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I am FR time +4

Staff: I religiously use VPN so IP suddenly being half-way across the world is not a hack :)





Link to the now closed Wingy Wimdy Raffle! Keeping this here because I am an actual squirrel and forget where I put my links
A stick of yellow butter with blue butterfly wings. At by MythicalViper!

Proud member of the Butter Gang

"This is my Flight Rising colour! (Hex code from lair url number)"
See yours here!

LittleParade's Yippee Achievement



Fan Dragon Projects on Adonis

Dragon lore doesn't necessarily coincide with the mechanics of the website, ie: Iri and Kyan never breeding. They are beautiful and I want their babies.

If you come across this and idk need a dragon leveled I totally would.
Also I like coming up with ideas for dragons. I'm not exactly GOOD at it, but I like looking at a dragon, what they're wearing, how they act in Coliseum and coming up with a personality for them. If you want something like that for one of yours I totally would.

Here’s an achievement showing off your pride for witnessing Dave’s arrival to Sornieth!

I don't know how to link to a seperate wishlist thing? So I'll just do this:
  • Obligatory Wind themed stuff because Wind
  • Skins and Accents, User Made or regular because now I'm on to collecting those apparently lol[/b]
  • Fest stuff as I'm on here sporadically and sometimes miss my own Flight's Jamboree lol

Where did all the badges go????

She's so happy to see you! Don't worry, she'll share any treasure she finds.

Top 25 for Points!
See? Sharing! Now she'll go home and be 100% a-okay.

Crackled Rhinohide
Deceptively toad-shaped.

Burrowing Spines
Allows the user to launch spines that will then bury into the earth until an enemy treads on them.

Dire Swipe
Upon being critically hit, the users next attack will hit up to three enemies and deal increased damage.

Woodland's Silence
The trees shudder once, then go still. A small charm is left among the leaves; the woodland's first and last blessing for you.

Blooming Roses
Your exploits have earned you the attention of a thorned strangler.

Glowing Buttercup
There are no doubt safer ways to conclude if one likes butter or not.

Night of the Nocturne 2022 Coli Challenge Badges
The days shorten and the skies darken with the annual return of the nocturne.
A festive mimic for a festive time of year! Happy holidays!
Top 25
He is free! He is free and full of mirth! Happy holidays!

Put that back where you found it or so help me.

Twice Shy
Your reward for obtaining chests is a chest. A truly never-ending cycle.

Umbral Beginnings
Baby bats are called pups!

A Jester is RNG
Thanks... an avocado smirch.

A Nocturnal Venture
You've done it. You've won NotN.
Crystalline Gala 2023 Coli Scavenger Hunt

Participation Badge
They found the key to ice and think it's very nice.

lil_feathers.png Obtain five (5) Tiny Feathers in a single hunt.
What are these, feathers for ants?

i_havent_had_caffeine_for_72_hours_and_i_forgot_to_use_hk_style.png Obtain one (1) Bramblecrown Stoat in a single hunt.
Enjoys hugs, just mind the thorns.

Top 25 Badge
What do you mean it's not snow?

hes_a_perfectly_friendly_fren.png Defeat ten (10) Yetis in a single hunt.
Are you yeti kids.

Egg count (Not including those donated to others): 35
Chest count ( '' '' '' ): 279
Participation Badge!
All tasks complete!
Sornieth Winter Games '23 Participation Badge

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June 23, 2024 22:17:02
Etna was on the front page!
May 26, 2024 16:57:45
FKJBND hamham gives you a lil nod of respect, you will be spared.................... for now
May 16, 2024 22:05:01
Tysm, designing fandragons is one of my fav things to do on this site so I'm very happy you like them as much as I do!
May 05, 2024 17:28:44
Thank you so much for the spiral!! <3 All your dragons are so cool- esp Acrux and Iri!
March 25, 2024 21:21:55
I love your dragons! Acrux, Ira and Nightengale are especially beautiful and amazing
March 22, 2024 20:21:35
owo beams at you and gives you a big thumbs up
March 19, 2024 02:45:59
Thank you! Gwehydd is my most recent completed project, I ~finally~ hatched the colors I needed.
Your Regis looks lovely, by the way! I like how that subtle coloring works with the Gold Steampunk gear.

Oof, I see I am not the only one with a giant mess of broken badge links. I have not had the time to even figure out how bad it is. Good luck with your lot!!
March 16, 2024 11:12:49
Thanks! Your Carrot looks cool :]
March 02, 2024 14:29:12
Thank you!! And yesss it's one of my favorite series ever~! ;w;
December 05, 2023 14:18:58
Cute familiar for volvagia
July 27, 2023 08:49:55
Raiden was on the front page!
January 18, 2023 15:08:48
Smudge was on the front page!
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