Kiwi (#36615170)
Level 1 Wildclaw
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Plainstrider Bard
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Energy: 42/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Female Wildclaw
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5.78 m
5.87 m
501.09 kg


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Oct 14, 2017
(4 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Wildclaw
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


Around 7-9 in human years
Tyr finds her when he and his friends are out picking fruit.
She is blind
Friends with Pearl and Bartholomew
She is an quiet girl would much rather play inside than outside.

She is currently living at one of the clan's orphanage but is in the process of getting adopted by Tancred and Sage. She was found as a hatchling in the forest after a large thunderstorm hit the clan. Most the residents left to safely there were dragons who chose to stay behind. Kiwi is most likely a hatchling of one of those dragons. With a clan as large as this one it hard to keep track of every individual dragon. After checking in with all the clan doctors there was no documentation of her hatching. So she was turned over to the orphanage for dragons with special needs. It's been a long process of her trying to find her a family but it's finally happening. Tancred who would work at the library helping young dragons learn braille meet Kiwi there and they formed a bond. Which lend to the current lovely sitution.

"Astomnus" wrote on 2018-01-03:

Kiwi- were you born blind? And if not, what's the story behind it?

Kiwi's little head turns to where she hears your voice and stops playing with her doll " Well Doctor Moon says that I was born like this" She nods her head " Yea he says that somethings just happen before we are hatched and that I just see in a different way I think. I did you know he is trying to get a creature that can lead me around! That way I won't have to hold my friends Pearl's or Mew's tail or claw when we walk together! I can't wait!"
"SnoringHyena" wrote on 2018-01-08:
"QuotetheRaven" wrote on 2018-01-08:
Kiwi, do you actually like to eat Kiwis? Both the bird and fruit. Follow up, if you have had both, which do you like more?
(that one was a bit silly, so here is a more serious one)
Since you were born blind, how do you find yourself navigating your world? Do you have improved hearing/smell? Have you started developing something like echolocation?
Kiwi cocks her head to the side at your first question "No I have never had Kiwi the fruit before. Doctor Moon said that I'm a Wildclaw so I just have to eat meat. But I do think my friend Pearl has had the fruit before tho. He hates fruits for some reason" She gives you a shrug as she said the last sentence.
"What's Ec-echo-echolocation? Hmm. I don't think have heard about that before. Is it a toy? How do you know if your sense is improved? Improved means better right? The way that I get around is with help from my friends Pearl or Mew. I got better at walking around in the caves that I walk every day. But!!! I should be getting a Service Familiar soon so I can't wait!"
"SnoringHyena" wrote on "2018-06-10:
"knifedad" wrote on "2018-06-10:
hey, kiwi! you mention doctor moon a lot- do they take care of you? also, do you know what profession you'll want when you grow up?
"Hello!" Kiwi responses with a smile on face "No Doctor Moon does not take care of me" She gives a sad shake of her head at that. " He does visit when he can! He brings gifts and always asks me how I'm doing even if I'm not in a check up with him. He really nice but his job keeps him busy. He has to make sure everyone is healthy."

"Do you know who else visits me Tan. His name is Tancred but he says I get to call him Tan. He helps learn to read Braille and he even plays the game with me a lot! Sometimes I get to stay at his house with him and husband Sage. I really love there. It's nice." Her face twists up at the thought of your second question "I love flowers. They always feel soft and give off a very nice smell. I guess I want to a florist that what dragons who sell flowers are called you know."

There is some noise in the background and the calling of the young Wildclaw's name. Her head tilts in the direction of the sound and she takes a big whiff. "Oh, it lunch time! I got to go! Bye!" She gets up without missing a beat and makes her way in the direction of the sound and delicious scent.
By Dovalore
By Mobian

By ChalcedonyDraws
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