Shadow (#516174)
Mirror, mirror on the wall..get down from there!
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Scarlet Macaw
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Male Nocturne
This dragon cannot breed until Jan 31, 2021 (8 days).
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4.69 m
4.8 m
706.78 kg


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Sep 01, 2013
(7 years)



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Level 25 Nocturne
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D0nrpNB.png Shadow, The Eternal Scatter Project D0nrpNB.png
Member of:

[Dozens of Dragons]

6 digit
Not for sale or trade.
Shadow is a vain and self centered dragon from the water realm. When he arrived at Jill's clan he was a basic spiral with double purple colors. But that was not enough for Shadow. He wanted to be SPLENDID. The perfect dragon! He wanted all to gaze upon him and awee in his beauty.

He got a hold on some scatter scrolls and started his journey

Due to Shadows vain and self centered personality he has always manage to keep a color on him which is not to his liking..

Everyone suspect he does it with purpose to get as much attention as he can.

After every scatter Shadow loves to go to the hoard and dress himself, then he spends hours in front of the mirror admiring his new look while he thinks of which colors he will turn into next.

He has always sought out to get the newest and most expensive genes and his past as a spiral with no gene is so far behind him that he has begun to think that he has always been a wildclaw... though in his dream he wants to be an imperial as that is the most expensive scroll around. But as it is an impossible goal he enjoys being the object of attention for so many years.

Years went by and suddenly a whisper came from far away that dragons had learned to turned themselves into Ancients! Shadow immediately sought out to learn how. It was his goal to become one, maybe even try on all the Ancient breeds. Shadow studied all the books and listened to all the tales. He soon figured out how to become an Ancient Breed.
Shadow found out that Ancients came in a variety of types and genes and he wanted to find out a way to try them all!! He was pleased with himself. Even more years of adoration and dragons showing up in awe of his ever changing colors and appearance. It fit his wain self very well!.. though he miss being able to dress up..

Time went by and Shadow grew more and more restless. He missed the apparel hoard and the novelty of the ancients had worn off. He knew of the technology needed in order to change back into a modern breed but the procedure was expensive and he had yet to figure out a way to make access to the treasure vault. He had a little treasure laying around so he was able to pay for the cheapest change.. a Guardian. Whilst this was not perfect at least he could wear apparel again. He persuaded Twiligth to become one too but she paid for it herself. Shadow needed time to get treasure together for a more expensive procedure. Maybe he could find a way into the treasure vault..

On the shortest day of the year Nocturnes began crawling out and Shadow saw an opportunity to become one. He sought out where the Nocturnes were swarming and learned how to become one. As soon as he transformed he became exhilarated. One step closer to his goal...

See Shadow´s scatter thread here:


;- Lore by myself
; - Charm dividers and tiny fossils by shroudrat. Animated Candles by juunebugs.




For Shadow Art also includes stories other wrote about him.


When the group arrived they found both the Spiral and the Serthis attempting, and failing, to hold back a rather short, purple and cream-coloured Wildclaw with impossibly large green wings for his stature. In his claw was one of the vials Vin always carried with him, the other a container belonging to the Serthis, both containing different coloured liquids.

“Unhand me!” the Wildclaw demanded, shaking off the two serpentine creatures and bringing the first tube to his lips.

“What the heck do you think you're doing?!” Noelani shrieked, racing forwards and slapping the glass object from his grasp. It hit the ground and, while it did not shatter, the liquid poured out over the grass and sizzled.

The strange Wildclaw was as aghast as Vin was as the Spiral snatched up the tube and managed to grab the vial from the other claw before plonking himself in front of the arrangement of chemical apparatus he and the Serthis had been working with. “Me? What do you think you're doing?!” The male seemed almost hysterical as he whipped his head down to look at the result of the potion. “Look! Look at that! Is that not beautiful?!” Indeed the blades that had been covered had turned a spectacular shade of gold, seemingly otherwise unaffected. “That could have been me!”

Everyone simply stared in utter confusion. Camelia slowly reached for her notepad and wrote something down as she observed the grass. “Ssso that'sss what that doesss...” the Serthis hissed contemplatively, taking the vial from the panicking Vin, who was trying to slide the instruments away, and staring at the remains of the concoction.

