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Hello! I am again at college so I will be inactive for a little while with the occasional pop in! All dragons in the sales tab are still for sale and shoot me a message if interested :) Also I am aware of all my broken badges, I had a lot of them on discord and I just haven't had a chance to relocate them LOL
Welcome to the Clan of the Hibiscus!

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I have ADHD and anxiety (a wombo combo) but I don't mind chatting with people :)
I accept DMs but I don't accept random friend requests
This is a lore clan (every dragon will eventually have lore in their bio)
Also Emberbee and Lishadra are both my sisters!

Clan of the Hibiscus

This clan resides in the Everbloom gardens of the Viridian Labyrinth. The main center is on an island where the hibiscus plants grow tall creating a dense foliage and a shadowed home. In the middle of this island in the highest arching branches the matriarch Evangeline and the patriarch Mudslide live together on a platform made from weaved vines, watching over their clan in harmony.

You stand before two mirrors and look down the path that leads to a covered area. You look around, water behind you and above are quite a few tall hibiscus plants. These oddly tall trees cast shadows upon the ground, giving the place a nice home-ie feel. Looking back down the path you see two dragons standing a good distance away. One is a gaoler male, he's much fluffier than the one next to him, he’s also maybe double the size of the one to his left. The one on his left is a female wildclaw, she was very orange when standing next to him. She waves to you and you begin your walk down the path. You're quickly doused into the shade, very cooling, and yet as you are, lights pop up. Fairy lights were strung from the big hibiscus plants that these dragons called home, they gave off a warm lighting increasing the beauty of the place as you went. It wasn’t just a few of these trees like hibiscus plants that were dotted around, there were many tall plants where their stems were populated by rounded leaves. Many assortments of plants also lived around, but they were hard to identify by names. As you come closer to these two friendly dragons you hear a deep voice and a friendly chirpy sounding voice. The deep voice came from the white male gaoler whose fur was dotted with buttercups or at least that's what you thought they were. His shaggy fur hung around his legs elegantly, very much so the opposite of the wildclaw female. Her pelt was sleek and freckled with dark golden spots. Her head ruffles looked like a sunset, being yellow nearer to her head and a light magenta at the tops. Her wings had this similar look as well, except yellow at the front and purple towards the back. Her belly had a slight glimmer to it, not the same color as her top-coat but a bit lighter. She turns to you as you’re studying her claws and she greets you.

“Welcome! I’m Honeysuckle and my gaoler friend here is Iberis. Were the welcoming crew, usually Windkeeper would be here too but she is in a meeting with the protogens.” You smile and reply.

“Nice to meet you!” Iberis waves his furry claw, showing off his curved talons. They looked buffed, as if someone had purposefully rounded them out so they wouldn’t be sharp. “We’ll show you around this centre plaza and then take you to meet Evangeline, she loves to meet all of our new members or friends.” He got up and you almost want to rush to his side as it looks like it was rather tough to stand but no, he is quickly fast ahead of you moving as if he wasn’t a million years old. You walk into the big stalk of the humongous hibiscus that grows overhead, blossoming into a million bits. This part here was hollowed out and the ground was smooth and easy to walk on. Overhead hung half-closed tulips which were glowing with different colors, but you could just see a little orange ball of light in each one, all placed with care. These lights hung from vine bridges that were extended far over head. A few colorful dragons glided across these, carrying baskets, flowers, and more things that were unidentifiable.

“This main flower is where everything started. It first started off as a little hibiscus tree where Evangeline blossomed and grew. As Evangeline grew and the clan around her grew the Hibiscus tree blossomed and grew its roots.” Honeysuckle explained as we began to climb an incline made by the same materials as the vine bridges. You climb up onto the first layer of the vine bridge. There's an opening to the left which was cut through the stem wall and led back out to somewhere.

“This first opening here leads to the docks, that's where some of our goods come in and go out! We're often sending flowers to places since we have such a constant amount of flowers.” Iberis told as he guided you out onto a steady platform, it was wide and long enough for 5 mirrors to stand on comfortably. The platform overlooked the docks which were at the back of the island. There were a few wood docks jutting from the island but no ships were even around. It was just a lot of dragons flying around with boxes and satchels, and so much more but you were swiftly turned around and guided back indoors. The other way, which was now straight across instead of to your right, had a vine bridge leading off to a stout hibiscus plant.

