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A mighty kingdom of dragons, with the strong Windknight and graceful Elegance as their leaders.

At Windknight's coronation, he was crowned as leader of the small band of dragons traveling together in Sornieth. Among them Elegance, one of the only remaining members from years bygone, and Windknight's mate.

He has been given many names, such as Windwarrior, King of the Storm, and Vanrer the Brave. Windknight was the youngest, and most powerful dragon for his age, ever to lead a clan, who he lead to the Gale Sanctum. There they built a city that grew into a powerful kingdom with a bustling population, many warriors and academics, and a thriving economy.
This city was known as Wyncinii.

All kinds of dragons settled there, their hatchlings earning their eye colors like a trophy, showing off that they have joined the powerful clan of the Windwarrior in Wyncinii.

However, one day, centuries after the founding of the City, a great storm overtook: the winds were at war. Buildings collapsed, dragons died, and belongings were lost; the great Clan was forced to move. They were taken in by the dragons of the Sea of a Thousand Currents; while Windknight, Elegance, and the Clan gratefully accept their new home and give their loyalty to the Tidelord and the Currents, their old home in the Zephyr Steppes in the Windsinger's domain will always be dear to them, held forever in their hearts and memories.

Moved flights on 19 June 2023: Wind (Starting flight <3) to Water

About me!

Hi! I'm Flat! I am from South Africa, and my pronouns are she/her.
I love modded minecraft, terraria, and phasmophobia! And a bunch of other games too, of course. If you want to play together anytime, shoot me a mail and ask for my discord or steam username! I'd rather not post them publicly here ;)

Timezone: UTC +2 / Flight Rising Time +10

note to myself: a list of genes i need. (Donations are always appreciated though ;) !

1x wc scroll

2-3x vial of innocent sight is useful to have on hand

TET (Aether):
- Fade
- Butterfly
- Starfall
- Pastel eyes

RUU (Mod)
- Obelisk


I share an IP with nobody currently active
I also play on many different devices in many places!

Recent Comments

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December 20, 2023 10:16:55
Genesis is so gorgeous! Congrats too on hatching them, such amazing luck ^^
December 15, 2023 07:25:07
as someone who also unfortunately has a brother I can confirm they are invasive species
November 29, 2023 12:00:20
Thank you, that's so nice of you to say!
Your avatar dragon Genesis is really pretty, the double white with the plague innocent eyes look amazing! ^^
November 29, 2023 11:09:14
I appreciate you,you made me smile today with your username,I needed that
October 15, 2023 17:53:29
I love your user so much xD
September 18, 2023 06:24:30
Anyone not in the court tabs don't count since theyre not part of the lore, Homeworld just being my little show-off page for my favorite dergs! Those are from a Corrupted Jasper hatchery, waiting for the next light nest to hatch so i can get a third to permabab 😭-- I'm.. mentally unwell for Jasper.

BUT! Yeah, I'm planning on modernising some other ancients of mine to fit my ancient v modern rule, but some like the Jasper set are just dergs I enjoy in general.
September 18, 2023 06:16:40
Lol, yeah, SU themed because I have the worlds worst brainrot for space rocks pff- as for Pink being an aether, it was the only one that... fit, I guess? Not entirely happy with the colors or genes but she works fine. All the Diamonds have to be ancients, n Non Diamonds have to be moderns! And stars know a Gaoler was just not gonna work for Pink
September 07, 2023 14:50:02
Hello there! I saw you had a nocturne named xyy, I really lover it's colors so I'm here to ask how much you'd like for it :)))
August 17, 2023 11:18:48
Working with you on Rustling was a pleasure and an honor. I'm glad she's back home, but I'm so happy I got to share her with someone, too. ^v^
August 06, 2023 15:09:24
Congrats on that double White! She's a cutie
July 18, 2023 09:21:24
Thank you for the comment on my profile. People often can't afford to buy art, but kind words about my work keep me going. <3
June 21, 2023 03:45:51
Hi! I'm the person who was selling fanned cockroaches on the ah recently. I only have 30 as of now, but if you're interested in a smaller amount then we can make a deal ^^
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