FrIdgE (#75159734)
Aka P03 Fridge or Fridgebot
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Ridgeback
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style





22.55 m
18.17 m
8113.8 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jan 15, 2022
(8 months)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Ridgeback
EXP: 0 / 245



  • none


  • none


Bought off AH

i forgot to feed 'er lmao
yknow what lets leave her like that to annoy people

ridgeback bc - fade/blend/basic
bought specifically for the FRidge skin i was gifted for free because why not (thank you natron its an amazing skin)
not clickbait poe fridge
About Yours Truly
eternally a wip that looks like garbage

Stuff 'Bout Me

Hey nerds! I'm (not actually) P03, (my old username was Diff12, if I seem familiar). I'm a funny robot impersonator who has too many dragon plans and will never have the funding to finish them all :'[

Take any pronouns - I'm +3 FRT haha I'm in the future

If you don't understand what I'm referencing, its this really cool game called Inscryption!! I don't mind if you have zero idea what that is, or if you dislike the game. I still think you're cool :]

...Also, admittedly, no, I do not romantically like P03. I just thought the username was funny. If you like it, though, I won't insult you, though I will playfully poke at you ;]


Interests and Likes

I like video games, drawing, and writing garbage romance short fics because fictional characters can be pretty sometimes.

I enjoy Inscryption ^^ I'm not obsessed with it, but I think it's a cool game.

I also heavily enjoy Pokemon and Mario games- as you can probably tell by my staggering amount of Nintendo fandragons. Some other game-related interests are a good amount of Nintendo games like Animal Crossing (admittedly, New Horizons), Kirby, a little bit of Splatoon, and Rhythm Heaven (its awesome lol). I'm pretty chill with Don't Starve/Together, A Hat in Time, Undertale/Deltarune, Cuphead, and some other games I've probably forgotten to mention but am too lazy to comb through my interests in my head. Ask me who my favorite character is from a franchise, I dare you >:)

I've watched Steven Universe. I used to have a bigggg obsession with it. I'm not as into it, but I love seeing references and whatnot. I've probably forgotten a bunch of stuff from the show, haha.

In terms of FR related things...
My favorite breed is Spirals/Coatls/Aberrations, least is probably Guardian or Fae admittedly
Favorite familiar is probably the Slight Eyewing it's gorgeous
Favorite genes are Stitched/Patchwork, Pinstripe, Circuit, Gaoler Pinions, VS Diaphonous/Angler, and Banescale Plumage. Don't like Laced/Edged and never will, don't bother haha /lh
Favorite apparel is the Starsilks and the Breeches. Yes. Breeches.
Favorite skin is TV Cryptid- gotta love em TV heads
Favorite color is probably either Radioactive, Cyan, or Obsidian haha I'm basic

I collect unique color dragons- meaning the only one or first of their colors EVER including exalted dergs. If you have one I am willing to take em in, though I’m not too interested if they’re incredibly expensive.


Obligatory Things i suppose

I am an Exalting Lair. I breed my own fodder, though. If I don't want a dragon, I'll give them away for free, but if nobody takes them for an excessively long time, I mean, what else can I do?

Dragon pronouns are located in their bios. I'm okay with misgendering, but I can't say the same for my dragons. /hj

I have lore, but it's not really ... anywhere tangible. Yep. It's in my head.

Wishlist is located on HolyWater. Badges are all on Fluff. Fandragon list is located on Fritz.

If you see someone you like in my Free tab, PM me! I'd appreciate if you weren't just asking for free fodder, but what can I do?

I'm good with Letters from Hatchlings !! They're honestly really cute, feel free to send one if that's your thing :]


Social Stuff

Pretty much just me talkin' bout how I interact, and how others can interact w/ me. Not linking socials haha

I use a lot of exclamation marks!! and emoticons :3 in my communication- It's mainly to prevent myself from being too monotonous. Likewise, I have difficulty detecting tone in online communication, and I use tone tags and overly-enthusiastic messages at times to convey for others, regardless of whether it helps or not. Apologies in advance if I seem too much, I'm not actually this excited haha

If I ever seem really rude it's either a) P03 impersonation or b) it's most likely not intentional, might be in a garbo mood, might just say things the wrong way. I don't really enjoy being rude !

I accept random friend requests, whether for Arlo reasons or because you like having a big friend list. 99% of the time I'll accept, unless I have a good reason not to.


Thanks for checkin' me out! Have a good one. If you want someone to chat with, hit me up, I'm on pretty much all the time until I inevitably get burnt out (which hasn't happened yet ;])


dividers obtained from this tumblr

IDKTR: 1 (lol she's just sorta very loosely based off of p03 this is kinda funny)
BoatBud wrote:
I... Okay so this is obviously a reference for something, but I have no clue what it could be... It did remind me to go get food tho lmao

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