“It could have been meeeeeee!” the huge-winged Wildclaw lamented, falling to his knees and picking at the golden grass. “I could have been beautiful!”

Camelia, Noelani, Makani and the Snapper who had yet to reveal his name all exchanged puzzled expressions again. What the heck was going on today? “If'n ye don't mind, would ye please stop yer haverin' and tell us straight-like what is goin' on?”

“Oh if only I could say!” the Wildclaw drawled, tilting his head to give everyone an over-the-top baleful look. “You would not understand!”

“A name would be a nice start.” Chided Matar as the Coatl finally decided to join the kerfuffle.

Immediately his mood changed and he bounced to his feet to give an even more exaggerated bow than Camelia had previously. “My name is Shadow, but a shadow I refuse to be! Oh no, I once was a dark purple Spiral not dissimilar to your alchemist friend here. But how I hated it! Hated, hated! I watched other dragons go by with their magnificent colours and stride! Especially the Wildclaws. How I so wished to be a brightly coloured Wildclaw! That madman Baldwin, he started it. He found the way to turn us into Bogsneaks,” he basically spat the word, clearly not being a fan of the mutant species, “so maybe, just maybe he could do something to me. And look at me now!” Shadow stood as tall as his stature would allow, almost toppling over as he fanned his too-big wings.

“Wait wait. You were a Spiral who turned into a Wildclaw?!” Camelia asked excitedly, scribbling so hard onto her pad that the quill could tear through and poke out the other side at any moment. “And you used to be purple? Tell me how! Oh this could be amazing!”

Shadow grinned smugly. “Oh don't get me wrong it took a pretty penny to get where I am now. And yes I do admit I am quite handsome as I am.” The group, minus the highly inspired Nocturne, collectively rolled their eyes. “Alas the novelty has long since worn off. I must, simply must, change again. Oh but no one wanted to help! Even Baldwin turned me away. Sure he claimed to be out of the ingredients that made me this way but I do not believe him! He's given up on me, like everyone else! No no you cannot keep changing. Just accept who you are! No more! I will change again and I will be the most beauteous of all dragonkind!”

The Snapper whispered to Makani and Noelani, “Forget what I said aboot yon Nocturne lass, this un's more of a screwball than any else I be seein'.” Ilmatar lifted an eye ridge at the other two, who shrugged.

“So what you're saying,” Matar butted in before Shadow could continue his tirade, “is that you're trying to poison yourself just so you can change the colour of your fur and wings?” She frowned, completely sceptical of these claims.

The other Wildclaw placed a hand on his chest, feigning hurt. “Poison? Oh Deities no! How can one be beautiful if one is dead?”

“And yet you don't seem to have any concept for dies and tattoos and the like.”

He made a face of absolute disdain. “Ugh how could you even utter those words? Dye? That is not permanent! Some may hang around but they fade and become hideous! Tattoos? While permanent they mar the natural beauty of our skin! Why would I even consider those?”

“If we give you sssomething that makesss you change will you ssstop complaining and leave?” the red Serthis asked, barely masking his annoyance at the intruder. Already he had slithered over to the pile of herb bags, rummaging through each for useful ingredients.

Shadow stepped slowly after. “Possible, if I'm happy with the results.”

“And if you're not?” Matar asked flatly.

“Then I will have to stay until you do.” he replied matter-of-factly.

The Coatl's brow furrowed deeply and she leaned down to hiss at the Serthis, “Look, I still don't trust you or understand why Vin wants you around but if you can do anything to get rid of this lout then you can consider yourself safe.”

Unfazed the Serthis nodded, taking his choice of herbs, two of his vials and one of Vin's tubes and began mixing. Anvindr perked up, coiling up to watch with interest.

Time dragged as different solutions were poured, mixed together, tested and either discarded or used for further testing. The odd band of dragons discussed various things to pass the time, not least of all Noelani introducing herself and apologising to Matar but also her and Makani explaining the Snapper, who let out that his name was Vunguza and how he was actually, despite his current demeanour, quite pleased to have met them all. Just as he was about to explain why this was the Serthis and Vin returned, each carrying glass containers of sloshing liquids, all of different shades and colours.

