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relinking some stuff in my lair because of this. kinda slow tho so expect every image in my lair to break come 2024

my entire existence is a spoiler lol :p

"You done gawking? We can start? Good."

Fortune Teller's Deck
Thunderback Slink
Lightning's Charm
Mesa Mechanojets
Lightning Aura
Fortune Teller's Deck

I go by P03 or Poe (caps or not).
If needed, any pronouns are sufficient.
If you're so desperate to know more about me, you'll find info pinned on Fridgebot."

"If you're too lazy to do that, though...

- I am an exalting lair.

- I am currently not accepting random friend requests for the sake of inflating your ego/friend list [but if you are a fan of me I am honored and may consider it].

- I am okay with friendly comments or PMs."

"...I collect Weasels, the 'scrunkly' creatures [whatever that means]. If you happen to have any of these pests around your lair, feel free to toss em at me. I'll take good care of them..."
"I'll accept these beasts as well. Stupid things..."
Pebblehide Stoat
Fortune Teller's Deck
Thunderback Slink
Voltaic Stormclaws
Voltvolley Implements
Lightning Aura
Fortune Teller's Deck

/everything under here is OOC

clicking on my profile was a total misplay ;]

normal profile dragon - mango lore my scrimblo

credit to exlann for the act iii card back images used on the sides

to devs - i use multiple different devices, including but not limited to a phone, multiple computers, and multiple tablets.

Recent Comments

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April 20, 2024 09:50:02
Thank you for letting me know!
March 01, 2024 20:36:32
thank you for the kind words! ymaalon looks forward to seeing you in the garden again.
March 01, 2024 14:24:48
Eyy thanks for letting me know!! xD Love your coatl profile pic!!
February 19, 2024 09:29:41
P03 SPOTTED!!! WEASELS INCOMING (Also, I have a P03 dragon on my fandragon page, if you are interested in looking)
January 30, 2024 18:45:02
No need to apologize for changing his name! I'm always excited to see a sold dragon get some fun attention like that right away! I'm not familiar with Dragon Quest but that's a sweet character design. Thanks for giving Goresby a home! n__n
December 07, 2023 18:36:35
Haha, I hope you're okay with me leaving it there! I absolutely love seeing my hatchlings become fandragons, and ParallelSusie is a delight, so I thought it'd be fun to point her out in the bios of each of her parents. Glad to see you're still around here! Got a kick out of your new art thread, too!
December 03, 2023 18:52:26
Oh gosh thank you so much! I IMMEDIATELY snatched him when I saw him- I've been looking for a good dragon for that UMA for a while and just couldn't find the perfect dragon lol. He was MEANT to wear that UMA! I splurged on geneing him right away and now just waiting to level my Baldwin for Keel! I really appreciate you selling him cause he is just perfect <3
November 12, 2023 21:39:51
okay so i hit character limit feel free to delete if you want ill try to keep this brief i just need to mention that "adults are just bigger hatchlings" made me actually laugh so bad shes so silly. As I was Saying did i mention i love your dimentio i am a sucker for when people use the jester apparel for The Clowns(tm)... cagney has such a nice color scheme flower dragons have to be done Right and this one was done right. the secondary and tert on peppino is really clever . as for your nonfandragons your tech dragons are so sososososososo cool <- SUCKER FOR TECH STUFF
heh. hyperlink <- bro who's name is lirealyl spam these skins on these draogns look So COol molasses and auroraborealis are so cool... sory for talking so much i tend to ramble on again delete these if you want
November 12, 2023 21:14:43
okay sorry hi i looked at all of your dragons this time and OH MY COG??? the nooklings... doing them as an abberation like ingo and emmet is so good. shoutout to you for doing the alternate versions of susie too and OMG???? THE PADDLER??? i never thought id see rhythm heaven on this cog dang site but here we are. and of course pearl and marina... i love pearl as a mirror and cog i usually Hate how ringlets looks on spirals but you managed to make it look good... the baldwin necklaces for their massive zippers is so clever. i somehow didnt even mention it but inscryption... the skin on stoat looks so cool and you did my girl grimmora such justice... the mycologist is such a fun concept (sucker for abberations like this can you tell). as a deltarune fan ohhhh my cogggg BERDLYYYYYYYYYY you did my boy such justic omg you transform these dragons with your apparel so bad you did his glow in the dark armor justice and the writing thing for his papers.. jevil is so silly did i mention i oops
November 11, 2023 18:54:00
HIIIIIIIIIIII okay sorry i found one of your fodder in my Search for a Dragon and i just have to say your haltmann and susie are so osososoosososo cool I LOVE PLANET ROBOBOT and i love impulse purchasing fandragons off of ah.
October 15, 2023 02:08:58
i first came by your lair awhile ago, but i forgot to say how much i love your inscryption as well as your other fandragons!!! very cool, congrats on the P03 handle :3c
October 14, 2023 09:07:21
Thanks for letting me know about Kokoro! I always love hearing that :)
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