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Voyagers of the Stars
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"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."
. Diver Emblem
at a glimpse...
All are welcome. The inviting surface of a lake betrays its depth; dragons stand among gods and extraterrestrials, among dragons who are not quite draconic in appearance-- too many eyes and too many teeth-- and among outcasts and outlaws. We are from the great beyond. Dark ooze drips from many gaping maws as a force threatens to devour everything they've ever known, yet to the battle-worn and even star-crossed, it is a challenge they are willing to face. A friend's warm greeting, a lover's gentle embrace. Home may be light years away, but it is also here.
. Starseer's Emblem
Mana Thief
a brief history
"Ages ago, before the planet of Sornieth was even formed, we existed. We were descendants of a bipedal race that lived long before us, known as "humans." For centuries, we traveled across dimensions, worlds, and all of space-time in order to ensure that our universe is kept in balance despite its constant chaos. We have kept a close eye on your planet since its birth and became concerned due to your planet's chaotic magic energy. Could you survive in such a place? And the answer was, surprisingly, yes. So we decided to join you. We have walked alongside you since you first came to life, watching, protecting, aiding. After keeping watch over your kind for so long, it is very clear that the magic energy across the continent is shifting and expanding like never before, with unwanted side effects. Upon banding together and doing research, our kind revealed that this chaos is all thanks to a common enemy both our kinds share; however, the enemy isn't who you believe it is. This enemy is much worse than the Shade; no, these are the Shade's creators. They're abhorrent, absolute monsters, who only seek to devour and accelerate the death of the universe. We, the Caelistians, the ancient voyagers, have grown to love this planet as much as you have. Tell us, young one. Will you join us on our quest to save your planet, and possibly even the universe? The answer is all up to you.
. Shady Emblem
Starfall Blossom
about me
Hey there, all! My name's Harana! Currently new to Flight Rising (around six months now!). Currently a college student going into nursing (though I may change to teaching later this year). Currently thinking of ways to make more treasure on the site (I need more lair space and money for my projects ladkjflsdkfj)! May start an art shop for moodboards and creative stuff when I get more time. Big fan of poetry and quotes (as you'll eventually see with my dragons) and aesthetic stuff. Beginner artist and programmer, budding author. Maladaptive daydreamer. You can find me on Tumblr also!

you can put notes here. ex:
- i don't take commissions on account of me not having any art skills
- my timezone is FR +3 but i am literally always on flight rising and i never sleep
- Duis efficitur quis turpis non posuere. Fusce mi diam, sollicitudin elementum justo ut, vulputate dignissim magna. Quisque nisi tellus, feugiat eget eleifend at, varius sit amet magna.

Empty Inkwell
Baffling Parchment Paper

tumblr_inline_nr3jrcOnus1s7z3me_75sq.png tumblr_inline_nr3jthhLoo1s7z3me_75sq.png tumblr_inline_nr3jt9oKJD1s7z3me_75sq.png

Edgy clan aesthetic blurb by shanncrafter!

Logo made by Disillusionist!~

Emblem made by chocoapple!~

Avnokodro - "Guiding Star" (Name taken from a word in Ursegal, the common draconic conlang project for FR!)


Note to FR Admins:
[Note to Staff and Admins: I often use my phone when logging in to FR, so you might see various I.P. addresses. Sometimes I will log in on a different computer because my laptop isn’t usable.]

For lore reasons, all bought exalt fodder will have either of the following names and placed in my fodder tab - "Unknown", "Nameless", "Yes", or "No". If I exalted your dragon and you would like them back, please tell me ASAP.

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March 13, 2023 12:47:13
Oh gosh,, I love you profile dragon and how you've structured your bio,, so pretty,,
October 17, 2020 19:35:29
Forestfire is a gorgeous nocturne!
August 10, 2019 10:14:39
Two eggs :)
July 09, 2019 06:46:23
eden was on the front page, he's a very pretty man!
July 05, 2019 20:56:34
3 eggs~
June 27, 2019 13:25:16
sure thing, thanks for letting me know
June 23, 2019 12:48:32
You too, happy BSJ!! :D
June 22, 2019 23:04:00
No problem, thank YOU for supporting Light! <3 I had to go offline to stop the flow, because I have a lot of PAs to go through. You're free to send them to other attendants! ^^
June 19, 2019 17:14:11
Thallow looks so good omg!!
June 18, 2019 12:51:14
Betelgeuse was on the front page! Gorgeous colours!
June 18, 2019 12:51:03
Betelgeuse was on the front page!
June 16, 2019 02:28:04
Whoops, gotcha covered! You got 3 eggs for this nest :)
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