“Uhm. Try these?” the grey Spiral suggested, offering the ones he was holding. “D-don't worry, we tested them to make sure they aren't toxic.”

“We can't guarantee there won't be other ssside effectsss however.” The Serthis added drily.

All too quickly Shadow snatched the proffered vials, guzzling the contents greedily. Then he gasped, staggering back as it took effect. The alchemical pair had done wonders it seemed, as the brew proved potent enough for a very quick change. As Shadow clutched his stomach his hide darkened, cream becoming blue. His wings, once pale green, also became darker, purple. Most notable however was his underbelly, which had become a rather off-putting shade of brown. Catching his breath he made his way down to the river to admire himself, only to wail in despair, charge back and quaff another vial.

“I don't think he liked that one.” Noelani chuckled, amidst a chorus of chuckles and snorts.

The same effect took him, this time turning him a sickly green with red wings and pale belly. Another cry, another tonic chugged. This time a rather pleasing pale blue and lavender. Noelani actually crooned, the others nodding in admiration. But no, it was still not enough for the narcissistic Wildclaw, who grabbed two more of the remaining vials and drank them together. Not a good decision it turned out as he became a very unfortunate yellow dappled with blue spots and grey-ish wings.

Amidst the snickering, chortling and whimpers of frustration was the scratching sound of quill tip on paper as Camelia took in everything. So many pages had been flipped over to contain the ideas, the things said, the reactions and of course the different colours. Her tongue peeked out from her mouth, pressed over her upper lip as she continued to scribble.

Only one potion remained, which the now pink-gold-and-green Shadow grabbed. Rather than toss it down straight away he bowed his head, held the glass to his forehead and whispered something. Then he tossed his head back and all but swallowed the vial completely in his desperation. As it took effect he waddled, belly swollen with all the liquid he'd guzzled in so short a time, down to the water's edge to watch the last transformation. Everything paled. Pink turned off-white, gold to a light blue-green, green to electric blue. He sighed, flopping to the ground and rubbing his tummy. “Why? Why do you taunt me so, oh muse? Why can I not find true beauty?”

“I dunno, you look pretty nice to me.” Sora commented, having made herself join the others after all. Her face was still streaked with dry tears and she appeared exhausted.

“Nice? Nice?! I cannot merely be nice!” Shadow wailed, waving his arms in dismay.

Ilmatar stood, stretching like a parda. “We could all go on about what “true beauty” is but then we'd be here til the end of time.” she turned and began to pad away. “I suggest we have something to eat, let you recover and then go our merry way. What do you all say?”

A chorus of agreement as everyone gathered around the pile of sacks and boxes containing an assortment of food types. Shadow, unsurprisingly, couldn't hold much down with everything else he'd ingested so far, taking several bites and then laying down. Camelia had to practically be force-fed as she tore through a second notepad. This time it seemed she was writing actual lyrics and working out the best timing, rhythm, order of how her new ballad would go.

It took a lot longer for the Wildclaw to recover than first thought, and so everyone pitched in to haul the goods and eggs to the safety of the cave they'd been in, which thankfully wasn't as far away as they'd imagined. Then again, it wouldn't have been easy for a group of Serthis to drag down a full-grown Coatl and a mid-sized Guardian.

The night passed uneventfully. When day broke they indulged in breakfast. Or most of them did – Camelia was still asleep having passed out from too much writing. Once finished they returned to the camp and dug out a small hollow near to the river in which they lay the body of Eurus. Sora cried again and they all paid respects despite how little they had known of him.

After it was all said and done Shadow made to depart. “I thank you all for indulging me and for your assistance, as limited as it turned out to be. Many times one part of me became beautiful while the other did not and not a once did all of me become as I hope. Perhaps we shall meet again another time when finally I have achieved true beauty.”

Everyone waved to him as he climbed over a hill to wherever he was headed next. “Psst, do you think having consumed all that stuff will have an effect on him?” Sora asked Vin and his Serthis familiar. Both of them cracked wry grins. Sora blinked, then looked up at the departing Wildclaw who, as he disappeared over the ridge of the hill, began his newest, unintended transformation.

Written by a friend of mine as part of her Pinkerlocke.

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