Pearl (#34061156)
My full name is Percival but you can call me Pearl!
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Frosted Pocketmouse
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Energy: 42/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Imperial
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24.94 m
23.12 m
9312.17 kg


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Jun 28, 2017
(4 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Imperial
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  • none


Youngest brother out of Majesty, Giver and himself. Human Age around 7 years old
pick out by Lemonisasoup
This child will heck you up

The youngest out of the trio of brothers. Pearl explores with a can-do attitude, bright eyes and a never-ending amount of questions about the world around him. He holds no memories of his brief journey to the clan. Both of his brothers claim that is an uneventful adventure of sorts. Which Pearl guesses is okay then. He'll just have to make it up for having an extreme adventure when he gets older. Maybe he will go on a quest! A Quest would seem like fun! That will be a very long time in the future. For now he pretty good playing at the park with Kiwi and Bart.

Pearl lives with his two older brothers. Giver and Majesty. Majesty is the one that is in charge of taking care of them. Pearl was/is basically be raised as an only child. Which leads to a big problem Pearl has. The little Imperial has a bit of a sharing issue. At home, Pearl has no one that he has to share his toys and or space with. He has his own room and with a pretty large age-gap between Giver and Pearl means they don't have the same interest. Majesty was most certainly did not help as he himself is not one for sharing and he really did not make Pearl share when he was a young hatchling. So, now they were stuck with a bit of a problem with reworking it into Pearl that he should share his toys with others especially with his friends when they come over. He has gotten better at it and generally only needs a short reminder from the adult in the room that he should. The time where he would dissolve into fits has passed. Oh, boy, is everyone involved so thankful.

When Pearl was a hatchling Aunt Sky would joke and say that he was going to grow up to be a Singer heck maybe a Yoder. That little Imperial certainly did have a good healthy set of lungs on him. Dragons all the way down the street could hear the cries of displeasure. Extremely odd seeing as Majesty can't remember when they were traveling that baby Pearl would scream like that. Pearl's egg was hatched before the three even knew of the clan. Back when they were looking for someplace to live. I guess you could say that Pearl hatching was the catalyst for the three living here.

You see at the time Pearl and co were hiding out in the Tangled Woods trying to rest before moving on somewhere else. Giver was curled up with Pearl's egg in a makeshift nest hidden inside a rock with a hole in it. Majesty who was sitting a bit ahead of them hiding the entrance of the little makeshift cave was contemplating their next move. They were running low on food and really had no other options but the three can't really stop moving. Then a purple Imperial with white wings appeared out of nowhere and she and his oldest brother start talking though from the way Aunt Sky tells it Majesty was arguing with her. Aunt Sky offered them a place to live and for some reason, Majesty said no. Which makes no sense to Pearl. Aunt Sky says that he was just being stubborn for some reason. That sound just like his brother. In the end, Majesty did eventually agree to go with Aunt Sky and that's how they end up at the clan.
When Pearl was newly hatched he mostly stayed home with Majesty when they first arrived. Sometimes his brother would take him to the park. Eventual Voilet Sky the same dragon who invited them into the clan would spend time visiting them. Who would ultimately start to babysitting Pearl while Majesty was in the next room taking a well-deserved nap. Soon he would start Daycare when Majesty got a job. Pearl was not a fan. He spent most of his time crying and screaming during his first year there. As time passed he would calm down. He would start to enjoy it. At daycare, they would start with their early education. They would learn about how dragons were different from others from the food that they eat, how they walk, how they speak. Learned how to spell out his own name. Went on trips to the different businesses around the school. Had wildlife visit the school.

NSH6b3h.png(Pearl picks out his outfits all by himself! His favorite color is, of course, blue and he loves his hat.)

Now he spends most of his days going to big dragon school and hangings out with
his two best friends Bart and Kiwi. He met Bart during his daycare days. Kiwi is the adoptive daughter of one of Majesty's teammates who he is partnered up with often. Plus he would meet her at the library a lot when Giver would take him before she was adopted. Loves to play outside with them. At the moment his favorite game is Adventurers. He even gets his brothers to play with him sometimes. He does play "family" when Kiwi asks or when they are not able to go outside. He prefers to pretend to be the pet in this game.

When he is not playing with his friends he can be found annoying Giver. These two like to pull harmless pranks on each other. Pearl is in charge of waking Giverl up in the morning for school if Majesty fails to get him up. Pearl does so with great pride. Giver always seems to wake up with a nicely placed pounce. The two tend to fight over who gets what for breakfast. If they keep fighting too long Majesty will just eat whatever it is and have both of them pick something else. Giver always makes a habit to remind Majesty to get Pearl's favorite bugs when going to the market. He finds market trips long and boring so he is fine staying home for them. Helping putting away the food is something that he likes to do though. Other things he likes to do is art stuff Pearl loves drawing and playing with clay. He's even apart of the art club at the library.

Being an Imperial Pearl gets to eat basically everything and anything. He and Majesty share the same kind of favorite fish. Gets to make his own fish sandwiches. Is allowed to use the stove if an adult dragon is in the kitchen. Not a big fan of fruits but he loves to eat vegetables! He loves salad especially if you add some bugs to it! He has a bit of a sweet tooth and must be watched when he is around them. His Halloween candy must be taken away from him and placed a secure location. One year he got both of his siblings plus his aunt and her current girlfriend to do a group costume with him! He had so much fun.
Pearl's Favorite Sandwich wrote:
Items Needs

The last two items are not things you need to put on the sandwich they just produce things you need. You need to get Goat Cheese & Butter and Paradise Seed Bun for the best sandwich results.
Hand written by Pearl
Proofread by Aunt Sky

First you should take the sliced Paradise Seed Bun and use your butter knife and put a whole bunch on butter on it but not to much that your brother will yell out for it. Next you should take two slices of the Oarfish and place it on the bun how every you like. The next part is optional but I love cheese on my sandwiches so go a head put some on. Going on, place a piece of Water Lettuce followed by some False Leaves on top. Now the Blue Ridge fin will have to be cut but a butter knife won't be able to do that. Be sure to ask an adult to cut it for you. You can put the other half away or if you are like me just use for the second sandwich you plan on making. After you put the fin on next you should put on the another slice of Cheese and some more lettuce. Finally it's done and ready to eat! Trust me it's yummy! If you want it cut you would have to ask someone who can use a big knife the meat inside is really hard to cut without messing up the sandwitch.
Drawn by FuzzyBelly

S7vBUXm.png Draw by Dinosawr

fHathaO.png Gijanka draw by Prettytuna

Drawn by MonsterMoshi

Drawn by jacketyjackjack



By Silverein

By Rukirei
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