“Straight across there is the homing center, we won’t go there now as we are limited for time but I do suggest going there after the tour!” Honeysuckle began a brisk walk up to the second level, this time it wasn’t just a bridge it was more like a floor. Vines had been extended across and some sort of wood like flooring put down. There were many exits here, precisely 10, and above each exit was a tulip but all of the tulips were different colors. The area was generally pretty plain but as you walked around the room you realized there was a painted pattern on the floor. In the center of the room was a hibiscus flower and then 10 different patterns left from it. The first exit on the left had a yellow tulip light and the pattern on the floor was intricate yellow rays extending from the flower and moving straight towards the door. It wasn’t just one color of yellow but many different tones and hues. Your jaw gaped and Iberis chuckled. “It's beautifully painted isn’t it? Each of those exits leads to the houses of our flight reps. This first one here on the left is Light of course. Evangeline didn’t mark all the rooms for each reps so that they could choose their own spots so that's why they aren’t all filled out, since we don’t have all our reps yet! It’ll be exciting to see who comes and what pattern is painted next on the floor.” You pull away from the sight and move up another level of vine bridges. This next level isn’t quite as high as the second level was, this level is yet another one like the second level. It had a floor extending all around and there were 4 arches leading out. Iberis led you out of one and there you stood on a deck that encompassed the whole stem. It wound all the way around to give you a perfect look of the whole island and those that were farther away.

Honeysuckle swept her claw around to show you the islands. “Those outer islands are also a part of the clan! The clan had to expand to those so not everyone was cramped on just one big island. Iberis or I can show you around those some time but next stop is to meet Evangeline and Mudslide!” You tear your eyes away from the beautiful site, you were so far up and could see everything, no wonder why so many dragons lived here. As you trot back inside you find that there were no more vine bridges to climb up to. Honeysuckle extended her magnificent wings and offered her claw to you. Iberis nodded his head to you, “I won't be coming with, but have fun!” You extend your own wings and follow Honeysuckle as she flys up and up. The ceiling came nearer and nearer, soon you found yourself landing on a petal covered floor. You had been guided up to a little hole in the ceiling where you were to fly through and then land on the floor. This room was lit with more tulip lights, most of them were pink but a few were yellow or purple. Garlands of beautiful flowers were draped across the walls and more fairy lights were crossing the way as well. A large hibiscus, big enough for two mirrors to lay on, was towards the right, it was pushed up against the wall. The hibiscus was a minty green in the middle and faded out towards pink at the edges. Little lilies lined where the edge of the flower met with the wall, as if a sort of decorative pillow. The only other exit was straight across from the landing area, it was an arch lined with an assortment of pink and red flowers. To the left of this door was a fine sized table, which was loaded with important papers and notes. Your eyes searched the papers for a bit before you heard a light thud and looked up to see a brown mirror with a pink fae on his head outside of the exit adjacent from you. The fae lets out an excited sort of “squueeeeeee” and comes flying forward. The mirror slowly walks forward and dips his head.

“Welcome, I’m Mudslide and this here is my charge, Evangeline. She’s the leader of the clan and mother to all.” Evangeline’s face lit up as she looked at you and then back at mudslide, very unusual for a fae. Most fae’s were very hard to read but no, her emotions were very present. She outreached her little arms and hugged your face. She clapped her claws again as she pulled away and smiled. She then turned to Mudslide and waved her claws around a few times.

“Evangeline welcomes you to the clan of the Hibiscus! We are both ecstatic that you are here and hope that this will be your forever home, if it's not that is not a problem but we hope that you enjoy your stay.” You almost expected for Mudslides voice to be monotone, as if the two had flipped their traits but he had a well articulated voice. You felt a warmth grow inside you and took your turn to bow. You told them your name which was met with a chirp of approval from Evangeline. Evangeline then waves you over to the deck outside of the door. She waves her hands showing all of the land and then pulls a medium sized hibiscus from a flower pot on the deck and gives it to you.

“Welcome to the clan of the Hibiscus, enjoy your stay no matter what length it is!”

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