Giver (#34075273)
Level 25 Skydancer
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Brilliant Psywurm
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Male Skydancer
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4.32 m
4.6 m
702.22 kg


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Jun 29, 2017
(4 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Skydancer
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"I'll have you know my name is Giver and I am a gift!
Thank you very much!"
Warm Weather
Eating Fish
Sticky Stuff
Being Broke
The Cold
Losing all of his Feathers
The Queit
Red Ants
A good-natured Skydancer who is always down to have a chat no matter what he is doing. Most would say he does come off as a bit of a flirt. That just the part of him that likes to make other dragons feel good. Which in his book if all it takes is one nicely placed comment to brighten up someone's else's day then that's fine. His nicely placed comments do come from the fact that he that he is able to sense other dragons emotions. Giver can be somewhat overdramatic at times though he will deny that. Sure sometimes he does have the flare for dramatics when certain situations call for it.

He can be very easy going but bring up something bad about his family and you are in for a rude awaking. He will not use violence but you will find yourself on the receiving end of some very strong words and disapproving gaze. Sure, he knows Majesty does not have the best reputation around the clan as a whole it does not mean that you can talk bad about him especially in front of Giver. Who he holds in such high esteem. His brother has given up too much for some random dragon to talk bad about him.

On a lighter note, Giver is not most hard working dragon and can generally be talked out of doing things that he does not truly believe in. Let it be known once he sets his mind to something it will get done! Unless it has something to with school because he has a horrible habit of being very motivated at the start of it but seems to never finish it.
Early Years

Giver is a dragon who knows essentially nothing of his home origins before he was taken into the Cult. All that he knows is what he got from his brother Majesty. He was told his parents worked on a fishing vessel though he does not know if they are fish research or fish catching. He has no idea where they lived in The Sea of a Thousand Currents if they even lived in the first place. His memories of his and parents separation are basically non-existent. When he got older he was able to get the whole truth out of his brother even though he was extremely reluctant to do so.

So the vessel that he and his parents plus some others traveled on was taken over by a group of revengeful dragons who were wronged by the Morgause’s clan weather it is for them kidnapping their family members, stealing their supplies and or destroying their businesses. So they made a plan where they would strike back and all they needed was a vessel to do it. The Fishing ship just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The group easily took over and divided the original inhabitants into two groups the adult were put into one group and the youth into another. The adults were put in a room on the main floor and the younger ones were put in the bottom of the of it. Once they took over the plan was to impersonate the crew and act like the boat was in need of repairs. All so they could see if they can get a chance to get their lost family. They were found out exceedingly easily.
  1. They were not the best actors.
  2. Morgause is not an idiot.
The group was then ordered to death by Morgause herself. At this same time, the adults who were trapped in their room were able to make their escape sadly they were mistaken as another group of the rogues and were assassinated by a lone dragon. This was all before they had the chance to explain themselves. The young were found once they heard some of the hatchlings cries. The realization of what had happened rushed over in waves over the leader of the group. They messed up and Morgause would not be pleased. This is not was not how Morgause does things. They could have befriended the vessel's original inhabitants and got them to join eventual but no. The adults are all dead and the now they have a bunch of orphans just great. The group had to be punished in some way seeing as how they did not completely follow her order. She deems it a worthy punishment for the ones who were on this mission to be put in charge of the young ones. Following that logic, you orphan them you raise them. Is how Giver meets his now brother Majesty. Being as he was the one in charge and the oldest out the group he was given the youngest out of the new additions.
He does have an obsession with fish! He just loves them. Might be due to the fact that they are the only thing he knows about his parent. He likes to think they give him a connection to them. In his home, he was able to convince his brother to install not just one but two fish tanks! One for the saltwater fish and one for the freshwater fish. The fish in these are not to be eaten what so ever. They are his pets and all have names also he does not play favorites. He does not just have fish in his fish tanks he also has various types of crustaceans. They have a nice little set with some toys in there as well and once it is time for everyone to go to sleep they get protection spell put on the tanks because Caesar keeps trying to break into them.
Shocking to most dragons Giver does not, in fact, have the Piebald gene. No, when he was younger he was a just a solid grey color on his body with his wings being the same gold color. At first, they had no idea what was going on as the clan he was at did not have any information on the matter so it was a kept a secret with himself and his brother. Though once they got to their current clan it did not take long for the doctor to figure out what it was. Apparently, Giver's case was a little bit different as the type he seems to shows generally shows up in adult dragons often than not. Now at least he now has the answer he and Majesty can stop thinking that he was cursed or the like.

Sometimes he does feel a bit self-conscious about especially when he was younger as it was way more noticeable that it was he did not have Piebald. Seeing as not many dragons have knowledge of what Vitiligo was they would make assumptions about what was happening to him. Most if not all would be a negative light. His brother would try his best to not let Giver hear them. No matter how hard he did try Giver still heard a comment every now and again. Not going to lie that stung. As time went on he started to realize that it should not matter what others think about him. No Giver knows he is a beautiful dragon and anyone who thinks otherwise can go kick rocks! Just know it that line of thinking did not happen overnight and it took some time to happen actually.
Giver's and Pearl's relationship one filled with laughter. These two have filled with teasing and stupid pranks. With the age gap between them, it doesn't put a dapper on there fun. Giver was there when Pearl's egg hatched. He was the first dragon that Pearl saw. He is proud of the fact. He does not miss the time that Pearl was a newborn hatchling as Pearl has an extremely good set of lungs. The baby Imperial's cries were those of legend. As he got older Giver now had someone to share his diet of insects with and he was happy. It always seems to be more fun when you are cooking for someone else. Plus now his older has to buy more of them and boy does Giver love the look on his face when he has to touch them.

