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Clan Info

Wish list:
Cat or other pet apparel
Planned apparels in BIOS of Dagger, Blight and Ivy
Jaguar: Aberration x2
Capsule: Aberration
Cherub x as many as I can get
Smirch x as many as I can get
Plague Egg
9 Primal Vials
Scatter scroll (future, not needed now)
Permababy Scrolls (lots)
Various other items
[Abyss Vipera/Obsidian Sarcophagus/Peacock Thylacine] dragon?age=1&body=113&bodygene=0&breed=17&element=4&eyetype=12&gender=0&tert=100&tertgene=31&winggene=0&wings=79&auth=55b5471168416946509dc5d2065859f22162c5b2&dummyext=prev.png
(Male Gaoler with Fern/Mantis/Spruce)

Future projects:
Trash the Dragon
Clifford the Vulture
Scatter Random Progen until pretty
Create Lore and Art shops
Create hatchery
Create lineage post
Uh, idk. Add more later

General Lore:
They live on an island in the river between Shadow and Nature. They have a city, half built in the trunk of a giant tree, and half under ground. Deep underneath even the deepest of tunnels is the tombs, where Alden and Athena stay, caring for the spirits. Some believe them to just be stories, or that they're minor deities. Dragons are almost never granted entrance, and most who visit have accidentally fallen in when the roof collapses. They always seem to be expecting whoever falls in, and usually say it's fate that they were brought there.
There is only one entrance to the tombs outside of the ones that randomly open and shut, and it's inside Emerald and Aldrich's den, in the largest root of the tree. There are tunnels both in and around the root system, with the 'town square' and many of the shops being outside the roots, and individual dens being inside.
Usually dragons are only allowed in the tombs if a spirit guides them in there, or if, again, they fall in. Funerals only ever involve the tombs themselves if it was a clan leader, and even then only Athena and Alden do the rites. For normal dragons, there's burial grounds on both the Shadow and the Nature side of the mainland. These two areas are protected by Ebony, Fate and their progeny, both adopted and not. Spirits are guided to the tombs either by other spirits or by Athena and Alden themselves.

Recent Comments

September 26, 2022 22:54:02
hdgfghf my emoji didn’t work. Here it is:
September 26, 2022 22:53:35
Dazzle was on the front page!! Woah, Dazzle indeed! [image=new friend size=1] plus the wind eyes too? So fitting
August 14, 2022 05:01:05
Not a problem! Does 20kt sound good? I've been historically unlucky with getting specific secondary colors from this pair, so I'm not entirely sure how long it'll take? Hopefully it won't take too long, but if it does, I'm willing to reduce the price!
August 14, 2022 04:53:25
Of course! I'd be happy to breed them for you!
August 14, 2022 04:42:57
Hi! I just saw your post, may I ask which pair you were interested in? The hatchery I'm part of has been inactive for ages now and I haven't gotten around to taking everything down yet, but I am willing to breed them for you if you're interested!
Auraleaf said
August 06, 2022 23:47:10
Oh yes, I'd love a link to the hatchery if you've got it, thanks!
August 06, 2022 06:50:47
Thank you so much for buying Birthday and Twist! <3
August 02, 2022 12:54:32
Ah I'm so sorry, my memory is not the best! X)
August 02, 2022 12:37:06
I only now noticed your message on my profile, thank you for the kind compliments, your lair is lovely <3
Kutipie119 said
July 31, 2022 20:56:46
Oh, sorry! Thanks for answering tho! :)
Kutipie119 said
July 31, 2022 20:46:03
Hiya! Mentioned you in the Skydrop's tea shop thread, wondering if you noticed?
July 16, 2022 21:29:22
Note: occasionally use a VPN, shared devices, and often travel for work. CBelle is a family member.
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