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VPA587E.gif SignatureAlignerSmall.png U M W E L T E N


Definition: The world as it is experienced by each organism. Plural: Umwelten.

Each and every life is unique. No two beings can look at an apple and experience the exact same thing. One may see it towering and huge, while others may see it as a speck that can be crushed underfoot. Some can see its inner temperature while others perceive only the colors on its surface. A Longneck may be reminded of his childhood, while a fruit fly sees a good place to lay her eggs.

There are so many eyes, feelers, and ears in Sornieth that it’s impossible for us to see them all. Even within the narrow range of only dragonkind, there are many different unique experiences and individuals. No Wildclaw knows what it’s like to sense emotions through a pair of delicate antennae, and no Imperial what it’s like to be able to see every detail on a tiny insect with the naked eye.

It is only possible to take a small sample of dragon life on Sornieth, to see through their eyes, but I hope to provide a balanced and interesting selection of what they all have to offer. Each clan only has a few of its members shown, for it would be too time-consuming for us to see every one.

Step through the door and see what life is like for these dragons all across the world.

User Info


You can call me Drift or Morpho! Look at the buttons above for my pronouns and interests. I have fandragons of these interests and many others; feel free to check them out in the Otherworld and Slumberworld tabs linked above. I would be happy to talk about any of these things with you if you share my interests!

I may not always be motivated to come on FR for various reasons, such as if I am tired due to reasons such as allergies or sickness, busy with other things, or simply not interested at the moment. My activity may fade in and out because of this. Sometimes, I may only be interacting with the forums and doing forum games and such, while at other times, I may be engaging with all parts of the game and writing lore. Because of my constantly-shifting interests, I may start a project or join something and forget about it later before picking it up again, so don’t be surprised if I suddenly go on hiatus from one thing or another.

My Flight Rising lore is mostly a casual, light side project for me, and is not always an example of my best writing (although I may put more effort into writing contest entries and such, or when a muse strikes and I just feel like it). I have other (currently, most of them are private) creative projects that I work on which I put more intensive thinking into the creation of (with worldbuilding, science, character development, plots, etc.), while FR lore is (at least currently) a more casual endeavor that I don’t always put all my passion and effort into.

I exalt, but I do not participate heavily in Dom. Sometimes, during battles, I will snipe fodder from the AH or hold it for other people, but (at least currently), I don’t coli very much or otherwise heavily exalt. Usually, when I exalt, it’s because I’ve fallen out of love with the dragon or I need more lair space…or I’m doing the more unusual practice of exalting “background character” dragons (who I don’t want to put apparel on or have them eat up lair space), and linking back to them in the bios of some of my other dragons.

Other Accounts:

- Art Fight (OortCloud)

- Discord (BeeMorpho)


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April 11, 2024 06:21:36
You're welcome! Glad to see my sig made someone happy! :D
March 24, 2024 23:41:58
I'm definitely curious what to see, since whether or not alien Draak-kin implies whether Earth/The Green's nature is unique on the galaxy or not, since the Draak-kin are uniquely magical (apart from humans they're the only ones who can go outside of magic patterns and Enkidle others), and I'm curious to see whether the Draak-kin replay the same actions as the Others when they inhabit another planet. Also, I wonder if the animal aliens are products of the Others since they look so much like Earth animals.

Ohhh I'd love that! I wonder whether the plot would be the Others showing up again after their creations are destroyed and the Draak-kin fighting them off or not. I guess the Compassion game would be the protagonist learning how to be a dragon again... and whether the Door/Truth Ending will have a game or not since it's so trippy!
March 24, 2024 23:27:13
It'd be really cool if we met some sort of alien Draak-kin that interact with the Earth Draak-kin. Dragons that evolved on a different Great Green, adhering to the same Truths but perhaps not the same Laws.

Beyond that, I can't wait to see what they do with the other sequels, since I heard they're making one for each ending.
March 24, 2024 23:22:41
It's SO good, you absolutely should mention it every time! I can't tell how many times I've recommended it myself. I hope we get Hierophant soon, especially with all the political drama it brings. Dragon politics is coming
March 24, 2024 20:34:40
Same. I left WoF a while ago, possibly earlier than most people, but I would like to see how it's handled as a series, especially with whether they'll use the leaked designs from a while back, which I should send since I finally found a good link
March 24, 2024 16:25:15
Apparently the wings of fire animated series got rescued? Between this and warrior cats, it's the year of the animated animal novel series!
March 16, 2024 12:11:29
Thank you so much! It's great to see fellow Outer Wilds fans. I hope that you get to play the DLC soon, I personally found it really fun!

(Also, I love your Reaper Leviathan and Iono dragons, really good colour choices)
January 29, 2024 19:40:02
Thank you for the kind comment! I'm so glad you like my dragons, they're very much a work in progress, but I hold them very close. In fact, Notos, Boreas, Eurus, and Zephyrus' bios were all inspo for a play I wrote and am producing entirely based on the albums- So I definietly understand holding them close to your heart. I really appreciate the well wishes, so happy you like them!
January 18, 2024 10:57:45
Thank you so much, Auras with the Stinger gene are perfect for the BotW/TotK dragons. I'm planning on making the other 4, with custom accents for them as well.
January 08, 2024 18:27:41
I see a fellow Golden Treasure enjoyer, greetings Draak-Kin!
January 04, 2024 21:05:31
Thank you, I appreciate it! Tatsugiri is also one of my favorites, haha!
December 14, 2023 03:36:30
Omg that's literally so cute, they would be besties You're actually third person asking about that sking lol. I will be making my customs public eventually, probably, I'll be sure to ping youif that happens haha
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