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She/Her, FR+3/EST/EDT, but a night owl usually.

DMs are open, and I don't really have an opinion on friend requests.

I have too many notifs, if you need to contact me, consider dming me here or on a linked social-like Tumblr, thanks!

I will hop on when I can, usually being in the Fairgrounds or coli.

I will keep things short on my mobile when replying to things because my phone sometimes scuffs, and will respond better on my laptop.

I need help with math side of things, pricing, and especially conversions since everyone's rates are different.

(Ala, how many zeros in the number, I.E 5,000/5g=5t 5000,000 (?)/500g=5kt??? I think.)

I exalt at random, and without malice when I need room, as I have a hatchery, and sometimes participate in Dom events.

When I have room, my nests are usually open.

My cauldron is almost always open.


Check my sales tab, and my Hatchery tab in my den for dergs up for grabs, any Night Warrior in said tabs is free with a name- as long as you don't plan on exalting them, they're not fodder!!!

Always looking for new fandergs, specifically from Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia, and March 22nd dergs, as that's my birthday

I'm averse to the Plague aesthetic, but can get behind the survival motto.









Note to mods, I have a laptop, a phone (currently 2 as I got one for Christmas 2020- edit, can still use the old phone to browse internet.) and sometimes hop on my Mom's laptop.
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Hi there, welcome to the clan of Mikiwing!
My name is Lola, and this is my clan!

We are the Freedom Fliers!

Here at the clan of Mikiwing we accept dergs of all elements, colors, shapes, sizes, orientations, and genes!

All dergs are Cis unless stated otherwise!

Dergs may be IvGlfHQ.pngPolyhD7QVvP.png, or will breed out of lore.

The clan is allied with the Magmablood Rebuke rebels-if anyone has the Fire scene, they DO NOT work for the greedy forge masters!!!

We live in a cave system in the Reedcleft Ascent!


There are two main entrances, one for flying dergs/those that can float through magic in the atrium. It is a big hole in the ceiling with a special door that can sense when a derg is near to open. It is big enough for most Guardians, Imperials, and Ridgebacks to fit through comfortably. This is not perfect however, and does cause problems with those who tend to loiter. Some of the younger dergs like to fool around with the door a bit, making it open and close repeatedly with no intention of going in or coming out. Luckily the door is wind powered, so there is no threat of it running out of power anytime soon!


The second entrance is for those who can't fly, whether they're Snappers, Gaolers, old, too young to fly, are carrying stuff, are blind/disabled or something happened to their wings, it doesn't matter. It's also perfectly fine for those with fully functional wings to take this entrance whenever they so choose to!
(Some dergs may be afraid of heights/choose to stay landbound- Spiral wink!)


In this second entrance, you enter a part of the cave system that has this long spiral staircase cut out of stone going up to a hole in the ceiling. It doesn't matter which entrance you take, as they both will take you to the main atrium where someone should be there to greet you.


There are dens that are closer to the wind for those that like to feel/hear the wind howling outside. These rooms are even equipped with solar windows with special covers on them that can be opened to the outside at any time.
For others that may not like the constant whipping of the winds outside, there are dens located farther in, where you can't hear the winds at all. Somehow the dens, no matter where they are located, are always comfortable to whoever resides in them.
Each den always has a fresh supply of water running through them, and when someone checks in with Miki and Shadowing, they make sure that there is always food in there that the occupant(s) desire.

Though dergs are always more than welcome to go hunting, foraging, and or grow their own food, as long as every derg is happy and full dergs can do what they wish!

There are general rules, but food doesn't really have any limitations!

Just generally be nice and not a dik dik, if a derg is not sure if something is aloud, it is highly recommended that they ask Miki or Shadowing about the matter!

Miki the Spiral is the Matriarch and her mate Shadowing is the Patriarch. He is quiet and usually defers to her for most things. If you wish to talk business, go speak to Miki.



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October 14, 2023 23:26:19
Niagara (#41556452) was on the front page, so stunning!!
October 02, 2023 10:57:55
I'll take good care of Mira, thanks for raising a beautiful dragon!
September 16, 2023 07:21:21
BenjiRamos was on FP!
September 05, 2023 09:06:43
Hey Lola!! Thank you for giving Nezuko a home (cute name too), and thank you again for your nest rental services!
June 19, 2023 02:11:54
Thank you for buying Sargas, I hope he'll bring you joy!
June 03, 2023 17:17:21
thank you so much i appreciate it !!
March 19, 2023 23:06:39
Harley was on the front page! love her outfit and vibes
July 24, 2022 12:18:15
Thank you for the welcome!
July 03, 2022 07:14:28
thank you for letting me know! too bad hes a fodder dragon lmao
June 12, 2022 01:14:57
Oh! Nice! Thanks for letting me know! :D
June 02, 2022 12:47:19
Saw you're Hatchery and just LOVED all of the Lore and Story. I may not have enough right now, but I do hope to one day get some of your Babies, as they look absolutely precious! ACE PRIDE! Happy Pride Month, Fellow Ace. ^-^
May 27, 2022 22:54:42
Thanks for buying that Wildclaw baby! Enjoy your time together ^^
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