts the little girl from her nest. The child stirs but only slightly as Maelstrom returns to Hyde and moves the child closer.

Hyde's arms instinctively extended and embrace the hatchling. In his eyes there is longing and hurt and healing that makes his heart ache, and there is love.

"She needs you Hyde," Maelstrom says.

The words send a shockwave of panic through Hyde, though he's cautious not to show it. He is afraid something will go wrong, afraid of finding this little girl the way he found his son- cold as ice, eyes empty as the depths of the ocean-

The oracle places a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Please," she whispers. "She needs you."
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