Phobetor (#32525478)
I have never seen you a day in my life
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Smoky Bantam Fangar
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Male Tundra
This dragon is hibernating.
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4.33 m
2.9 m
369.47 kg


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Apr 24, 2017
(4 years)



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Eye Type
Level 5 Tundra
EXP: 1246 / 5545




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GAQTTDA wrote:
"Dragonaxew" wrote on "2019-07-03:

"I was a soldier like you once, and then I took an arrow to the knee."

Age: Mid thirties to Late Thirties
Some of the other dragons wonder how he can be so serious all the time. Phobetor himself believes that it is all apart of his charms. And no he's not joking. Under his fluffy exterior, believe it or not, is solid muscle. This dragon does not play when it comes to working out and getting the correct amount of exercise. All that extra muscle would make it difficult to fly if he was even capable of flight that is. When he was born his wings were already way too small compared to his body size. At first, his parents seem to think that would grow and adjust with his size as he aged. That was not the case. He never felt the feeling of wind underneath his wings. Though he does not seem to care. This is his annoying twin brother Morpheus and his troublesome nephew Tyr.

Phobetor was the first born out a nest of two. To be precise he was born three minutes before his brother. During his hatchling years, he and his family lived in the Windswept Plateau. He can't really remember much about where they lived or what his old home looked like. His family moved to the clan of Wayward Masses just before he and Morpheus started secondary school.

His parent's claim that the moving of flights was based on his parent's jobs but to Phobetor that seems just as likely as the Ashfall Waste region freezing over. Both of his parents had important jobs in the clan. His mother had a sit on the council and his father was very well known for being a Motivational Speaker who had shows sell out on the weekend. It makes no sense to him for his parents have made the move unless the reason was something completely different.

Phobetor may not have many memories of their past home but he does know it's known for having broken apart platforms and the need to fly if one wants to get to your destination. With the issues involving his wings, Phobetor believes that his parents made the move because of him. Which on one paw it nice that his parents thought about him but on the other paw in his youth he felt bad that he uprooted his family. This seems to be a recurring issue in his life. He was not ashamed of his wings he just hated that it may have caused issues in others lives.
He really did not have have a clue as to what he wanted to be when he grew up. He did find his mother's sit on the council to be boring and he hates censoring himself to spare someone else feelings. With that and all the politics that come with the job he rather not. He could never imagine doing his father's job with all the repetition and having to remember everyone names. Phobetor knows his memory is complete trash when it comes to remembering others faces. He can recall books and instructions with no issue but he has problems with telling other dragons apart that he does not know well.

He and parents seem to spend hours agonizing about his options. This put a heavy strain on their relationship. The only that he could go and talk to would be his older sister. His twin, Morpheus loves him to death but he is not the best for these types of situations. He and his sister would have late night discussions and in the end, they really did not make any process. Phobetor was right back where he started. No clue what he wanted to and he felt lost in life. So he thought it would be best for him to go out and see the world. Maybe he could find something that calls out to him.

So he told his family of his plans to leave. He was met with a sea of waterworks and understanding head nods. So he packed his bags. His parents give him some money to get by. Promised to write though he was never sure if he would be in the staying in the same place for him to receive their responses. He started on his travels. He did have a map but he ended taking the scenic route and Phobetor had enough knowledge of living in the outdoors to survive.

Around 6 months into his journey, he met an interesting group of dragons who were apart of a mercenary corp. They were easy to hold a conversation with and even gave him some fighting lessons. The rush he feels when picks up a sword and blocks an attack. Phobetor has never felt so alive. He believes knows this is something he has a pursue. He traveled with the group for just 6 more months where he was taught more battle techniques. He even joined in in some of their missions near the end of his stay. In the end, they had to part ways so Phobetor could go home and give his family the good news.

Once he returned to his family they took the news as well as the be aspected. They tried to talk him out of it. Once he puts his mind to something it will not change. He signed up at one of the clan's guilds under the fighter class. Where he was put through boot camp. Once he completed his boot camp he was put on a team with others. The first couple of missions where just protect and escort types.
In a clan has a big as the one he lives in there are many different blacksmith shops. He primarily focuses on Weaponry but from time to time he can be seen building other things. No, this job was not his first choice but it is something that he has grown to enjoy. Now that he is unable to truly do the missionary work he misses out of the enjoyment and excitement that it brings. This is the best thing he got unless he wants to sit on his fluffy butt all day. As time passed he has gotten used to it and found that he can indeed get enjoyment out of it. It has also made him form another relationship instead of shutting himself away. He has formed a working place relationship with Galadriel
As she is the clan's engineer and will often need metals for her work so she will pay him to build things for her as she is not physically strong

Some of his non weapon items include Pearl's stroller, Obsidian Moon's cane and his walking stick, Kiwi's Cart
The High Council
He has a seat on the high council but only when his father is not there to make a vote. To put it lightly he hates it but better him than his brother.

He did voice his displeasure when Majesty come to join the clan but he was not willing to turn away the hatchlings that came with him.
He loves tea.
He secretly enjoys Hot Chocolate even if he acts like he does not like sweets.
He does have a soft spot for his brother and refuses to tolerate anybody messing with him
Was a mercenary in the pass but now he is kind of retired mostly due to his arm injury and leg injury.

His injuries
He has two major injuries are to his Left arm and right leg. The pain in this left arm is not the one that bothers him. It tends to hurt a bit a before it rains but that's about it. If it hurts all he has to do is take short breaks and put some heat on it. As long as he is sitting down and not putting pressure on it he is fine. He got this one from a fighting a beastclan member.

The pain in his left leg is the true problem. It can get so bad that sometimes he is not able to walk on it but that does not stop him from being stubborn about. It can hurt even if he is laying down which a bother and generally has Dr.Moon coming over to do some magic to relive him of it. How he got the leg injury is something he refuses to talk about.
He will still try to work though it which of course will make it worse. Which he knows but that does not stop him. Morpheus will stop him before he even tries now a days it pretty annoying like when did this brat learn to read him so well.

"SnoringHyena" wrote on 2018-01-08:
"Fourr" wrote on 2018-01-07:
Phobetor, does it bother you that you can't fly?
The buff Tundra turns his head at you and gives you a mighty glare "DID Death Fall send you! I told that therapist that I don't care! I don't need his help. Me not flying is perfectly fine. You can't miss something that you never experienced" He gave you a huff "So you can go back and tell the therapist the same thing I tell him every time I DONT CARE"
Human Appearance
Human reference
He has a muscular body type. Around 6'4 in height. Has a scar on his right arm and his left leg. He does not have a limp on good days. He generally wears sweatpants and hoodies when he not wearing his blacksmith clothes

Art Section

By Patako
phobetor_for_snoringhyena_by_idlewildly-dc9poli.png GSF3qAS.png

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