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Please note: This is an exalting lair. If a dragon is in the Sale/Fodder tab or has been named YEET, it WILL be exalted. If you don't want it to be exalted, please let me know with proof that it was your dragon.


Sharpened Scythe Shadowbinder Onyx Idol Ceremonial Scythe
Take pride in your service to The Dark Mother. For those faithful, riches plenty. For those who doubt, put them to the blade so that they might be redeemed and welcomed into Her cold embrace.
Welcome to Clan Cimmerian!


tumblr_ns5subPqpO1uwq352o9_250.png LORE
In the darkest parts of the Tangled Wood lurks a clan of unparalleled wickedness. Few know when this clan first came together, fewer still can claim to have encountered one of its members and walked away unscathed. And only those rarest of the rare, those welcomed visitors, can say that they have met the leader, a vile dragon who refers to itself as The Disciple of the Dark Mother.
Stories abound of the most frightful things, of gruesome ceremonies performed on moonless nights to honour the Shadowbinder, of bone-chilling chants that strike at the deepest chords of fear, of frenzied dancers who move and sway until their feet can take no more.
Whether these stories are true or the fabrication of already afraid minds, none can say. For those who seek the Shades of Cimmeria...rarely return.

The Truth
The stories spread are...not entirely wrong. Yes, it is true that ceremonies are held to celebrate the patronage of the glorious Shadowbinder, The Dark Mother. And yes, the clan is fearsome and cruel to outsiders and those who belittle The Dark Mother, making short work of such heretics.
But are they truly the monsters that the stories suggest they are?
Those dark stories were propagated and spread by the clan themselves, to deter prying eyes from wandering too close and to ensure that the clan remains as isolated from the outside of the woods as possible.
But to those in the know, the clan is very very different. Those who are in need, be it the clanless or those whose clans hold nothing but pain, may find themselves in sudden ownership of a letter, cursive scrawl detailing how to take certain paths and follow certain routes, before finding themselves in the clan's land.
For the clan is a haven, a home for the persecuted and the unwanted, the downtrodden who are welcomed lovingly with open arms.


The Cimmerians
The Cimmerians are the overall bulk of the clan, the average citizens if you will. For the most part, there are few differences from any other clan: they live, grow, bond, fight...all the normal elements of life.
The only difference is noticeable when unknown dragons encounter the clan. For those who carry The Summons, it is a celebration, the dragons of the clan jovially welcoming the newcomer as if they were a family member long lost returning home. Indeed, they are treated as if they have always been one with the clan, which for some is heartfelt and touching but unnerving for some others.
But those who come uninvited...they had best pray that their feet and wings are in good shape, for the ferocity of the clan knows no bounds, young and old alike taught to hunt down intruders and rend them limb from limb for daring to set foot in Cimmerian territory.

The Embraced
The Embraced are the leaders of the clan, only twelve in number but fearsome beyond all measure. Each member represents one of the elements from which dragons are born, and each commands their magic with immense skill, contested in strength only by each other.
At the helm of the Embraced is Lady Arkania, Dagger of The Dark Mother. As brutal to her enemies as she is kind to her clan, Arkania makes only one demand of her kin, and that is to be as dedicated to aiding the unwanted as they are to the worship of the Shadowbinder.
But Heretics and The Uninvited should be wary, for The Embraced are merely the visible rulers.
Something even more terrifying lurks in the darkness...

The Shades
The Shades, the "boogeydragons" of Cimmeria, the true leaders. Even the vast majority of the clan know these dragons as little more than rumours and stories, and even the slightest mention of them is enough to stop even the most rambunctious hatchling. For stories abound of them snatching away hatchlings in the night, of the unspeakable horrors inflicted upon these hatchlings to turn the lucky into the perfect servants for The Disciple, while the unlucky...the unlucky are never seen again.
In truth, the Shades do indeed take hatchlings to train, but only rarely and only very special ones. Besides, it is considered a high honour for a hatchling to be considered for the Shades, so surely the parents can't complain, right?
Regardless of how their sweet little hatchling changes into something...different.
It's for the good of the Clan.


Whoops, didn't think you'd get this far! Well, anyway, hi there! Please just call me Sheri.

A little about me, huh? Well, I'm a young woman, British born and raised. I am a huge videogame fan, especially horror or fantasy, with my favourite series being Dark Souls and Silent Hill. I am also an avid reader and writer, again horror primarily being my focus, with the intention to eventually have lore written for all my dragons.

Sooo...what else to put here...well, I'm sure I'll think of something eventually, hehe.

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I wanted to sneak by and add, regarding horror, I think "It's All a Dream" can only work really well if the dream is important to the plot, not just a one-sentence twist at the end. Dreams can be really spooky and slashers (Nightmare on Elm Street) to video games (I think the newer game omori counts in a way) using it in fascinating ways.

Regarding mental illness, I think it's also a case where the only way it can work is if- literally or metaphorically- it is the main focus and not in a "oooh paranoia depression hallucinations scary." The Babadook (depression) and Frankenstein the novel (postpartum depression) are the examples I can think of right now. Especially Frankenstein, where it less blames mental illness and more the societal reaction to mental illness for the tragedy that occurs (since Victor's fear of being sent to an asylum motivates some of his worst actions).
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