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Read before messaging wrote:
Please don't message me about my game here! FR is my chill place to relax and I'd like to not worry about having to get into work-like situations here. If you send an email to the site's contact I'll get back to you there :3 Thank you!


Winterhome Traveler's Sanctuary

squid/winter | they/them | FR+3

Hi there! I love art, running dom programs on pixel dragons dot heck, and lying down on the floor with my arms full of cats. :3

I'm one of those people who is constantly working on something 24/7, and sometimes I forget or don't get the time to respond to everything, so if you don't hear back to a PM this is probably what happened.

I have a calico kitty named Pilot, like 5000 isopods, and I'm also gay.

Note: I do not accept friends requests from people I don't know well / speak with regularly.

Active Ice Dom Programs!

Ice Flight Nice Flight. I love ice!

The Blanket Fort of Ends
Come get your pixel cats and support ice dom! Open to out of flight!

Icedad's Sticker Book
Ice Flight Only: Get little pixel art stickers for every few dragons you exalt during pushes!

Orb Storb
Ice Flight Only: Get tasty pixel art orb for every few dragons you exalt outside of pushes!

Ice Flight Profit Club
Ice Flight, but link to sheet available upon request: A budget sheet for your FR finances, with little illustrated goblin helpers to offer you advice and encouragement (or judgment) along the way!

Limited Edition Art Programs

Squibdrago's Puupksin Shop
Ice dom fundraiser with some RNG mspaint-style pumpkins.

Little Wisps Ghost Shelter
Ice dom fundraiser with some RNG pixel art ghosties.

Personal Art

I don't often get the time to work on or open these things what with everything I'm trying to do, but they do have pinglists if you're interested.

Pixel Accents

Pixel Adoptables

MSPaint Creatures
Here you can commission my absolute finest mspaint doodles, or buy one of my pre-made creatures.

I do not generally take commissions outside of the above as my creative spirit is chaotic and a bit over-committed.

Not-Art Stuff

Flight Population Tracking
Yeah, I've been pulling the weekly numbers for like 6 years now. I could write a thesis on flight population dynamics at this point.

I started this thread on a whim and people seem to like it so go wild.

Automated Bio Template Spreadsheet
I've made a few google sheets-based bbcode generating templates so you can easily slap a bio template on all your dragons!

Ice Flight Discord
I'm the admin that doesn't Stop talking. Visit the thread to request an invite in-flight, or PM me if you're out-of-flight.


Dream Dragon: Gen1 - Gloom/Midnight/Midnight

I collect all squid or octopi food items and familiars! Also the little terrestrial isopods and crabs / crab familiars. I'm also kind of obsessed with the spingies...

Favorite apparel: Peacekeeper Mantles, Bramble Mantles, Haunted Flame Candles

» When a dragon is lost in the woods, the trees seem taller, more crooked, spiraling upwards towards the cold, grey sky. Every crunch of the snow beneath your feet seems to echo against the spires of ice and cliffs of stone like voices calling out to you when no one else is there. Every lantern glows just a little bit dimmer. Every shadow, a little bit longer. Every day, a little bit shorter.

» It is on those long nights in the woods that you wish you were home, with friends and family to keep you company by a warm and crackling fire, with a freshly roasted dinner, seasoned just to your liking, and a long evening of games and storytelling. ★ But of course, none of those things are to be, for you are lost in the woods and the woods are no home.

» Step after step, hour after hour, you walk, with the ever-glowing lights of the southern stars to guide you as you cross ice-covered rivers, fly over snow-touched fields, shiver under caves during snowstorms or rainstorms or the coldest of nights, seeking a place to rest your head.

» Your heart races as you dance between the trees in a sprint to escape the red eyes and dark claws of the beasts in the woods. Your feet ache after having walked for months on end with little time to rest. Your stomach rumbles with hunger, your mouth dry with thirst, your scales worn and tarnished, your eyes tired, your heart weary. And then you see it, a bright light up in the sky hovering over the trees in the distance. ★ Hoping, praying for safety, for someone kind to take you from this never-ending march and bring you home, you follow the soft yellow light for miles, until you come to a clearing.

» A number of small, crooked homes and towers covered in snow lie nestled between frozen streams and frosty gardens, all protected by the crumbling stone wall of a ruined fort, and at the heart of it, a great lighthouse. ★

» You have never seen a lighthouse this far from the coastline before, and surely this was so deep in the wilderness that no dragon or caravan would ever need guidance. And yet, there it was, a glowing lighthouse, there to guide lost dragons to safety. ★ You were a lost dragon, and here, you would be safe.

» That is how you came to Winterhome. ❤
Clan Lore Hub - WIP

Water: April 14, 2014 -> August 7, 2016
Ice: August 7, 2016 -> Forever

Ice Flight Certified Niceicle



Niceicle Badge by emeemay
Certified Cutie Badge by DeviBrigard
Ice Discord Hot Cocoa Badge by Aelf

"The real bool was the friendship you made along the way."

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Heath was on the front page!
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Hey, I found a post of yours about turning on Mouse Keys in windows to make using the keyboard in the Coliseum and I just wanted to let you know that you have just made my week. Thank you!
April 14, 2024 12:07:50
hi!! Just wanted to say happy FR anniversary!! I hope you've had a great time on this site :)
(also, I love isopods too...... :D)
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a fellow spingy fan yippeeee
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hi squid i think ur strange :3
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hi i love u owo
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Selasye was on the front page-- what a pretty dragon!
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I love the way your lair is organized! Also, Belle is absolutely stunning
December 13, 2022 16:52:58
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