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Pears   she / her   mid-20s   FR+19 (AEST)
The MélamarClan ArdanénKingdom of Ravèna

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February 13, 2024 06:48:22
Lefuel was on the front! I'll have to say, he is definitely one of my favorite Ridgebacks I've seen! What a beautiful aesthetic!
February 13, 2024 06:47:25
Lefuel was on the front page! he is stunning!
January 16, 2024 03:49:40
Cassiel was on the front page, and looks lovely!
December 29, 2023 16:09:25
Your Arcana fan dragons are super cool!
November 07, 2023 14:17:05
*buys a skin you have listed off the AH to make a new MXTX-themed dragon and cackles*

Hope you're have a lovely day! I hope to respond sometime soon, whenever I actually have a brain again LOL. :'D
November 04, 2023 08:49:36
Howdy! I just wanted to say I've seen your PM and I'll reply when I'm able to! (Sorry, just a little exhausted at the moment, I'm not trying to ignore you because I'm very excited to talk about shenanigans.) I hope you're doing well though! :D Have a super lovely day!
November 02, 2023 07:45:46
I'M SORRY FOR THE COMMENT SPAM I KEEP GETTING HIT BY THE WORD LIMIT- but I can totally help if you need it for pronunciation things. (I'm Asian!!) SSD doesn't do the best job of like... actually explaining how things are pronounced, and also the tones need to be taken into account (because in Hanyu- the name of the language- you can't be understood if you do not get the tones correct, it's very important and SSD does not stress that enough, doesn't even include the tone markers in the pinyin???? It baffles me.)

ALSO I WAS ACTUALLY going to ask if I could send YOU a friends request so thank you for sending me one, I appreciate it!!! AHHHH

Also, in your bio: "Has anyone actually looked through this total mess of a clan bio??" The answer is yes. LOL!! By the way your art is super gorgeous??? :D I love the examples in your shop, they're so pretty!!! :D
November 02, 2023 07:43:13
(You know what's very funny is that actually even though they've upped the actual comment limit amount, I STILL HIT THE LIMIT ALL THE TIME... help, I am too wordy.)

PLEASE YES HE NEEDS HIS SHOVEL (especially once FengQing avalanche my lair because you kNOW they're going to-). Aw golly yeah!! I love yours, please let me know if you make any more I would LOOOOVE TO SEE THEM??? I always have so much fun seeing other peoples' takes on characters I know, like it's sooo much fun, and yours are GOOORGEOUS! :D :D

Also ahhh MY LAIR IS SUCH A MESS I hope to one day have actual proper lore/descriptions for everyone, but I'm so slow??? For now it's like they're kind of a chaotic disaster of "do they even have notes in their descriptions or not? Find out more at 11" mode. Oopsie? And I love Likes, thank you so much, that's so kind!!!

SSD's audio guides REALLLY AREN'T accurate actually so yeah!! I CAN TOTALLY HELP IF YOU NEED IT. (3/???)
November 02, 2023 07:39:31
RIGHT THOUGH??? YY is so good. I love him so much. I high-key headcanon him as being friends with Ling Wen because they're like, both need a nice break/vacation, and I personally think they would get along given their natures. Honestly, if only YY had ascended as a civil god, I think a lot of the issues that happened wouldn't have!!! (But dang do I love me some delicious drama!!)

I AGREE THOUGH Hua Cheng please give your poor subordinate a holidaaaay, especially so he can VIBE WITH HIM GOOD FLUFFY BOYO. (Not gonna lie, I have a headcanon/fanfiction about that very thing, ahaha... I have a small chunk of outlines for TGCF fanfic ideas, don't mind me.) Auuugh I love QuanYin so freaking much. It's so nice to find other people who appreciate them too???? AHHHH.

If you had to rank the ships in TGCF, which ones are your favorites, in order?? :D :D ALSO RIGHT LIKE TGCF is one of those topics I consider a "floodgate" because if you get me started I ahve a hard time stopping whoops lol. (2/?)
November 02, 2023 07:32:06
I hope you're having a lovely day today!! :D

SVSSS is both hysterical and distressing / heartbreaking at the same time for me. Honestly I find that one actually the most emotional, personally! I've re-read it SOOOO many times (I LOVE the entire ending sequence like SO MUCH ah) and the Seven Seas translation license with all the lovely images by Velinxi is SOOO GOOD AND PRECIOUS (although that one cover where they are ANGRILY HOLDING HANDS is like the funniest thing ever, please help). I'm also?? Really saddened by the amount of people who didn't seem to understand the story / got some very bad misconceptions of it that aren't true??? ;A;

TGCF is my second favorite of hers, so I totally get that, I think TGCF is honestly like SUCHHHH a phenomenal story??? WAHHH. I'm so happy S2 of the donghua has finally arrived (I've yet to see it though, I'm waiting on someone to watch it with me). (1/? Comments)
November 02, 2023 06:56:49
ALSO WOW YOUR OWN TGCF TAB IS SO NICE! I love that you're using MV's MXTX-themed skins for most of them too. :'D Ohhh ho;ly HECKK your Qi Rong is just gorgeous (I love screamy green ghost guy let's freaking go)!! Also BWX is SOOO gorgeous and delightfully creepy?! Whoa. I left Likes on all of them (except for SQX because apparently I have already Liked that dragon LOL??? I guess I was snooping in other fandragon lairs earlier heehee), but let me know if Likes make you uncomfortable and I can undo mine!!! Ahhh I love your fandragons!!!
November 02, 2023 06:51:02
I ran out of comment space because me in the corner obsessing over the Sun/Moon-themed disaster pairing so much LOL. I REALLY HOPE THEY MAKE A SHOVEL APPAREL PIECE ON FLIGHT RISING. I really want to give him a shovel so bad.

But thank you SO MUCH though??? That's seriously so kind of you to say and I'm so hyped to get such a nice comment about my MXTX fandragons, you have no idea. :'D :'D And gosh yeah!!! I'm super broke so it's taking me a hot second to get everyone's genes and things, but I'm so excited. :3c FX and MQ are going to be glorious eventually so they can fully argue together with each other (romantically) and cause an avalanche on the rest of my lair because of it, let's freaking goooo. x'D
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