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Note: I've decided to put off quitting for now. *see little bit below these few comments (some long as heck) to see about my dragon sales thread**

warning; I ramble. and i like to give explicit details regarding services and whatnot to prevent confusion and mishaps. sorry, i guess.

You may PM me regarding holds for some of my more expensive stuff on the AH. I will not hold longer than 2 weeks (barring if you tell me preferably /in advance/ or right after the reason you need more time occured. I will wait a few days extra if you are awol, but after that i may put it up for sale, but i will take it down again if you provide a good reason. if you don't or it sells while you are awol, tough luck unless i perhaps have another to sell, no promises of course. below mentioned this will still not be refunded. it's payment for the inconvenience). Ok, as vaguely hinted right before, I require 10% of the total payment upfront, non-refundable. This is because I've held stuff for people and while they save, they find one cheaper and buy it and go all 'nevermind' - sometimes after i've held well over 2 weeks. I've also had people disappear suddenly. with no payment at all. and i was really nice then so i waited like two months... Then they got mad because i wasn't going sell it to them after they left me in the dark for so long (i was mad ok. i had reason to be. i dislike being taken advantage of. it happens a lot to me too..) So yeah, this to make sure that either you stick to the deal or that I get compensation for holding you finding *that* good of a deal you can't resist, barring if you don't keep up with our deal anyways.

I'm fairly upfront with people barring if I am having a 'high' or super super 'low' - I'm bipolar. So if you think I'm dramatic and stuff from the past, this is probably part of it. But the moment I mentioned by mental illness people are think i'm making it up or that i'm crying for attention - eff you people you thought this and bullied me. especially if you have a mental disorder such as anxiety disorder and any type of bipolar or depression disorder. Because that is what i have. And every day is a struggle. And you guys made my life hell for months. I'm sorry i messed up. but no one said anything to my face for months. I had no idea people were saying stuff behind my back. including making fun of my rambling. which is a coping method for my social anxiety. On another hand, I'm not sorry that I stood up for myself or others when treated unfairly. just because someone can do something within rules/guidelines doesn't make it the right thing to do or 'okay'. And literally every time I complained I got bullied and then the person i argued with changed it my suggestions in the end. god some of you were just awful people. which is all I wanted. I just wanted people to admit the fault in their policy and to make it more fair - to their clients/customers. I can't believe how much abuse people take just because they want something. have some principles people and know your rights!

Sorry had to get that off my chest. That incident left me with something akin to PTSD as I've always suffered from extreme paranoia about people talking me behind my back so finding it actually happened caused a psychotic breakdown.. I thought i developed szhizophrenia for 2 weeks - which included my birthday iirc (with voices telling me that they are going to get me and that they hate me ...and the creepy, sinister laughing.. ugh.. bad times.) before it just sorta disappeared.. but certain music medleys and certain types of voices (creepy voices, idk what to call it), triggers memories of those two weeks and I freak the heck out. Thanks for the extra therapy costs... Just writing this as well to kinda warn people to be careful how they treat others on the Internet, you never know what kind of issues they have irl. with all these trigger warnings and people claiming to have anxiety or to just be different in some way and proud, i really expected better of this community.. I hope it has improved.. we'll see.. which is why i put that i'm putting my plans of quitting on hold rather than to say i'm not quitting...

**So my dragon sales thread is defunct. I might contact some people about certain dragons - mainly the one that had the crazy aution. but ... that would be impossible now 'cause i lost my thread lmao... forgot to bookmark it orz... but if I can find it, I might end up selling Honeydew... A couple others I might sell.... but i'm probably gonna use the AH for the rest (only selling Honeydew -possibly - to either of the two people whom were bidding on him. don't ask if you weren't one. and provide proof if you are... waiiit.. i might have the usernames of at least one of them in my document.. we'll see. I'm incredibly sorry if I got someones hopes up regarding some dragons! I'm a flake. I admit. And it's not okay. I'm trying to work on it but it's hard for me. I've been a flake my whole life - mostly due to anxiety - but that doesn't give me the right to affect other's lives. So again, I apologize. I mean it - the apology. I really, /really/ do ;;

I was unpopular. So I decided to seek help. Not long after, I had TONS of friends.

"How?" have asked so many.

For my unpopularity was deep. deeper than like love songs froms the 80s. Deeper than the depths of Long John Silver's grave (or whoever's grave it was). Deeper than Johnny Depp spelled wrong. Deeper than than idk something really really deep - OH! like Zoolander's stare omg *does the look. or tries. maybe nails it*. THAT deep, man, THAT deep.

The answer is simple my also simple (OR maybe complex) frens.

See everytime someone told me something, I used to go "BS!"

That's pretty snarky/cynical, huh?

Well now instead of saying "BS!", I go "That's fantastic!" (or simply just "fantastic." Depends on my mood, really).

The secret to popularity is so simple.

Just pretend to be something you are not! Smile and be pleasant in even the stupidest of stupid situations. Make others feel they are boss even if they are utter jerks. And treat wonderful people the same. No one will read your po-po-po-pokerface.

And you have have much frends, be very popular.

Don't forget to ignore your personal bubble rule and hug all the peoples... All.

And never, NEVER, let anyone see your pain.

Because in this fantastic world, you gotta be just so utterly, MASSIVELY F A N T A S T I C !

woop woop!

- The One who farts noises that sound strangely like "that's fantastic" at night

P.S. Peace! I'm quitting (or have quit. depending when you read this. and if you read this. If you don't, then well, you'll never read you didn't. Making these last two sentences pointless. wut, wut! Okay, make that three. Wait! I mean Four! No! Wai..Uh..Er..Uhmm.. GDI, ME! ;;>__>

Now for some light entertainment.
Have you ever heard of the Cincinnati Bearcats (they are a collegiate American baseball team)
They are sub-par when it comes to succeeding very well in the sport, but I find them to all be winners.
This is why:







p.s. I'm a female. not male. just fyi to anyone wonderin'. lol.

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June 09, 2021 08:54:38
IndependergsDay was on the front page!
February 12, 2019 05:15:08
Your clan information is mood. I hope you're fine with your life:3
October 06, 2018 03:57:23
okay I actually just read your bio and holy hecc I hope you're ok.
October 06, 2018 03:54:17
tHAtS fAnTAsTiC !!!!
May 07, 2017 16:51:52
Your avatar is A+
May 06, 2017 08:44:03
Your avatar... I am dying, it's so awesome XD
April 11, 2017 12:28:48
your avatar? THATS FANTASTIC
March 31, 2017 06:37:38
What's fantastic? ... OH THAT!!!
(great username and profile pic, goes great with the username perfectly.)
March 19, 2017 19:56:04
oh! I totally didn't, oh my gosh that's so kind of you! how many did you buy? ;o; I would definitely trade them back, thank you so much
March 07, 2017 16:30:45
do you accept random friend requests? btw, HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF?!?!?!?
March 07, 2017 09:30:17
March 05, 2017 11:26:17
Also, telling me that because I'm new to this Game, you'll try and be 'gentle with me' - is, at the very least, patronising, and insulting.
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