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♦ Blue Shadow Clan ♦

The Founders of the clan are Esdeath and Fyodor, but the clan has grown too large for them to manage it themselves.
That's why they created an Arbiter System, managed by 17 of the most involved and respected dragons.


Apart from marriages, there are also groups of friends. Dragons from Hibernal Den sometimes come out of their safe haven, so many groups of friends are mixed. Hibernal Den is only a place, that's why any Dragon, even the Arbiter, can enter and leave it whenever he wishes. This place is better protected, so dragons who don't feel strong enough can easily hide there.
Home: Underground Blue Cave.
Clan: Blue Shadow Clan.
Parts: Lair and Hibernal Den. In the Lair there are dragons going on expeditions and fights. In Hibernal Den there are Dragons that don't like to go out too often.


In the nest, everyone live well together, but stronger friendships had created between some of the dragons. Several couples in love swore allegiance to each other and are official married in front of golden altar. Each of the 17 Arbiters has the authority to give and cancel vows.


Arbiter System - 17 Members

1. Esdeath "Ice Queen" - Founder
2. Fyodor Dostoyevsky "Crime and Punishment" - Founder
3. Gabriel Dark"Vlad Dracula"
4. Yukichi Fukuzawa "Silver Wolf"
5. Osamu Dazai "Demonic Prodigy"
6. Chuuya Nakahara"Arahabaki"
7. Ferid Bathory "Abnormal Prince"
8. Yamato Hotsuin"Polaris"
9. Nona Ginta"Manager"
10. Gaius Julius Caesar "Quo Vadis"
11. Sinbad Zepar "Lady Killer of the Seven Seas"
12. Rimuru Tempest "Demon Slime"
13. Crowley Eusford "Crusader"
14. Alastor "The Radio Demon"
15. Hua Cheng "Crimson Rain Sought Flower"
16. Ranmaru "The Liondog God"
17. FrankenStein "Headmaster"


Nesting grounds - watched over by two doctors. Mori from Lair and Yosano from Hibernal Den.

Familiar Shelter - place where are all familiars. Dragons come there to take care and play with them. Bestiary is in front of the Shelter if some new Dragon would like to read some informations and check his familiar-best-friend.

Medic bay - place, where tired dragons can rest. Also, when Dragon want go out from Hibernal Den or Liar, first need to go there to check his health.

Cafeteria - place where dragons can eat together. Whole pantry from hoard is right there.

Admin Room - place, where Arbiters are discussing when it's necessary.

Comms - from that place any dragon can call or find other dragons.

Fun House and FunTime Places - dragons can have fun there and play games *obviously*

Expedition Area - if dragon want to go outside, has to go there, do some paperwork, and then can go where he wants.

Fire Force Center - workplace for firefighters.

School - place for teaching young dragons.

Clan Roles:

Clan roles have 4 tiers. From 1st tier (most demanding) to 4th tier (undemanding).
Founder Arbiter- the highest role in the clan. They can do everything. From 1st to 2nd.
Arbiter- almost on the same level as Founder - Arbiter. They are the most respectful dragons, who can decide about everything, including weddings. From 3rd to 17th.

Manager - manages the entire nest. He takes care of the development and needs of dragons. Makes changes and solves problems.
The Gatekeeper - dragons that guard the entrance to the cave so that nothing dangerous gets inside.
Jaeger Warrior - dragons who can fight in Coliseum. If anything would attack the clan, the Jaeger Warriors would be the first to protect it.
Doctor - took care of other dragons. They take care of their health and Nesting Grounds.
Clerk Of Medic Bay - manages medic bay's documents. Analyzes needs, submits requests to Suppliers, receives input / output requests to Hibernal Den, etc.
Policeman - makes sure that the rules are followed. He resolves conflicts, imposes punishments and makes sure that everyone feels safe.
Treasurer - watches over the treasure, gems and valuable things.
Builder - builds things, houses, passages etc.
Firefighters - put out fires, save stuck dragons and familiars, etc.
Teacher - teaching young dragons important things.
Sorcerers - fighting bad omens, ghost, curses and black magic things.

Hunter - hunt and deliver meat to the Cafeteria.
Fisherman - catch fish and deliver seafood to Cafeteria.
Insect Catcher - catch insects and deliver them to Cafeteria.
Gardener - took care of gardens, get plants and deliver them to the Cafeteria.
Cook - sorts food and serves it when dragons come to eat.
Trader - travels the World, trade with other clans and gets a lot of things.
Supplier - transports goods from traders, delivers everything wherever you need it. He also carries things from Lair to Hibernal Den.
Caretaker of Familiars - cares for the familiars, feeds them, and grants permissions to change familiar.
Expedition Controller - manage documents about expeditions and trips outside the clan.Every dragon that wants go outside, need to sighn some papers.
Bartender - take care of whole alcohol in the Hoard. He makes sure that the children don't take it and gives it to adults.
Radio Operator - works at Comms. Calls dragons, announces clan-wide news and announcements.
Musician - makes music, of course.
Apparel's manager - cares about the apparels.
Fun House employee - cares about Fun House, toys etc.
Archeologist - finds interesting things and brings them to the clan. He decides what to keep and what to give to the Trader.

Resident of Hibernal Den - just a resident who doesn't work in important places. He does very undemanding things, for example: cleaning, washing, destroying pests, brings private messages etc.


Crossovers: Just group of friends. No logic here.
Nobles:Connected to Arbiters, proud and powerful dragons, which are respected.
Jura Tempest Federation: Official name of Hibernal Den. Anyone who does not have a team can say that is a member of Jura's Tempest Federation. Rimuru is their keeper.
Saints: No Logic.
Writers: Kinda artists.
Sea Travelers: Just travelers. None were born within the clan.
Samurai: Likes fights.
Vampire: Very specific group
Alcohol Milord's: Likes alcohol.
Team Melancholy: Tsubaki's team.
Fancy Prisoners: Uno's Team.
Jaeger Warriors: Protectors and Coliseum warriors.
Doctors: Just Doctors. That's it.
Brigands: Small part of Hunters, who wanted to be a team.
Elite: Rich dragons who are "better" than poor dragons. Most dragons simply call them "rich b!tch" for their insolence. However, until they do something BAD, they can stay.
Plasmagica: Music band.
Trichronica: Music band.
ShingenCrimsonZ: Music band.
Supreme Five Swords: 5 Spiral girls, who are good in fighting, even if they're small.
Gamblers: Obsessed with gambling and games.
Demons Alliance: Insane athletes and very powerful dragons.
Fashionables: Likes clothes and fashion.
Sukkuzans: Swingers?
Fire Forces: Firefighters.
Thousand Eyes Community: Shiroyasha's team of dragons with special eyes and... ekhem... dragons.
Teachers: Just... teachers.
Sorcerers: Fighting with bad energy, dark magic, cursed things and bad spirits.
Cursed Spirits: immature jokers who love to disturb everyone.
• Probably there are a lot of small and not famous team, that aren't in the registry. But they exsist just as friends.

♠ Lair is closer to exit from the cave. Hibernal's resting places begin deep in the cave. Inexperienced Dragons can get lost very easy.
♠ All Dragons have nicknames or titles. They did it because "it's cool".
♠ Some Dragons have similar titles not because they are close to each others, but because of what they are.
♠ There is few couples that will be forever togerher, but most of dragons prefer dating with a few different. Even without feelings, just because they are in their type for that "one time thing".
♠ It's a non-exalt clan.

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