Astera (#32818935)
My loyalty is sacrifice
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Satin Pocketmouse
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Pearlcatcher
This dragon cannot breed until Jun 01, 2021 (15 days).
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5.54 m
6.01 m
445.25 kg


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May 06, 2017
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 0 / 245


Astera, Enchantress
Patron god: Mertisal, god of Water and Freedom
Eyes: silver|Gender: Point

Lore Story: Through the Depths
Age: ~650
Mate: Surelight
Role: Guard, Enchanter, Delver
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Astera’s patrol always ended at the same place: the Grand Entrance. It truly was not overly magnificent, just a smallish cave with luminous moss and fungus, detailed with religious carvings. The far wall opened to the sea, Ashsong’s silver runes along the mouth keeping back the water. Astera could see endlessly into the blue depths, milky fish and blind sharks circling relentlessly, and even a few of her own pearly jellies drifted along in invisible currents.

But she was not there to sightsee.

Astera judged the runes by the Grand Entrance critically; it wasn’t that she expected them to fail, because she knew Ashsong had done good work, but the fact remained that enchanting was her specialty and not his. She could feel, reaching out with her awareness, the form of the runes, their strength, and the amateurish lines and scripts of the spell holding the ocean back from flooding the Waypoint.


The dark blue pearlcatcher unfastened her armour and halberd. She touched the first silver rune gently with a claw, and pulled. It glowed more strongly, and Astera whispered to it, carfeully crafted phrases that echoed with power. She spun the filiments of silver around her digits, never fully breaking the enchantment, and she let her own pulsing magic flow like song into the rune.


Astera was singing in earnest now, voice rising and ebbing like the sea itself as she went joyously from rune to rune, weaving her spirit into them so they might never falter. The words remained the same: her own creation, a series of poetic commands that echoed with the beauty of the deep and were equally beyond comprehension. Her song grew louder, and louder yet, until the world vanished from Astera’s awareness and there was only silver magic and silken poetry.

“Astera,” she heard from behind, once her song faded. “Dearest, it’s me, Surelight.” And it was Surelight, her beloved mate, resting patiently on the crystal floor with his soft features alight with concern and pride.

Astera tried to rise to meet him, but her soul was spent, and she could only push herself into a sitting position. “Pardon me,” she rasped quietly, because she could not speak any louder.

“Just rest a moment.” Surelight walked to lie beside her, his pale blues standing out against her black markings. “You missed supper, though I suppose that’s standard procedure,” he teased, but his tone was light and happy. “What a pair we are!” he chuckled, licking her jaw affectionately.

And what a pair they were.
"I, Astera the Enchantress, vow to do all in my power to heal the wounded, defend the weak, and shelter the outcast. My loyalty is sacrifice, and my sacrifice is loyalty; all my loyalty to the Waypoint and those we serve. On my life, voice, and wings I do swear."

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