He can count on Pearl for when he gets down in the dumps to receive an adorable picture to cheer him right up again. Let Giver tell you Pearl tries so hard on his artwork that he may have cried a sometimes when he receives them. He does try to convince Majesty to let Pearl do some more stuff before he did though. His brother made Giver wait too long to learn how to fly. Sometimes Pearl can be a little too noisy and he can't keep a secret if his life depended on but for some reason, Giver keeps telling him them. Giver is happy that his brother can come to him with his own secrets and knows that Giver can keep them and that puts some extra warmth in his heart.

His relationship with his brother Majesty is one filled with what most others have for their close family members. All he can remember is his brother. If he needed needs anything then he is there. He remembers the nights that he would wake up from a nightmare and he would be right there to comfort him. When they were on the road to get to their current clan him finding bugs that Giver can eat so he won't go hungry. The extra shifts that he works just so he could get some time off so they could spend it together. Even if it was to do something that Giver knows Majesty hates. His brother is a great listener but he may not say the best things to help smooth over a situation. Giver likes that he tries but that is generally after he calms down that is. He learned how to make Giver's favorite type of sandwich even though Majesty himself hates those creatures. How he encourages him to do anything if Giver shows that he has an interest in it.

Like any relationship, it is not without its faults. He and Majesty tend to handle situations very differently as Giver prefers the non-violent route and his brother is all for giving someone a taste of his claws if he needs to. How tight tongued his brother can get about certain things. He is pretty sure that he is hiding something from him from when they left Cult Clan. Like who was that Red Imperial that Giver remembers even if it was for a little bit of the adventure? Giver knows for a fact his connection to her? Him? It is deeper than Majesty wants him to believe. How he was all gung-ho for Giver to talk to someone about what happened back at the Clan but did not want to talk to someone for himself.

His brother is the closest dragon to a father that Giver will ever get. His brother raised him from the time that he could basically walk. He taught Giver how to talk through some bad words might have slipped in. He taught him how to make his screeching louder. How to read books and to never give up on his dreams even if they might be a little on the outrageous side. That blood does not indicate whether or not you care for someone but your actions do.


Tyr is Giver's best friend. These two are rarely seen without each other. They practically live in each other's homes. They can often be found hanging out the Clan's Youth Center. They become close a little while after Giver came to the clan. Their friendship did start by Tyr basically strongclawing his way into being Giver's friend. Thus the beginning of their friendship and end of what Tyr calls Giver's "dark phase". Some of their antics do cause some weird situations but the pair means well with their intentions. If either of the two is doing something of a questionable nature then they most likely help each other come to that conclusion. Neither of these two can dance and or sing but they love to still try anyway. Giver does not normally practice in Tyr's dangerous schemes. He claims that he is allergic to injuries. He loves his best bro but some of the stuff he does is just pure nonsense.

Tyr is actually the first the dragon other than his brother and therapist that Giver told his origins too. Which ended up with a lot of crying on both parts. It was nice for him to get off his chest. He knows of his secret crush he has Persephone and he knows of Tyr's crush on Monochrome. His best friend seems to completely oblivous to his own crush.

Day in The Life Of
Giver's day starts out pretty normal he does his morning routine after Majesty wakes him up. Bickers with Pearl during breakfast time if there is a disagreement on who gets to last of the food they both love. After he is done eating he says his goodbyes and is out of the cave to go meet up with Tyr for their walk to school. These two mostly share the same classes as neither of them has picked a specialty yet. Most days after the school has ended Giver frequently ends up getting wrapped up in whatever fur-brained shceme Tyr has. Whether it's helping out a friend with a convoluted plot to help out one of their friends or doing a stupid thing for fun.

Unless it is the Third Thursday of the month then Giver has a therapy session that he is able to go if he so chooses. Another day which he is busy is the 1st Saturday of the month as that is food shopping time. He and his brother plus Aunt Sky will hit the market for the newly imported food. Just a tip if you want fresh food you have to get up early to beat the rush. The ventures will always be setting up it better to early then to end up with mushy food aways.
Day in The Life Of
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"MBurnsides" wrote on "2019-07-03:
Bonus(technically not a gif but...)
Human description-Beefy body type with Virgilio that covers an amount of his body especially seen on the face. Both of his hands are completed totally covered and stops at his waist. His hair is curly and light brown. He is shockingly taller than Majesty much to Majesty disdain. It's only by an inch or two.
For clothes, he wears his scarf, a buttonless black vest with any color sleeveless shirt underneath. He wears grey colored loose fitting pants with gray or black uggs.
By Eluneis

His full outfit

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Both done by Shraider


*Not for sale or for breeding.

Bio By: CityTurtle

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