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Currently: I'm super busy IRL so I'm VERY slow to respond. If you need me try PMing me as I might see that sooner. Thank you!

+2hrs FR Time!



Under the murky haze and fallen monuments of the Hewn City, the Hawke Clan built its home. The dark landscape steals all light from the native labradorite and unearthed moonstones, seemingly absorbing the luster from even the Lightweaver's Temple in the east.

Largely neutral with the local beastclans, the Hawke Clan is known for defending both the northern Serthis and Centaurs against aggressive outsiders, and trading with the traveling schools of river Maren.

An aviary for crows, ravens, and magpies sits in the center of the communal area, north of the general housing units and hatchery. Outside of this meeting space rests a secluded assassin's den, one for two dragons far removed from the lifestyle of their peers.

It is said that the secretive pair takes no pleasure in coin or power, actively choosing to rebuke the darkness of their pasts, and to live a life befitting the inhabitants of the Sunbeam Ruins.

To the south lies the chalky earth of the clan's training grounds, worn into circular scars from the talons of so many warriors.

This is an Exalting Lair

If your dragon was bought at or below fodder price, and does not have a familiar, I will be exalting it. Anything I exalt will get a name if they did not come with one, so no need to worry about ruined offspring lists with me.

Please note that I am a fickle creature, and even dragons that I purchase with the intent to keep long-term can end up exalted if I find they no longer appeal to me.

Yes, this includes anything I might have spent time and money leveling, adding genes to, or purchasing in an auction.
Other Important Info

My sister, RinHawke, also has a lair! We sometimes use the same computer/IP address when I visit her. Please do not ban us! We plan to make any trades between us as fair as possible.

I also access my account on my phone, especially while at work. If I'm ever online but slow to reply, that's probably why.

I play ChickenSmoothie, and often sell pets there for gems/treasure on FlightRising. My account name there is the same as here, just with a space!




Those approaching Hawke territory during the night must be wary, for the flashing eyes in the darkness belong to a local pack of Moonbeasts that guards their borders.

Having been chased out of their birth clans for their affliction, these tormented souls wandered far before they came together under their Alpha, always hunted, always feared. They have found a home here, and have sworn to protect it with their lives in return.

Patrolling during moonhigh and sleeping in their den during the day, the pack makes an effective deterrent to any outsiders stupid enough to approach the clan with dark intentions.



Most recently, a flock of Effluvial Crows has come to roost within the surrounding woodlands. Each pair has pledged their loyalty to the Hawke Clan, and are now part of the rotating patrols. They have taken over the care and keeping of the clan's aviary, and the resident corvids have flourished as a result.

The flock synergized well with the local dragon's training regiments, and have even brought their own unique styles to the fold. Despite their famed contagion abilities, there have been no issues of them infecting their new clanmates. Their fighters have even used small doses of their disease as temporary strengthening agents, though only in extreme circumstances.

Trespassers however are a different matter entirely, and should be wary of the flash of patterned wings within the trees.



Along the southernmost border and across a wide gorge trembles the shifting expanse, the former home of an allied clan who has since moved on to far colder climates.

This ally may serve a different deity, but knows well the cost of living isolated from its previous allegiance to a far darker brotherhood…


I own six cats (Miles, Julian, Frenchie, Tiger, Stormy, & Jasper) and a leopard gecko (Princess "Gummy" Bubblegum). Currently married with a newborn baby, graduated from college years ago, and wondering what the hell I'm doing with my life. Feel free to message me; I don't bite and am usually willing to haggle!




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March 25, 2023 06:14:54
i just found all of your escape from the bloodkeep fandragons and they are all so perfect! I love the way you dressed them.
February 11, 2023 21:51:56
Hanshi (#49024570) was on the front page! Awesome to see another dnd player here :D
February 06, 2023 14:14:13
Carver was on the front page! Loving his outfit.
February 01, 2023 17:54:13
Cerridwen was on the front page! Gorgeous Skydancer; I love the contrast between the orange and the blue-greens
February 01, 2023 17:51:59
Cerridwen was on the front page
January 26, 2023 17:40:23
Oh, yay! I'm glad you'd be alright with me buying some of your leftover hatchlings. Also, no worries if you forget about it.
January 26, 2023 12:42:29
Thanks for buying Moonslice! I hope he helps with your moonbeast project! Also, if you have any extra moonbeast hatchlings left over from that project, which are related to Moonslice, I would love to buy one! Note, u definitely don't have to sell one to me though if you aren't interested in doing that.
January 13, 2023 07:56:27
Congrats on becoming a new mom!
January 12, 2023 22:16:02
Hello, All your dragons are so beautiful
January 07, 2023 22:29:31
Your dragons and drawings are absolutely gorgeous
January 06, 2023 00:43:45
Thank you so much for your super kind words about my lair and dragons! You picked so many of my favs, I was so excited ;w;
January 05, 2023 09:34:43
hey thanks for the nice words on Slone! <3 much appreciated. please have a nice day, take care.
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