Surelight (#32822533)
My loyalty is faith
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Gaseous Megashrimp
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Pearlcatcher
This dragon cannot breed until Aug 05, 2021 (11 days).
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4.87 m
4.83 m
613.64 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


May 06, 2017
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 0 / 245


Surelight, Cleric
Patron god: Untilm, god of Moon Arcana and Order
Eyes: black|Gender: Trail
Age: ~700
Mates: Astera
Role: Priest, Guard, Counselor
Alignment: Neutral Good
Dawnwood was Surelight's favorite incense. The biting spice was undercut with a gentle sweetness that lingered in the air. He nudged the burning sticks into place, a careful half-circle around a small shrine. The shrine was almost as old as he was--and twice as battered--with warped wooden sides and chipped crystal inlays. But he couldn't bear the thought of replacing it.

After incense was the offering, which today was a tuft of Surelight's own fur. He laid it down gently before the shrine and bowed deeply, saying,

"On behalf of the Waypoint and those who live within, I ask only that balance be given to those who need it. I do not ask for happiness or change, because these are things that we must make ourselves, but I do ask for the power to bring them into this world for those who cannot do it themselves. All my thanks in return for listening."

He stepped away from the shrine, flicking his tail so the next dragon could come forward. Sandstorm, judging by scent and the sound of the footsteps. Surelight remained by the shrine while each other dragon prayed in turn, sometimes offering the wisdom that only a 700 year old priest could have.

"Thank you, Surelight," Elektrum said after the service. Her jewelry clinged as she bowed, feathers rustling against the floor. "And... thank you for everything else," she added, quiet and earnest. "If I can do something for you, let me know.”

“Actually, I do have something you could help me with…”


Astera gasped. “Oh, Surelight! This is just beautiful.”

“The honor is not all mine--I had some help from Elektrum.” Surelight rose to meet his mate, nuzzling her as she entered the small den. The coatl had helped him decorate his study with softly glowing crystals and suncatchers, so that beams of multi-coloured light would twirl slowly through the cave. The effect was naturally lost on him, seeing as he lost his sight centuries ago, but Surelight knew his mate would appreciate it.

“And the desserts?” Astera asked, lying down with a muffled thump on the pile of cushions. She sniffed appreciatively at the plate of delicate pastries and honeyed fruit.

“These are all me,” Surelight said, cuddling up beside her in the nest of pillows. “There’s a few fried puff pastries with a bit of sweetened cream, a pair of pear fritters, a chocolate and banana crepe, and then some sliced strawberries with honey and orange.”

She draped a wing over his side, purring. “How thoughtful you are, sweetheart. What do you think we should start with?”

“Well, it’s only what you deserve after working so hard to protect us. And, being such a wonderful teacher to Stormtide.”

Astera scoffed, pushing at him playfully. “Oh, there you go again, you manipulator. Trying to flatter me with sweet words and smiles, like you did decades ago,” she said, clearly trying to sound irritated but far too amused to be convincing. “And you didn’t answer my question.”

“Why would you trust a manipulator like me?” Surelight splayed a claw over his chest overdramatically. “You said it yourself, I’ll merely--”

“I’m starting with a puff pastry, then!” Astera declared, snagging one off the plate.

“Ah, the perfect choice to begin,” Surelight said, barely suppressing a smile at his mate’s exasperated reaction. He could almost feel her rolling her eyes at him.

What a pair they were.

"I, Surelight the Cleric, vow to do all in my power to heal the wounded, defend the weak, and shelter the outcast. My loyalty is faith, and my faith is loyalty; all my loyalty to the Waypoint and those we serve. On my life, shrine, and wings I do swear."

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