Midnightsun (#30787561)
My loyalty is selflessness
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Masked Gryphon
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Mirror
This dragon cannot breed until Jun 23, 2021 (10 days).
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4.01 m
5.88 m
426.64 kg


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Feb 12, 2017
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Mirror
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Midnightsun, Flock First
Patron god: Koletti, god of Earth and Honour
Eyes: brown|Gender: Point
Age: ~800
Mates: Daybreak, Honeyfrost, Atalantark
Role: Leader, Matriarch, Judge
Alignment: Lawful Good
"Uh, excuse me, Flock First?" came the halting, gruff voice of Atalantark. Midnightsun could see the grey and yellow guardian's feet from where she stood just outside the mirror's small private den.

"Hm?" Midnight set aside the parchments she had been reading--Taiga's weekly report on the state of supplies-- and rose from her work desk. She threw her shawl over her shoulders, but left her headdress on its stand.

"Ah, I don't mean to bother you, but..." Atalantark's heavy claws shuffled against crystal tiles. "I need some advice."

"I see," Midnight said plainly, exiting her den and giving the guardian a once-over with her steady brown gaze. The larger dragon was clearly nervous, not wearing even a single piece of armor or her customary jewelry, her mottled wings pressed in her flanks and her tail twitching to and fro on the stone floor. The flock leader said nothing more, simply letting the silence pull answers out of Atalantark faster than any question.

"Aza and I are... I mean, I am having some issues with Azarani," the guardian said in a rush. "He's upset--he's been upset--about how I just can't stand Smolderhearth. Aza said I'm hurting his rehabilitation, or something, and I said... many things I shouldn't have. I know I need to do something to apologize, or make it up to him, but..." Here she thumped her tail on the ground in frustration. "I just can't, not with that crazy ex-pirate still around."

Midnight remained outwardly impassive, though her mind was swirling with words and advice all carefully being arranged into position. She gestured with a wing for Atalantark to lie down on the padded lounge right near the entrance to her den. Once the massive dragon settled her bulk comfortably into the cushions, the mirror finally spoke.

"Azarani does not need your apology. Hearth does." Midnight noticed the guardian jolt at this, but pressed on. "Hearth has not harmed anyone since he arrived here, and has done nothing but try his best to follow our rules. Rules that you have not been following."

"Excuse me?" Atalantark reared her head, all nervousness gone and replaced with confusion and anger.

"You are of the Waypoint. You swore the Oath." Midnight tilted her head up to meet the guardian's eyes, not intimidated by their difference in size. She ordered quietly but firmly, "Recite it."

Atalantark grumbled, but complied. "I, Atalantark the Kingslayer, vow to do all in my power to heal the wounded, defend the weak, and shelter the outcast. My loyalty is justice, and my justice is loyalty; all my loyalty is to the Waypoint and those we serve. On my life, Charge, and wings I do swear." She started in her usual strong, booming voice, but as she went on her words grew softer and less sure.

Midnight nodded after she finished. "You understand. You have an oath to heal, defend, and shelter. No exceptions."

"I... I guess I need to go and apologize now. To both of them." The grey guardian rose from the lounge and bowed deeply to her leader.

"You do," was all that Midnight said before returning Atalantark's bow and ducking back into her private den. With just the slightest of smiles she looked over Taiga's report, her mind drifting back to that fateful day so long ago...

"I, Midnightsun the Exile, am the first to vow to do all in my power to heal the wounded, defend the weak, and shelter the outcast. My loyalty is selflessness, and my selflessness is loyalty; all my loyalty is to this new Waypoint and those we shall serve. On my life, honour, and wings I do swear."

Art by me
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