Freyr (#57981509)
Level 1 Imperial
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Disappearing Pisces
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Imperial
This dragon cannot breed until Jun 15, 2021 (2 days).
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29.61 m
18.79 m
6812.8 kg


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Dec 27, 2019
(1 year)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Imperial
EXP: 0 / 245


It took one flicker ....
... and the flame went out.

Freyr, along with his twin Freya, was born when many worlds went through a heightened time of war. As one of the youngest gods to be born of thought and not of eggs, he had been considered special. Freyr wore that title with pride. It was the pride that turned egotistical. He was the god of war. He knew how war functioned. He knew how war went -- and he couldn't get enough of it. When worlds started wars, he was there helping them. His sister, Freya, would try to stop them; however, she soon joined the wars to stop her brother.

It was when Odin asked Yggdrasil to contain Freyr that the dragon god of old snapped. The last flicker of light within him went out. In that time, a foreign entity entered within him. A dark energy -- a dark being -- took hold of him. It whispered great nothings in his head. It promised him many things. His scales and skin cracked as hardened dark energy appeared on him. The Shade had infected Freyr, and it made the light flicker with a dark flame. His old magic combined with the energy of the Shade entity. The Shade didn't eat it. No, it couldn't eat it -- but the magic made it more powerful.

Freyr fell to insanity. Well, partial insanity. He had been able to break out of the hold Yggdrasil had trapped him in. He managed too escape Odin and the others. Freyr hid himself on the outskirts of Valhalla. It was a barren wasteland of a place. Freyr was fine with such a scenery. It fit him. He blended well within his surroundings to keep him hidden. The Shade began whispering within him. Take over the world -- no -- take over all the worlds. But, how would he accomplish such a task? His answer came to him when a dead petal of Yggdrasil fluttered to the ground in front of him.

"All I have to do is take over Yggdrasil. Destroy it if I have to," he purred. "When the tree would return, I could shape it to how I want the worlds to be."

With this goal in mind, Freyr set to work to try and conquer Yggdrasil. He had not been expecting Thor to take over for Odin. The god of thunder was a pain. He would stop Freyr in every direction. They had been evenly matched. No. Thor was more powerful than him, and he hadn't even been born from beings' thoughts and beliefs. How dare he be more powerful than Freyr the god of war? After failure, after failure, after failure -- Freyr decided he needed to breed an heir that could be as powerful or more powerful than Thor. It was possible. There were many other goddesses within the different realms he could seduce and use.

It didn't take long when he found Nott. She had been in his realm. The goddess of the night and stars. She lived in the darkness. The darkness followed her. Tendrils swirled and moved around the dragon to protect her. Freyr had been fascinated with her power. He was fascinated with her magic. She used darkness as her weapon. He needed Nott to help him with his plans. With his corrupted magic and her dark magic -- what would happen to their children? Would they be powerful enough to defeat Thor? He had to try. Therefore, he introduced himself to Nott. She was wary of him -- wary of everybody who talked to her. Untrusting. Seemingly cruel. Freyr charmed her. Nott fell in love with him. She agreed to be his mate. Freyr didn't take long to have his first nest with her. He was only using Nott after all.

If only he knew how long it would take to hatch a suitable heir ...

Owned by SilverOtter
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