Mieli (#49667687)
Til there's nothing left to fear in this impossible frontier
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Barkskin Watcher
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Energy: 44/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Earth.
Female Wildclaw
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6.73 m
5.88 m
728.46 kg


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Feb 24, 2019
(2 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Wildclaw
EXP: 0 / 245


The Constructed Librarian


xxxIt’s impossible to miss it. It’s the biggest building in town, they’d told her. Just follow the path west to the edge of town and you’ll know it when you see it.
xxxNow that the Library had come into view, Leto realized that at least that much was true. The ivy-covered brick structure towered above the rest of Foxhaven; in fact, it was the only building in the settlement that appeared to have multiple floors, and despite the fact that Foxhaven was a relatively new town, it had a gravity that made her wonder if perhaps the town had been built around the library rather than the other way around. She’d have to ask about that later.
xxxThe heavy wooden doors were easily large enough for an Imperial; they opened for her without a sound as soon as she reached the top of the stairs. She paused to admire the colorful stained glass windows decorating the doorway: colorful scenes of Redfield’s poppies that cast a warm glow on the wooden floor as soon as the doors swung shut behind her. The craftsmanship was incredible, but once the doors closed, her attention was quickly drawn to the original reason she’d come here. Rows upon rows of shelves towered to the ceiling ten meters above, stacked with books and manuscripts and scrolls gathered from all across Sornieth, all different shapes and sizes and colors, all waiting for her. The library was serenely silent apart from the ticking of a cuckoo clock over an unoccupied librarian’s desk, and the giant room was lit by firefly lanterns, dust motes floating lazily in their warm glow. Apart from a haphazard pile of leather-bound journals stacked near the librarian’s desk, there didn’t appear to be a single book out of place; instead, every available surface not dedicated solely to books had been overtaken by plantlife: vines in hanging pots, saplings in tiny containers, even what appeared to be a potash peach tree from the Scorched Forest shimmering in a shadowed alcove. Leto realized she’d been holding her breath, and shook her head with a smile as she slipped the cavalier hat from her head and approached the nearest bookshelf. She ran a gentle claw down the spines of books of every size and color, reading their titles in a whisper. Many looked relatively new, but to her delight, others looked so positively ancient she was afraid they would fall apart in her claws if she touched them. Yes, yes- this library would do quite nicely.
xxxThere was a series of quiet clicks, a low hum, and the creak of a floorboard, and then a dragon seemed to melt out of a gap in the bookshelves, a living amalgam of mahogany and metal. Leto stepped back from the shelf with a start, nearly dropping a copy of Perrasius’s The Scarlet Viper. It was rude to stare, but in this instance, it was hard not to; the creature before her was one of the strangest and most beautiful she had ever seen. Although the dragon was dressed in rather drab clothing, she looked like some sort of organic sculpture, small pieces of bark and patches of leafy growth shifting across her skin with every graceful movement. The lanterns floating by her side sent beautiful arcs of light across the shelves, reflections from impossibly thin stained-glass wings.
xxx“Hello, love.” The Librarian’s voice was like honey, soft and sweet, but it didn’t seem to originate from her mouth; instead it reverberated through the wildclaw’s body, as if she was speaking from the center of her ribcage. “My name is Mieli. What brings you here today?” She regarded Leto curiously for a moment, then frowned. “Oh, dear. I’ve forgotten already, haven’t I?” A shadow of disappointment flashed across the dragon’s face- was it a dragon?- as she reached down to pull a thick leather-bound notebook from her side, nearly identical to those in the stacks near the desk, her limbs moving with a quiet mechanical hum. Several pieces of colorful wrinkled paper stuck out of the book, and she opened it to the last marked page, glancing over it briefly, and shook her head. “I apologize, but… have we met already?”
xxxLeto shook her head and quickly moved to return the book to its rightful place on the shelf, trying to pretend like she hadn’t been staring. “Unfortunately not,” she said with a smile. “I think I would remember if we had.”
xxx“Oh- I don’t do it on purpose, I promise,” Mieli said hastily. “It’s just how she made me; I forget things so much, you know, I always have to write them down; but then I’m always afraid I forgot to write something down, and then forgot about it entirely. That’s why I was worried I’d already met you before, you see. In theory, all the memories are in here somewhere; it’s just that sometimes the roots get tangled and it’s so hard to unknot them. By the way, I’m Mieli. Wait- I already said that, didn’t I? I’m sorry- what did you say your name was?”
xxx“It’s alright,” Leto said, not even sure what exactly she was replying to. “My name’s Leto. I’m a linguist; I heard you collect rare books, so I came to see if I could find a few of those here. I have a list of specific titles if you’d prefer, but otherwise I’d really appreciate it if you could direct me to any historical texts you have written in Serthis?”
xxxAs Leto spoke, the wildclaw nodded and scribbled down notes: Leto, very pale skydancer, wears red, linguist, old books in Serthis. “Yes, historical texts in Serthis, that would be…” She tapped the pen against her notebook for a moment. “Room 2, Section 3, Shelf 34. Upstairs; right this way…”

28764.png Strength
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Nonbinary (she/her, they/them)
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banner credit

an artificial dragon constructed by Adriana, made partially of metal and partially of animate plantmatter; with parts less readily available than they were when she resided with the old Alpha Carinae clan of scientists, she experimented with materials more accessible in their new home: wood, flora, and nature magic over a metal framework, with wings of tempered glass. her internal circuitry consists mostly of nature magic rather than electricity the way most of Adriana’s former creations do, and she gets her energy from sunlight. though her consciousness is contained in standard circuitry, as Adriana wasn’t quite ambitious enough to attempt to recreate all of her work entirely in this new medium, her memory is stored within a central core of tangled roots and branches, inspired by the way that Helianthus, the clan’s archivist, can read stories and events stored in the rings of trees. of course, there was no well-documented precedent for such a creation, so there were some issues to work out, and she has a hard time with memory- a very hard time. she can usually remember facts, but short-term memories are more difficult. she quickly became frustrated with this and began writing things down as soon as she learned how- and by things, I mean everything. she kept a small notebook on hand to jot down ideas as they came to her, to write down names and details about her friends, to write reminders, even to simply record what she had done that day so she wouldn’t wake up clueless the next. now carries a notebook with her wherever she goes, and has a collection of dozens of journals where every margin is filled with small and barely legible scribbles.
due to her biological nature, she moves much more smoothly and naturally than most of Adriana’s metallic creations, but with a clearly unnatural clicking and humming sound. she sometimes seizes up momentarily if the roots growing through her body manage to get caught in the gears and mechanisms. The wooden ‘bark’ making up her skin has grown leaves and patches of moss, which she sometimes trims off and replants in pots around the library. Her wings and the greenery growing on her back make her look a bit like a living greenhouse. some dragons are horrified when they see her pick leaves off her body and eat them, but really, she’s just reincorporating them back into her body- it doesn’t hurt.
tends to keep to herself and likes patterns, numbers, and methodical work, but also gets bored easily, so working in the library was the perfect job for her. reads constantly and takes almost obsessive notes; the writing process itself has helped improve her memory, though she’s still far from perfect. her favorite genre changes every day. in theory, all her knowledge is in there somewhere; it’s just that, as she puts it, the roots are all tangled and sometimes they get hard to unravel; it’s impossible to find things in the jungle she has for a memory unit.

-friends with Leto, Yahaloma


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